Staying Young….

I heard this on the radio and found them interesting.  Maybe these are not rules for just staying young but good everyday living rules.  God knows I need em.

6-8 hours sleep at night.  The author stressed a good NIGHT’S rest.  He said we needed to be up during the day.  Sunshine and people interaction are great aides.  Sleeping all day was one of the worst offenders, it robs us of our life.  Did you ever hear the saying “sleeping your life away”?  Sure there are exceptions but when there are no exceptions, sleep at night, get dressed and be up during the day.

Interact with friends often.  Visiting daily with friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc are vital.  The author stressed it should be outsiders of the family.  You see your husbands, wives, sons, daughters etc daily and routinely.  You need to see outsiders to stimulate your thinking and break the routine.  The unexpected is a good stimulant.  Family routines are routines and friends and etc take you out of that routine.

Take time to do what you love to do.  Work does not count.  You need to have hobbies that you truly love, and do them as often as you can.  Work does not count because if you did nothing but work you don’t stimulate the senses.  Nothing ever changes doing the same thing over and over.

Exercise.  Walk around the block or go to the gym for a full blown workout.  Whatever you feel is good exercise is good exercise and it keeps you young.

Calm down.  People and the media bring the news to your door almost as soon as it happens.  Don’t let it excite you unless it involves you.  You can’t change much that is outside your reach.  Don’t gossip nor listen to gossip.  Some folks dwell on gossip and the misfortunes of others and their lives revolve around that.  Of course you cannot help but be subjected to some, but don’t make it a lifestyle.

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