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A few nights ago I’m sitting on the patio.  The weather was fair, I had a good book in hand, a cool drink on the table beside me, and a stogie the size of Delaware between my fingers.  At the moment life seemed to be pretty good.  And I knew it.  A short time later a noise was in the air and in an instant I knew what it was.  It has a distinct sound and I’ve heard it enough to be sure what it was.  As it grew louder I dropped the book and looked upward to try and catch the first glimpse of it.  This noise was an emergency helicopter moving in to land at the hospital right down the road.  The tilt of the rotor blades gives it away long before you see it.  It moves in low and loud and usually circles once before landing, most times it goes right over our house.  Tonight was no exception.  I remember a few years ago when it first was able to land down there.  It was about 9:30 at night and in it came, what a sight it was.  I was sitting out as I was on this evening and just for the heck of it I decided I wanted to go watch it land.  I got the wife and off we went.  I figured we pull up, watch it land out of the truck windows and when it was all said and done drive home.  When we got there it was like the circus was coming to town.  Everybody and their neighbor was up there.  Holy crap.  Talk about a town with little excitement and nothing to do.  How did they all get up there so fast?  The adjacent parking lots were all trucks and tailgates down getting ready for the show.  Anyway that was the first and last time we went.  I found out later they announce it over the police and fire band radios and everyone hears it on their scanners.  Regardless, after it passed over our house and started its descent I got to thinking that right now there is someone being prepped for the ride and in desperate need of something that the local hospital could not provide.  There are more than likely family members and friends that are there as well, most likely in a very worried state.  Unsure of what was to come next and as soon as that bird is gone so will they, chasing it in their cars to the next destination.  As bad as I piss and moan about how difficult some days are I realized that any one of those folks up there would give anything to trade places with me at that very instant.  I know I’ll still complain, we all do, but I now have the visual image of that helicopter and all the worry, pain and suffering that goes with it etched in my mind.  I believe it will become a vivid reminder that things could be so much worse when I think the worst is in front of me.

The Odometer Rolled A 100,000….

We are now at 100,000 hits on this site, check out the counter at the bottom of this page, and I put it up late in the game.  That’s a lot of visitors.  Is it a milestone?  I think so.  I really never thought I’d get a site going, and now, a 100,000 visitors.  Ofcourse I do believe that quite a number of them are spammers as I get alot of spam comments, nowhere near a 100,000 but there are still quite a few.  Some posts are pretty good stuff, even if I do say so myself, other are put up just to have something new on the site.  Glad to see that someone or some computer stops by time to time.

New Friends….

untitledThese are some new friends that I met over the weekend.  From left to right; Edson, Melissa, Kelli (my neice), myself, Kristie (my wife), Caitlyn and Diego.  These are as fine of young people as you would want to meet.  We only spent a short time with them, barely got to know them really, but Kristie and I were sad to see them leave.  They are welcome back anytime!!

Not Me Officer….

Tuesday night Major League Baseball played their annual Allstar game.  I used to give a hoot, now I really don’t give a crap about all those overpaid self-entitled crybabies.  Anyway according to sportscenter about the fifth inning this young guy comes out of the stands running onto the field.   Security was on the ball, as they have to be now a days, and slammed his ass to the turf about the time he was closing in on second base.  Yer out!  So they cart his butt off and charge him with interruption / interferring with a sporting event.  The attendane that night was 45,147, I’ve got to figure 75% were in their seats and were witness to when the running man hit the field.  So the next day they take him in for his arraignment and he pleads “not guilty”!!!  Are you kidding me?  As baseball goes it doesn’t get much bigger outside of the World Series itself, and hell if he would have moved over to shallow center field he’d would have been smack dab in the center of the field.  Does no one take any kind of responsibility for anything they do today.  Not guilty!  Really?  He gets out of this one and I tell you, “it’s a free for all”.