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100 things that made or make College Football great….

This is a list of the things I love about College Football.  The things that have made and make this sport great.  If you’re familiar with these things, know when or where they occurred without it being explained to you, you may be able to call yourself a purest.  A purest is a person who loves the sport for more than just the current game on the set or the current bandwagon team they have jumped on.  A purest doesn’t hate other teams just because it’s not their team.  Without the other teams we don’t have the passion.  Without these things College Football isn’t what it is today.  College Football is more than wins and losses and the game of the moment.  It has character, it has a glorious past, and in some sad ways we are moving away from the things that shaped College Football.  This list could go on and on, and is in no particular order, except for no#1.

  1. Keith Jackson.  Whoa Nellie!  There will never be another.  The best College Football play by play sportscaster ever.  Period.
  2. The Tunnel.
  3. Linebacker  U.
  4. Nebraska vs Oklahoma.
  5. John Heisman / Trophy.
  6. The Bowl Games.  Every damn one.
  7. Knute Rockne.
  8. The Big House.
  9. The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.
  10. War Eagle.
  11. Rocky Top.
  12. Uga.
  13. Bo Schembechler.
  14. Student Body Right.
  15. The 12th Man.
  16. The AP Poll.
  17. Auburn vs Alabama.
  18. The Old Oaken Bucket.
  19. Touchdown Jesus.
  20. Howard’s Rock.
  21. The Red River Shootout.
  22. The Coliseum
  23. Dotting the I.
  24. Chief Osceola.
  25. Woody Hayes.
  26. USC vs UCLA.
  27. The Snow Bowl.
  28. The Little Brown Jug.
  29. The Galloping Ghost.
  30. The Jump Around.
  31. Army vs Navy.
  32. The Purdue Drum.
  33. Senior Day.
  34. Tailgating.
  35. Bear Bryant.
  36. The All American Team.
  37. Top 25.
  38. The Cal Stanford Play.
  39. Marching Bands.
  40. Michigan vs Ohio State.
  41. Fight Songs.
  42. Bragging Rights.
  43. Ara Parseghian.
  44. The Cradle of Coaches.
  45. Sparty.
  46. The Goodyear Blimp.
  47. North South Game.
  48. M Go Blue Banner.
  49. Harvard vs Yale.
  50. Bobby Bowden.
  51. “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions”.
  52. Homecoming.
  53. Punt-rooski.
  54. The Student Section.
  55. The Conferences.
  56. The Apple Cup Game.
  57. Tom Harmon.
  58. Between the Hedges.
  59. The Sooner Schooner.
  60. Death Valley.
  61. The Rose Bowl.
  62. Bob Devaney.
  63. Paul Bunyan Trophy.
  64. Gameday Programs.
  65. Rivalry Weekend.
  66. The Rambin Wreck.
  67. Archie Griffin.
  68. Drum Majors.
  69. Halftime Shows.
  70. Ralphie the Buffalo.
  71. Blue Grey Game.
  72. The Iron Bowl.
  73. The Border War.
  74. Flutie to Phelan.
  75. Death Penalty at SMU.
  76. The Corp of Cadets.
  77. Conference Championships.
  78. Darrell Royal.
  79. “Play Like a Champion Today”.
  80. The Aggie Bonfire.
  81. Spring Games.
  82. The Swamp.
  83. Ragin Cajun.
  84. Texas vs Oklahoma.
  85. Mascots.
  86. The Golden Dome.
  87. Fumble-rooskie.
  88. Beamer Ball.
  89. The Magnolia Bowl.
  90. John Robinson.
  91. Cocky.
  92. Team Logos.
  93. Tailback U.
  94. Hook Em Horns.
  95. The Blue Rug.
  96. The Ring of Honor.
  97. Recruiting.
  98. Cheerleaders.
  99. Team Play by Play Announcers.

100. “Your Entry Here”.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t….

He was here a minute ago!
He was here a minute ago!

