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Snow! Come On Down….

Why do people want it to snow in an area of the country that is ill prepared for it?  We can’t clear it effectively.  Which is fine, why invest in equipment that gets little use.  There’s no such thing as a snow shovel much less a snow blower within 600 miles of here.  People can’t or don’t know how to drive in it.  You got towing right?  I find it funny that there’s a run on the grocery store the minute a flake appears.  I guess snow brings on some folks appetite.  I had a friend who believed the Weather Channel and the grocery store community had a conspiracy between them to get a run on groceries going, make big money, then split it.  Schools in the south close at the mere mention of snow.  You couldn’t call in a bomb scare and get the schools closed quicker.  I find that the folks who wish for the white stuff have jobs that don’t need them, they don’t like them, or don’t work and are able to sit around, drink coffee, and watch it come down.  The folks that make the world go around so to speak, don’t want it.  I bet the President of AT&T has never said “gosh, I hope it snows so we don’t have to go in tomorrow”.  Go live in it for 3-4 months.  Shovel it every morning to get your car out to go to work or school, and don’t be late.  No ones going to get it out for you!  Eventually you park close to the road so you don’t have so much to shovel.  Remember now the street plow is going to plug the end of your driveway every night with the snow that was once in the middle of the road.  Heavy wet stuff too.  I liked it when you got everything shoveled out and it starts snowing again.  You got to agree there’s nothing better than a car that won’t start on a cold snowy morning.  You got towing right?  Oh and mothers I bet you love changing your childrens wet clothes 17 times a day.  Then about the time you get them dried off and changed out the door they go again.  And the mess at the back door with boots, gloves, coats, galoshes, etc, strewn everywhere on a constantly wet dirty floor warms your heart.  That’s ok, just so long as there’s snow.

Children do not need drugs. Patrica Has It Going On Part II….

This the second of Partica’s editorials.  So good!  Enjoy.

Children do not need drugs.

Do we need to change the child or the curriculum?

All the doctors who prescribe ADD drugs for children need ot go sit in a kindergarden class room from 7:15 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  After that experience, the doctors need  to decide if the child needs drugs to help him/her sit like a little adult or does the child need an age appropiate curriculum.

If drugs had been available in the early 1900’s we would would never have had the light bulb.  Edison had problems staying in school.  His mother home schooled him.

God makes every child perfectly equipped to do what that child is supposed to do.  I do not believe that God wants so many children on drugs.  Some children may need them.  I know one who does need one but it is not for ADD.  I do not believe that children need drugs to make them sit still for 45 minutes listening to a teacher repeating sounds to them.  How many adult could take that curriculum?