College Football Two….

These are the rule changes I would like to see in College Football.  If you disagree with any I’d love to hear your rebuttal, please leave me a comment.  Oh and by the way, the play clock was the best thing they ever did to improve the game.

College Football

1.  Getting the ball on the 40 yard line on a kick out of bounds.

reason:  I think thats a bit too much reward, give them the 30, maybe the 35.  That way it could be used as a type of stategy with good returners.

2.  QB’s cannot throw the ball away, except to intentionaly ground it at the line of scrimmage.

reason:  The defense does a great job getting past the offensive line and bust their ass doing it, then just as they get to paydirt the QB throws it in the stands.  Not fair to a hard working defense.

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