Monthly Archives: June 2014

Where’ve I been….

My God it’s been over a month since I last posted.  So much goes on in a persons life that every once in a while it catches up with them that all the usual things suddenly go to the back burner and the new take over.  I guess the newest thing is my Grandson Zander.  That boy is outstanding.  I see him enough but not enough if you know what I mean.  As much as you want to I’m not going to be that Grandparent who is an every weekend all weekend pest.  I’ll pick my moments and that suits me just fine. His folks got it handled, believe me they are all in.  Keep the pictures coming though.

As Alice Cooper used to say, “Schools out for summer”, or been out, and one thing that caught my attention over the graduation days was this one young man who was, get this, offered scholarships to all eight Ivy League schools, and a few outside big name University’s to boot.  Think about that Alice, a full ride of his choice to any one of those eight prestigious institutions.  Never did hear what one he chose.

Did I mention that I am no fan of graduations from any grade outside of leaving High School or College?  Like my son in law frequently says, “participation trophy”.  A kindergarten graduation?? Get real.

Our dog’s hearing is almost gone.  It’s sad that you can walk right behind him with ease and he has no idea your coming.  What I don’t like is him heading somewhere I don’t want him to go and having to yell his name over and over in ever increasing decibels until you have to actually go get him from whatever it is that he headed to.  At times he gets rather barky, and I mean Mr. Barky Schnauzer.  I wonder what that sounds like to him?  Mark!  Mark!  Sure doesn’t sound like that to me, sharp as ever.  That was cruel.

When summer was out way back during my formative teenage years all I wanted was to earn money and spend money.  I had paper routes two at a time, (early morning ones too), I washed mail trucks at the Post Office, cut grass, shoveled snow, pumped gas, you name it.  I use to cut my sister’s yard, which with that size yard was an all day event with a push mower, for $5.  Yes $5.  And I was happy to get it.  Really!  That was big money back then.  Two nights spending cash.  I didn’t even think of crying over that amount, I’d do most anything to make a buck.  You see I didn’t mind working all day if it meant having spending money for the night.  In 1978, one of my formative years, US Labor Bureau statistics showed that 3 in 4 teenagers had a summer job, now it’s 4 in 10.  It’s declined ever since, even in the boom years of the late 90’s.  How do the young folks get such nice cars, clothes, and cell phones if their not working?  Participation trophy.  Mom and Dad got them one for being born!!!

Formative years working story; Onetime during the winter we had a large snowfall, probably a couple of feet.  I usually cleared the neighbor lady’s porch, steps, walkway to the sidewalk, the sidewalk in front of the house and the walkway from the sidewalk to the street.  Anything near the street was tough after the street plows came through.  Anyway after this particular clearing which took some time I went to the door to collect whatever payment she chose to give me.  You see back then it wasn’t “how much ya going to give me” before you started, it was, do the job and take what they offered, no questions asked.  Well anyway she gave me a quarter.  I took it and normally I didn’t complain, but a quarter? Come on.  I told my Dad and he told she was old and didn’t really understand the work involved and the proper pay.  You know what, the next snowfall I was right back there shoveling.  I remember one time she paid me a dime for something.  Another neighbor paid me $3 an hour, I even had to shovel the patio for their dog, no matter $3 an hour was high cotton.

Read the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  It’s excellent.