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Oh Those Crazy Kids….

Can you  hear me now?
Can you hear me now?

When in a restaurant what would you rather sit next to; a person smoking a cigarette, or a screaming kid?  Can’t decide?  First off I know the cigarette will be out in 5 or 6 minutes, the kid may go on and on.  Secondly if I check to see where in the meal the screamers family is and don’t see dirty dishes I know it’s going to be a long dinner and people with kids tend to take longer to finish.  The screamers mouth is open for sure, everyone can hear it’s open, but he damn sure isn’t taking in any food.  Even when he’s stops screaming the possibility exists that he could start up at any time and there’s that constant uneasiness within you.  Even the parents are treading lightly.  Why is it the screamers are always next to me?  They seem to be drawn to me like dogs to a hydrant.  Next look at the parents, if their nonchalant to it, you know eating and talking like it’s all in a day’s work, that’s it, their numb to it and will be no help to anyone during this time.  And remember this, under no circumstances do you eyeball the screamer, or he’s yours.  If they turn him loose in an attempt to placate him, eyeballing him practically guarantees he’ll be at your table before long.  First he’ll run back and forth past your table to see if you’re watching and laughing and his cute antics.  How about the kid that looks over the back of the booth he’s sitting in down into yours and seems pretty content with staring down at you, forever.  People might say this is a bit hard but a screaming kid will ruin what’s supposed to be a pleasant outing real fast.  How about we do this, a no-child section kind of like a no-smoking section?  Only this section should have a separate entrance and there should be no passageways between the sections.  One of em could escape and come over.  Of course he would be caught easily, screamers cannot hide, heck they don’t care.  If you think this is hard, there is a restaurant out west where children under the age of nine are not allowed after 7PM.  Guess they found the age when screaming tends to subside.

Bored To Death….

Every now and then I hear something that makes me really wonder the thought process some folks have.  It’s bad enough the world has evolved to the point it is now where something horrendous in the news only tops what the news the day before offered.  During the week I pay attention to the news and it probably has a somewhat negative effect on my day.  Some news stories really zap me when I think about them and picture the scene that’s unfolding.  Lately we’ve had two stories of young people just plain killing others for no logical reason.  Three teens kill a young man jogging past their house, the young man just being in the wrong spot at the wrong time.  You see the three admittedly said they were “bored” and decided to kill the next person they saw.  I can’t believe even if you were thinking it you would say it, not after being arrested for murder.  Guess they were just trying to be badass, let’s see how that plays out in prison.  The second incident involves two teens who beat an 88 year old man to death and robbed him.  Not just beat him up, beat him until he was unrecognizable.  Now how much effort would it take to rob an 88 year old man?  After they were arrested a family member stated he hoped they didn’t get more that 10 years for this crime.  “You see these kids are out on the street, there’s nothing to do and their “bored”.  Did he really offer that up as an excuse for something so despicable?  It’s almost as if he slightly condoned what they had done.  With this line of thought coming from the family I’m sure the rest of them are real pieces of work as well.  No condolences to the victim’s family, no embarrassment, just excusing it as the act of people that were bored.  I can’t even begin to fathom the thought processes that this logic came from.

There’s Used To Be One in Every Neighborhood….

Any spooks in there?
Any spooks in there?

I stumbled upon this house a few days back and actually circled the around block to take a picture of it as this old abandoned house looked pretty cool.  Macabre maybe.  Something from a Hollywood movie set perhaps.  It had the look, you’d almost expect The Munster’s to come walking out of it.  Back when I was a kid every neighborhood had an abandoned rundown house, or at least one no one ever kept up.  As I remember they were always haunted too.  Actually we all wanted to believe that but were pretty skeptical on that point.  These houses were not the center of our attention because they were always there, but time to time we stopped in for a visit.  Any kid worth his salt knew the floor plans of these houses better that he knew his own being he spent so much time in them.  I knew a few houses that should have had a guest book by the door there were so many visitors coming and going.  The windows were usually the first to go and finding some glass to break was a chore.  Every visit you tried to find something you didn’t see on your last trip in and after a few minutes of rummaging around you’d leave it pretty much as you found it.  Old, dirty, empty, and haunted.

Taylor Said It Best….

Taylor Lewan & Devin Gardner
Taylor Lewan & Devin Gardner

Immediately after the near debacle with Akron I think All American OG Taylor Lewan summed it up nicely.  “If any guy on this team thinks they can do anything but prepare every single week — this is your job.  You came here to be a student-athlete.  You go to school, you get your degree, you win Big Ten championships.  If we prepare like we did this week, we won’t win another game.”