A few weeks back after a particularly hectic day at work I decided to stop off at the tobacco shop and get a cigar and a soft drink for the ride home.  Needed it so to speak.  Anyway the store I go to is a long narrow one with the front door at one end, a long counter along one side with shelves behind it, a wide aisle and shelves lining the opposite wall.  I walked in and glanced only for a split second down the length of the store and immediately went left to get my drink from the cooler. During my very brief, and I mean VERY brief glance down the store, I saw the young girl who’s usually there behind the counter and a young man standing opposite her in the cash register area across the aisle.  He seemed to be looking down at something in his hands.  I thought it may be a lottery ticket as they sold quite a few of those also.  He was a young black man dressed in a grey hoodie, the hood was not pulled up but he did have a baseball cap on.  I knew what soft drink I wanted and quickly grabbed it and turned back toward the store and up the aisle to go to the back where the cigar humidor was located.  The young man was gone! Gone!  No where to be seen!  I turned away for 2-3 seconds at most!  As I walked up the aisle my eyes went everywhere, he was no where to be seen.  The clerk was just standing there like nothing was going on.  There were very few places for him to go and no time for him to get there without me seeing him.  I was in disbelief as I walked.  I stopped at the counter to get the key for the humidor and asked the girl where the young man was that was standing there a second ago.  She looked at me like I freaked her out.  I told her I saw someone standing right here, and pointed to a spot, when I came in.  She just stared at me.  After getting my smoke she told there were times where she would go in the back and would hear things out in the store that had no logical reason for happening, people talking to her and etc.  As I left she thanked me for refreshing her thoughts of the joint being haunted.   I can’t explain it, nor am I going to try.

Your Secret Is Safe With Me….

vaultThis is the vault that holds the ultra secret Coca Cola soft drink recipe.  It located in Altanta GA at the Coca Cola World Headquarters building.  This recipe was developed way back in 1886 by Dr. John Pemberton as fountain beverage.  Over time folks found other uses for it including medicine.  It’s no wonder they built a monster vault to hold the secret, you don’t want Pepsi sneaking into a file cabinet in some office during the middle of the night.  My only question is, if this recipe is so important that it needs this type security why the heck is the door open.

The Customer Is Always, Yeah Right….

Now serving no#1!
Now serving no#1!

Whoever came up with this motto was dreaming.  Probably some yahoo who was determined to do whatever it takes to please his customer’s.  Now I’ve got no problem with this approach in theory but let’s get real, customers make errors, their human.  I’ve never met a customer who was always right and I’ve met a lot of customers is my working career.  Heck I’ve been a customer as much as anyone and I’ll fully admit I’m no where near right all the time, pretty close though, ha!  There is a grocery store up north where they do all they can to please their customers.  They’ll send busses out to get you if you can’t find a way to get there, and they stock everything on God’s green earth.  I guess the place is huge.  Stu Lennard’s, look it up.  Anyway Stu brags that he has a sign posted for his employees that everyone, including the customers, can see.  It states; Rule#1, The customer is always right.  Rule#2, If you think the customer is wrong, see rule no#1.  “I don’t care what you say, the customer is wrong, a lot!”  I’ve seen customers in stores wrong as all get out but the store bends over backwards to please them.  That’s doesn’t mean the customer was right, it means the stores sees them as human and tries to make it right because that’s what caring people do.  You ever see a berating the store sometimes takes from the customer for that customer’s error.  I hate it when I see a customer tear up a clerk for any error, most times their as much a part of if not more so than the clerk.    I’ve sat in front of customers who I knew were wrong, they knew they were wrong, but for the sake of not angering them or losing them as a customer we all nod our heads in agreement that they were not the party at fault.  The older I get the more this pisses me off.  The sign I mentioned above where the customer is always right probably gives some folks the feeling of entitlement that they can be wrong all they want and the store will make it right no matter who’s at fault, and, they can act all high and mighty using the clerk or wait person like their own personal whipping post.  Customers take advantage of stores and companies where this is the motto, “I’m right no matter what I do”.  I haven’t been down that path yet with a customer, pretty close on a couple of occasions though.  That could possibly be a career ender if they decide to go that route.  I’ll do whatever it takes to make it right, just man up and admit you made an error, we’ll fix it and move on.  Hell I’ll even eat some of the cost.  There’s another tired saying that goes, and this makes me sour as well, it’s; “The customer isn’t always right but they are the customer”.  I guess as long as your on the customer end you can do as you please and things will always end up in your favor.  Remember when Wal-Mart started the policy of taking back returns without a receipt.  That was kind of a customer is always right type service.  How long did that policy last?  Folks couldn’t get back there fast enough to turn in all their junk at the stores expense.  Now I’m no fan of Wal-Mart but I damn sure don’t blame them for putting that policy in mothballs as fast as they did, I wouldn’t have put it in practice in the first place.  I do know many customers who are straight up and when they make an error they admit it. They tell how it happened and ask me what I can do to help them out.  Those folks I’ll bend over backwards to for and make sure they don’t end up on the hot seat on their end.  And those folks appreciate it.  Here’s a motto for your customers Stu, “take responsibility for your mistakes”.

