Bother Me Not….

This would be a good statement for “Why Is It” but it would be a bit longer than a statement.  It has to do with the Holiday Tree BS that always surrounds this time of year.  This subject is reason for a good head scratch.  I don’t understand why the non-believers or other believers have such a hard time with the display of a Christmas tree in the city square, stores or wherever.  I can understand them not believing and that’s their right, but why does it bother them so if others put up a sign of their belief?  During their holiday they can put up whatever symbol they like within tasteful reason and I’m OK with that, it effects me not one bit.  They can put up a sign in the city square stating their non-belief and sign it for all I care!  I just don’t get it.  The last thing is, these folks must be hiding because I have not run into one yet face to face.  I have yet to ask one person that takes the other side of the fence on this issue why.  I’d love to debate it with them but they are always out of sight or hiding behind letters, phone calls, no guts, or other such faceless means of conveying their displeasure.  Most certainly they are in the minority, listen to them yes, but if the point is not well taken then move on.  They’ll get over it, or move on to bothering us with something else.

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