40 Year Anniversary….

I still got mine.
I still have my program and ticket.

On Saturday afternoon September 14th my wife, my sister and I will be sitting in Michigan Stadium, aka “The Big House”, just eight days short of my 40th anniversary of seeing my first Michigan Game in person in Ann Arbor.  On that day, September 22, 1973, my Dad and I watched Michigan beat Stanford 47-10.  I remember the cheerleaders in front of us doing backflips off the brick wall for every point Michigan scored every time they scored.  I remember a soccer style field goal kicker named Rod Garcia for Stanford practicing from 60+ yards out.  Kicking wise, both those things were unheard of in that day.  It was sunny and bright and everyone around us was having a great time.  I hope my anniversary turns out the same way.  Go Blue!stanford

Not A Classic, But Still Pretty Darn Good….

Attendance 1115,109.  That's why it's called "The Big House".
Attendance 115,109.  That’s why it’s called “The Big House”.

“Under The Light’s II” turned out to be a pretty good game, not an instant classic like the first time, but still a good game.  Michigan led most of the way and seemed to control it for the most part, except for a bit of implosion in the 3rd quarter.  The usual head shaking plays were there in full force this night.  You never relax during these ND games and until we intercepted the endzone pass with 1:27 to play and an 11 point lead I didn’t.  I still cannot believe ND opted out of playing this game every year.  I used to say the season really doesn’t start until Michigan and Notre Dame play.  It took me a while but it finally hit me why they played the Chicken Dance song at the stadium when the game ended.

A Fine Outing Indeed….

Dillon Quarterback Austin Moody.
Dillon Quarterback Austin Moody.

Without no#15 Dillon doesn’t score the 57 points they did against Latta Friday Night.  Ofcourse when Austin ran in for the TD and seven points there were 50 points already on the board.  Great job directing the offense in the second half and the TD run.  Oh and his sister Leigh Ann standing along side him never saw action in the game.  Maybe next week.  For what it’s worth the series against Latta should be discontinued.  Neither side for obvious reasons seemed fired up, they each knew what was going to happen.

Cleaning Up After Fido….

It's The Law!
It’s The Law!

This sign is posted near our condo at the beach.  I wonder how they go about determining how much the fine will be?  If your speeding the faster you go the more you pay.  I wonder if it’s the more your dog goes the more you pay.  I’m guessing Jake is about a $75 to $100 dog.  I’ll keep picking up!

Birthday Memory….

Double Nickels!!!
Double Nickels!!!

In lieu of my recent Birthday I would like to tell the tale of one of my favorite birthday memories that happened a number of years ago.  This was at a time when most of my nieces and nephews were still quite young.  You see it was not my birthday that brings a smile back to my face.  Anyway the family had gathered at one of my sister in laws house as they always did.  The family was eating, visiting, giving gifts to the  birthday boy and such.  A pretty good crowd scene.  One of the gifts received was a train set and most of my brothers in laws were already on the floor working on it like they were constructing the Hoover Dam.  It was really a simple little set just a five or six foot oval with a few plastic train cars that ran on batteries.  The floor engineers had now finished the track set up with the confidence like they just set the rails for the Union and Pacific railroad system.  The cars were set upon the track and it was a just a matter of adding the batteries to the engine and turning it loose.  With the batteries in place the engine was turned on and there you have it, the train running around the track backwards.  No problem just set the switch in the other direction and we’d be rolling.  Just one thing put a cramp in this plan, there was no switch.  The engineers looked that engine over and over, no switch.  I was sitting in a chair behind the scenes observing the whole scenario and suggested they turn the batteries around.  You know, reverse the negative and positive ends.  Holy cow you’d of thought I suggested throwing it out the window.  “You stupid Yankee, what do you know?”  “Go back up north where you belong”, acting like they didn’t hear me.  It seemed like everyone was giving me the devil except my father in law as he just sat there and smiled down his chest, and one of my sisters in laws.  The room was up in a roar of laughter and smack talk.  The engineers continued to look busy for some time, really not trying anything because other than what I suggested, there was nothing else to do.  I persisted they try it.  Reluctantly they were going to do it if for no other reason than the opportunity to give me the devil again.  The batteries were changed.  The engine was set back upon the track and the switch was thrown, so to speak.  The train proceeded to move forward around and around the oval.  You could have heard a pin drop.  My father in law started laughing out loud, a good belly laugh.  My sister in law said “I knew it, I knew it”.  The engineers were silently looking at one another and I just sat there and smiled at them.  I really believe they were ready to pack it up and take it back to the store.  Boy the cake tasted good that night.