Pro Football 5….

These are the rule changes I would like to see in Pro Football.  If you disagree with any I’d love to hear your rebuttal, please leave me a comment.

NFL Football

1.  Reduce the play clock to 35 seconds.

reason:  A team can run out the clock from nearly two minutes remaining, it’s BS to beat a team by not doing anything for two minutes.

2.  Both teams get the same amount of offensive possessions in OT.

reason:  Two teams in OT, neither with any defense, shame to let a coin toss decide the outcome.

3.  Pass interference is a 15 yard penalty, not a spot foul.

reason:  There is no guarantee the reciever would catch it if he were wide open.

4.  No bye week in the playoffs.

reason:  Your reward for winning the division is home field advantage throughout the playoffs, not fair to give the best team less games to play as well.

5.  QB’s cannot throw the ball away, except to intentionaly ground it at the line of scrimmage.

reason:  The defense does a great job getting past the offensive line and bust their ass doing it, then just as they get to paydirt the QB throws it in the stands.  Not fair to a hard working defense.

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