Happy Anniversary To Michigan Meets SC….


Well I guess I’ll be celebrating an anniversary before long.  December 25th to be exact. One long year of web logging.  This is post #154.  Holy crap, 154!  It’s not as easy as it would seem or what I thought it would amount to anyway.  Often times you get to thinking about what you want to write about during the day and when you get to the point of actually sitting down and writing it all your thoughts go away.  I’ve got a new system going forward so that should end those short comings.  It was fun setting up the site and I’ve made some changes along the way, added some pictures time to time and so forth but over all it was enjoyable.  I’ve got some regular features going, Wildcat Football, Why Is It, some Michigan Football stuff, well maybe more than some Michigan stuff.  Got to get a counter on the site somehow.  Haven’t figured that out yet.  The drawback is all the spam e-mails that I get, you wouldn’t believe.  Regardless I’m going to keep it going another year, hell I paid for it why not?  If you check in regularly thanks, if not, why not?

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