Kickin Up Dirt….

"Joe Dirt Charger"

So I’m cruising around Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago trying to be the good typical Yankee who lives in the south tourist and inadvertently stumbled upon a genuine movie treasure.  Really by accident.  I thought I was going to spend my afternoon at the tool store.  Well that turned into a bust real quick and I was headed home forlorn over the fact that my afternoon had ended before it ever got off the ground.  When off on the horizon I spotted a museum called “Wheels of Yesteryear”.  Well not to be one to judge a book by it’s cover I paid the price and went in.  Most of the cars in there were muscle cars from the sixty’s, in great shape and certainly worth the price of admission to view.  This, as I learned, turned out to be the personal collection of one man.  That’s what I was told by a man who was behind the counter when I was exiting, I asked him if he was that man.  No, sadly he was not.  They even had a car like I had owned at one time, A 1976 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupe.  Some real beauties.  Well I turn a corner and what do I spot.  I wasn’t sure at first.  I rubbed my eyes, but it was the real McCoy.  The Joe Dirt Charger!  Thee car David Spade drove when he played a good hearted redneck who relives his life story on the radio in a search for his parents.  As you can see from the picture there was a good bit of movie memorabilia that was with it. Well the car is as it looks, somewhat.  It is a piece of crap on the outside and interior is awful, Hollywood did a great job seeing to that.  It really was not much to look at.  The movie memorabilia was very interesting, signed scripts, his clothes, mullet wig, etc.  Under the hood however is a different story.  That baby had one mean ass tricked out hemi engine, I guess Hollywood wanted a car that could move as well, and buddy it should. WOW!  Anyway how often does one bask in the glow of something once touched by Joe Dirt?  I was honored to spend time with it for one afternoon.

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