Pro Baseball 5….

These are the rule changes I would like to see in Major League Baseball.  If you disagree with any I’d love to hear your rebuttal, please leave me a comment.

Major League Basball

1.  Two bases for being hit by pitch.

reason:  Pitchers are way too accurate for this crap to happen.  You get one base for doing nothing while watching four balls being thrown past you, but it’s the same if you get hit by a 90 MPH fastball in the head.  A team or pitcher will think twice before intentionally doing it, especially with men on base or in scoring position.

2.  Starting pitcher must go 5 innings unless they get hurt.

reason:  Pitchers are highly trained and conditioned, it’s BS to bring in a pitcher just because a certain batter is up to the plate or he’s having a bad inning or whatever.

3.  Reduce the season to about 125 games.

reason:  A game can be given up for lost if it gets out of hand.  Games would be taken more seriously and it would take away any of the “there’s always tommorrow” attitude, not all but some.

4.  No designated hitter.

reason:  You play, you hit.  If you enforced this in 3 – 5 years you would start seeing some pretty good hitting pitchers.  Now a days we don’t expect them to hit and they don’t.

5.  Coaches must stay in the coaches box.

reason: during play coaches must stay inside the coaches box.  During plays coaches are sometimes way outside the box to give signs to runners.  Why have a box if it does not have to be used.

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