Don’t Give It Up….

brown jugThis Saturday Michigan will play Minnesota for I believe the 114th time, or near about anyway.  They play annually for the Little Brown Jug, college football’s oldest trophy game.  The story of the Little Brown Jug goes back all the way to 1903 and is quite an interesting tale.  Look it up.  This quote from Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke really hits the heart.  Can you imagine losing and then have the other team come to your sideline and ask for their trophy, and you having to give it up.  Not only would it be dishearting but embarrassing as well.  If this doesn’t light a fire under the team nothing will.


SOB, if you dare!
SOB, if you dare!

You better put on a seatbelt, sit up straight, turn off the radio, say a prayer and hang on. It could be a bumpy ride. Everyday twice a day I pass through this tourist trap called “South Of The Border”. It’s a Mexican themed stop that’s supposedly halfway between New York City and Miami. Who knows? Anyway it’s filled with brightly painted stores that all carry the same thing as the next, a couple of gas stations, several restaurants, some kiddie attractions and two motels. Although I don’t think they get enough traffic anymore to open both motels at the same time. Going through the complex can be a real adventure needless to say and early Saturday mornings as all the vacationers are getting ready to hit the road is a free for all. Let me add its two lanes of traffic going each way through the place. The first challenge is the vehicles that are getting off the interstate. Coming down the exit ramp they find a yield sign at the bottom, which really means “you need not bother stopping”. They take a right turn in front of you and at that point and you have no idea where there going, nor do they. And don’t count on them staying in the lane they initially chose as that could change at any time, turn signals are forbidden at SOB. Pick a lane, any lane. These skilled drivers can take a right from the left lane and just as easily turn left from the right hand lane. If they would just stay in their lanes I would do the rest, but that can’t be guaranteed. Did I mention that turn signals are forbidden at SOB? The next challenge are the cars that have turned in somewhere, finished their business and are now looking to move on to a different part of the complex. Crossing four lanes of traffic and a median strip is mere child’s play for these folks. Why look for traffic just go. I especially like the one’s who begin crossing then change their minds and turn into a lane to go further down the line. Some take their half of the road out of the middle. Its dodge cars at it’s finest. Cars aside, lined up along one side of the road through the whole complex are these Mexican themed statues of people and animals all colorfully painted. Well every tourist that’s anybody has to take pictures of his loved ones on, near or by these statues. If I had a nickel for every picture I’ve seen taken I’d have enough for lunch one day a week. Anyway as I said they line the road all along one side. Now where do you think the picture taker stands when he’s taking pictures? That’s right, on or right next to the roadway, not the shoulder. No! Where else? Now I’ve got to dodge the maze of cars moving in front of me and be careful not to run over mister tourist trying to take a picture of little Johnny standing next to a purple gorilla. Oh and did I mention I go through at 60 mph. It’s quite a rush!