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Jim Harbaugh #4 returns home to Michigan….

QB Jim Harbaugh will now wear the headset at the "University of Michigan".
QB Jim Harbaugh will now wear the headset at the “University of Michigan”.


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This guy will restore The University of Michgan back to the winning way!  This guy is a no nonsense football motivator and if you don’t like what he says or does, too bad, that’s the way it is.  And his way wins football games.  Sound familar?  He is a disciple of Bo and coaches with the same fire.  Bo said of all the QB’s he ever coached Harbaugh was the one he trusted the most on the field.  It may be a bit too much to ask coming out of the gate but two or three years down the road the Wolverines will once again be a force to be dealt with.  He’s been successfull everywhere he’s coached and I can’t wait to see him wear the block M hat and walk the sidelines at Michigan Stadium.  #4 is back.

He’s Here, A Christmas Story….

I believe most people who know me would say my two favorite words are, “Go Blue”.   Well they’re up there and were the tops for a great number of years but I think “He’s Here” has overtaken the top spot.  You see when I was waiting on my grandchild, for nine months all the talk I heard centered around the baby coming, showers, due dates, checkups, how big he is, is he healthy, and the mother or baby’s needs.  But mostly the talk was of the future and the baby that’s coming.  You hear about it, you talk about it, but you can’t wrap your hands around it.  It’s like talking about Santa or the Easter Bunny, lots of talk but they never really appear.  You hear the talk talk talk but what they speak of is never with you.  100_8833An intangiable object.  The excitement in their voices is there to be sure, but still something’s missing and what is coming never seems like it will ever get here.  On April 1, 2014 I sat quietly in a hospital waiting room only a short distance down the hall from the delivery area where my Daughter and Son in Law were about to make me a Grandpa.  Only there a few minutes at best when my son in laws sister looks at her phone and says in an excited voice; “He’s Here”.  A text and photo from the delivery room announced his arrival.  It then hit me, BA-BAM!  My mind went clear as a bell with only one thought. He’s right down the hall right now.  He’s in the next room.  No more living in a state of wondering.  I can now see him in person.  I can go meet him and hold what the all the talk was of for so many months.  A Grandchild I can put my hands on.  You have no idea of how remembering hearing the words, “He’s Here” makes me feel.  Just slightly above “Go Blue”!

Capitol One Bowl Week, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year….

I think there are somewhere around 38 bowl games this year. Some want to get rid of the lesser bowl games.  Why?  Let the kids who sweated all fall go on a trip, usually somewhere warm, play football, and have some fun.  It’s a reward for the work.  The players act like the just won the National Title when they win one of these so called lesser bowls.  I say let capital-one-bowl-2010em have the fun!  With the football playoffs at 4 games, these lesser bowls still have meaning to the people who particiapte in them.  If the masses have their way and we go to 8 teams or even 16 teams in the playoffs, the tradition of the bowls is over.  My opinion, anything after 4 teams in the playoff crowns a tournament champion, not a real National Champion based on their season’s play.  But that’s just me.  I enjoy the Utah’s, the Utep’s, the Bowling Greens etc etc etc, the minor bowl games and so forth.  As College football gets closer and closer to the edge of ruin I’m just trying to enjoy what is left and what it was built upon.

Sportsmanshiplike Conduct II….

Devin Gardner
Devin Gardner

Everyone saw Michigan senior quarterback Devin Gardner consoling Ohio State freshman signal caller J.T. Barrett last week when he went down with an injury in the midst of a huge rivalry game.

Ohio State’s Dave Claborn and the OSU athletic department sent Gardner a letter of appreciation for his actions last Saturday.  It reads:

“Dear Mr. Gardner,

I write, simply, to thank you for the inspiration you are and the class you showed as you consoled J.T. Barrett when he was injured this afternoon in your game against the Buckeyes.

The Ohio State- Michigan game is important, but it pales in comparison to the humanity you displayed during that moment.

As I think you know, J.T. Barrett has been an inspiration to the Buckeye squad this season, coming in as he did when Braxton Miller was injured. He’s preformed with maturity and poise well beyond his years. I suspect it’s been guys like you who have been his role models.

You are an extraordinary young man and your example of sportsmanship and true humanity to thousands of young (and older) people this afternoon was, in my opinion, worth far more than any football statistics.

Thank you again for showing all of us how it should be done.”

