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It’s Not Michelle’s Fault….

More often than I care too I have to stop to fuel up in the mornings.  I remember one time riding with my Dad way back in the early 70’s passing by the gas stations, there were no convenience stores at that time, that were having gas wars.  How many folks remember those?  Anyway there were signs in front of almost every one of them that stated “fill any tank $2.00”.  What I wouldn’t do to see a few of those posted now.  Anyway while I stand in the cold and wait while the tank fills I see car after car stopping up by the store, a child or two hopping out and into the store.  What are they getting?  Mountain Dews, Cokes, chips, candy, doughnuts, etc.  Did I mention these are school mornings?  Is this their breakfast or lunch or what?  I can’t believe a parent would do this.  Why?  What happened to cereal and a glass of orange juice to start the day?  Years back when you went to school, you went to school.  There was no stopping for snacks.  What the school had for lunch or what Mom packed in a brown bag was it.  Hell the thought of stopping for a snack would never cross your mind much less come out of your mouth.  Michelle Obama instituted a program to get healthier foods into the schools, I don’t know the outcome but I’m sure it met with resistance in more than a few places.  Programs like this rarely make any real impact, even under the best of circumstances, but you got to respect the effort.  The effort to get our young people healthier is not Michelle Obama’s responsibility, It’s the parents, and look at what their doing.  I’d bet these same young ones are in front of the TV or video game station immediately after school as well.  Snack close at hand.  I never see kids running through the neighborhood, I never see them riding bikes, I never see them playing pick up games of anything.  Even on Saturday’s.  Where are they?  All the things that keep you in somewhat good health regardless of what you ate are gone.  All gone because Mom and Dad are so afraid to take the kids off their hip and turn them loose for a few minutes and let them be kids.  Of course they would have to put their cell phones down for a few minutes.   And God forbid they should get out of sight,  goodness they may miss a tweet from some self centered idol.  Michelle I know you get bashed for a lot of things but the health and welfare of our nation’s youth is not your fault or responsibility.  But I appreciate the effort.

Lawsuits in the news….

So a guy goes to a McDonald’s drive thru and gets whatever he gets.  Must have been messy meal because he asked for extra napkins, and the manager refused.  His order was a one napkin order and that’s what he got.  Well one thing led to another, it got ugly and now the man is suing McDonald’s for $50,000.00 for emotional distress.


Teenage girl can hang at home because of the folks unreasonable requests.  You know, dishes, cleaning and generally pulling her share of the weight around the house. Chores young folks should do when living under someone else’s roof.  So out she moves to a friend’s house.  Now she’s filed a lawsuit against the folks for college tuition and living expenses.


Parents buy junior a bike for whatever reason.  Dad assembles it and off junior goes, “into the night” to ride it.  He goes down a hill, I did mention “at night” didn’t I, loses control of it and crashes into a light pole at the bottom.  Now the boy’s parents are suing the bicycle manufacturer for damages because there was no warning on the carton or in the instructions warning against this.


Young lady get arrested for DUI after a night of whatever.  She’s booked and has a mug shot taken.  Apparently this young lady is a looker and some website reposted her mug shot picture stating she was ‘Hot”. Well she is suing this website for defamation of her character.