Beer, it’s what’s for Breakfast….

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“All together now” (create your own melody)

In Heaven there is no beer,

that’s why we drink it here,

and when we’re gone from here,

our friends will be drinking all our beer.

That’s an old bar song.  Don’t think I ever really sang it in a bar before but somehow it brings back memories of something nostalgic, I think.  Old Polish stuff.  Like polka’s.  Up north beer is the national past time, one step above most anything else.  Damn yankee’s! Beer however is an acquired taste.  If you acquire it, I’ll taste it!  HA!  Most beer drinkers start acquiring a taste for it around the age of 10.  I remember getting many hits off the old man’s beer, he would always pour a glass full and save some for me.  I guess it was good, he was always so happy for me to have it.  I’m not bragging but I did get an early childhood start.  When it comes to bragging about beer drinking I should have a bumper sticker that says “Let me tell you about my Brother in Law”.  Son!  He is an Olympic drinker!  In a class by himself.  If it were an event he would take home all three medals, hell the second and third place guys would probably give him their medals out of embarrassment.  Beer always looks so good in commercials, frothy and such, but when you get right down to it if it’s not the right time it doesn’t live up to expectations.  Besides your not always at a party on the beach with girls all over the place either.  If it is the right time, then your first hit should be a couple of good draws, especially on a hot day or when your a bit thirsty.  Not dying of thirst, then just a little swallow will do.  I drink alot more beer at the “The River” than at home, of course I’m at the River more than home on the weekends as well.  Now a days they have that flavored beer.  Flavored beer?  Really?  Beer is beer.  It doesn’t need a lemon or a lime.  If I wanted lemonade I’d order lemonade.  I guess that’s for the trendy set that want to fit in with the beer drinking set but can’t handle the taste so they cover it up.  Go ahead if you have to, open a bottle and stuff a lime in it if you have to.  Don’t mind me as I roll my eyes.  Beer always goes down easier in a bottle, of course you drink more but it does go down easier.  What really goes down easy is a shell of beer.  I remember way back when I was a novice drinker we would go bar to bar drinking shells of beer.  A shell was about an 8 oz or so glass of draft beer, cost about .35 cents and was quick and cold.  Shells of beer and free popcorn on a cold Saturday night, those were the days my friend.  The best tip on drinking beer I ever recieved was to drink a glass of water for every two or three beers.  You will wake up virtually hangover free.  I have gotten up several morning afters where I sould have felt like death but found I was good to go.  You see getting blasted is ok, it’s the next morning thats a bear.  Drinking alone is not a sign of excess.  If anything drinking beer alone is boring, I do it, but don’t think for a moment I enjoy it!

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