Sportsmanshiplike Conduct….

Devin Gardner.
Devin Gardner.

Even though “The Game” did not work out like I would have liked it to there was one defining moment late in the going that helped make it all ok.  OSU quarterback JT Barrett pressured and scrambling found himself going down under three Michigan defensive players.  His leg was folded up underneath him and the result was a broken ankle.  During the stoppage of play to attend to the injury Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner came out on to the field and offered a positve word and told Barrett he would be praying for him.  Devin Gardner had a tough career at Michigan for a lot of reasons.  But he’s weathered them all and for whatever reason I never wanted him out of the lineup, no matter how he played or how the situation itself played out.  I knew he was our best chance, as we all saw when he was benched midseason.  He took a beating in many a game and kept coming back.  He showed signs of greatness at times and at others times seemed lost.  Regardless I like the kid and now a new found respect for what he did here and what he has done in his community.  He can come to my house anytime, I’ll buy him a beer.  Good Luck Devin!

Ferguson MO….

I found this on-line and found it rather raw but at the same time right on point.  I researched it as well as I could and found it to be true through the author’s website and a few other various sites.  I did not want to post some imposters, from their point of view, improper rant.  Interesting piece however it will not set in with anyone and will eventually be lost in the shuffle.  Read at your own risk.

Why Would You Even Consider it….

The President recently has taken executive action that is going to allow 5½ million illegal aliens to remain in the country, work and eventually become citizens.  Basically he’s saying “screw congress, I’m doing this on my own”.  We elect congress to do our bidding and he is bypassing them. What is he thinking?  Why would he even consider this?  Do we not have enough issues of our own to deal with?  Hell jobs are scarce enough much less with him doing this.  Think about it, right now there are boarder patrol agents patrolling the boarder to keep these illegals out.  Some of these guys are risking their lives on occasion and the President is spitting in their face.  It’s like saying come on over, we’ll take you, no problem.  Remember when we told Cuba, “we’ll take your refugees” and then Castro proceeded to empty his jails and send them too.  For the life of me I cannot figure this guy out.  It’s like he’s a sleeper agent working for some group set out to undermine this country.  The end of his days cannot come soon enough, he’s done enough damage.  If a President ever needed impeachment it’s this one. God help us.

Deju Vu All Over Again….

2AA State Champs make their entrance!!!
2AA State Champs make their entrance!!!

One of the hardest things a Wildcat fan had to do all afternoon was leave the facility after the game.  On the flip side the Wildcat team did pretty much what they wanted to do.  After an ominous start on the opening kickoff, which went for a Newberry td, the Cats settled in, took control and only a few minutes later returned the favor.  Whenever they had to do something they did it, never allowing the hole to get dug deeper.  A Newberry drive to the one yard line that was threatening to bring the game to a one score affair resulted in a fumble that turned into a 99 yard TD run for the Cats.  Players are always coached to fall on a fumble, don’t try and pick it up and run as trying to pick it up usually results in giving it right back.  On this day the God’s smiled on #36, Randall Davis who may be the fastest defensive player, he got to glide down the eastern sidelines for a memory maker.  Avery McColl, not having thrown but one interception all season, nearly threw a pick six on his first throw of the second half.  His second pass was almost just a regular interception.  Other than that he was the usual Avery McColl, fast, elusive and dead on target throwing.  Dillon kept a two touchdown lead most of the way then bumped it to three early 3rd quarter and whenever Newberry scored Dillon returned the favor to keep it at three.  Midway through the 4th quarter the wheels pretty much fell off for the Bulldogs.  The Newberry QB was fast and a bit slippery, their fullback was a beast but their highly touted team size did not live up to the hype of being able to push teams around.  At least not this Wildcat team.  Dillon was the better team on this afternoon.  My opinion was Dillon had an easy road to the Championship and that could have made them soft but they played hard and thoroughly beat the best the upstate had to offer.  This whole day was a great send off for Coach Gerald Reeves who leaves the coaching staff  after 40+ years.  Enjoy your retirement Coach.  This program will miss you.

"Let's get this thing started!"  First play of the game.
“Let’s get this thing started!” First play of the game.

Folks are already thinking about next year and who’s coming back, who we play etc, etc.  People let it sink in and enjoy this one for a while! Riverbluff has a very nice facility, and it sure gives you time to think when you’re trying to leave.