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A Moment Of Cool….

I remember way way back in the mid 70’s, probably 75 or 76 I was hanging around this slot track racing store.  I guess I must have known someone who was into slot track racing, I can’t imagine being there for any other reason.  I must have been watching someone else because I was not a slot track racer, although it was pretty cool.  This club or store or whatever had this huge slot track with about 8 – 10 lanes for racing and people would go in a rent a lane, race, work on their cars, or whatever.  Anyway I was hanging around much like I did everywhere back then.  I was a good hanger around-er.  At any rate I remember I was leaving out the back door of this place to go to my car and I was stopped by some guy shooting pool.  The back of the store or club had pin ball machines, pool tables and the like.  This fellow challenged me to a game of pool for a dollar, yes a whole dollar.  I don’t have to go into the whole back then rate of exchange I didn’t have a lot of money thing do I?  Regardless I didn’t know this guy from anywhere but I took his crazy bet, and he’s going to regret because I’m the best there’s ever been.  He even was so kind as to let me break.  Bad mistake because after he racked em up he never touched the table again.  Everything I shot lined up perfect for the next shot.  I moved quickly and confidently like I’d done this a thousand times before.  I called the eight, sunk it, snatched up the two bills and walked out without saying a word, at least I don’t recall saying anything.  That’s some tough crap right there fella!

My Summer Project….

See ya at the end!
See ya at the end!

At 875 pages of rather small print this book is this guy’s summer reading project.  Summer ends on Labor day right?  “At Dawn We Slept” is the story of the events leading up to and immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Written from interviews on both the US and Japanese sides it parallels the events of each side as those events unfolded.  The interviews alone took him 10 years and was originally meant to be published in volumes.  The author Gordon Prang, is excellent.  Prang also wrote “Miracle At Midway”, highly recommended.  I started on or about June 13th, we’ll see when I hit the last page.  Already read about 80 pages, good stuff.

Split Or Cut….

Take a number please.
Take a number please.

The lottery can change your life so to speak, I know I’d like to give it a try.  I was in a debate a while back about the 84 year old granny that won the Florida Lottery of $650 million, taking home about $275 million.  Anyway it seems that granny couldn’t wait in line to buy her tickets and cut to the front of the line and right in front of a young mother and her child.  Whether she cut in or was let in is also part of the debate. I think I heard that the cashier told her in so many words no cutting, but the young woman said don’t worry about it and let her go ahead.  My wife said if it was her who won she would split with the woman, if she said split or cut I’m not sure.  Regardless she asked me if I would? I said “no” rather quickly, but backtracked quickly too.  I certainly wouldn’t split it with her, I may give her a cut, but not a split.  However in order to get that cut I would have to have a lottery official guarantee me 100% without a doubt that she would have gotten the same numbers I did had I not cut in.  I do not believe that would happen.  I got to believe those lottery computers are randomly generating numbers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that, in conjunction with the other players across the country playing the lottery at the same rate, the odds of her getting the exact same numbers could not possibly happen.  My wife said she still would.  Now as I understand it there were four other individuals behind the young woman in line.  How many lawsuits do you think would be spawned if you gave the young woman a cut and not them, after all you cut in front of them too?  Like the lottery, a lawsuit can change your life too.

Recipe For Disaster….

Having attended a great number of pot luck dinners, family get togethers, luncheons and the like, I guess it could be said I frequently find myself around food.  Drawn to it so to speak.  I’m certainly no chef or connoisseur by any means but every now and then I eat something that’s wow, pretty decent, I need to have that recipe in my vast recipe card file.  You believe I have a vast recipe card file don’t you?  Of course it would have to be pretty easy to fix, you know something like a grilling marinade, wings, or something along those lines.  So you step up and ask for the ingredients and you get the old patented line “if I told ya I’d have to kill ya”.  Please.  Are you so full of yourself that you think you got a recipe that Martha Steward would put a hit out on you and steal it?  Don’t flatter yourself.  Maybe just maybe you think I’m gonna run off and bottle that crap.  It’s good but it’s not going make me a marinade millionaire and hell I wouldn’t know how to go about it anyway.  I guess it’s along the lines of where people love to know things others don’t, and they want you to know they know something you don’t know and want, you know?  At that point I usually ask the latter, “what do you think, I’m going to go bottle it”?  This usually draws some smirk or giggle, and I’m not begging, which is what they want.  After a few minutes of changing the subject and not begging, out it comes.  Now I give them the, it’s not that
big a deal anymore, which is what they don’t want.  All of a sudden it’s all they want to talk
about.  My God it’s just that I may want to try it again sometime, big whoop.  Chances are even if they honor my request and give up the recipe I’d probably lose it and never bother with it again.  That’s better than getting killed though.

The Only Thing Constant Is Change….

God I’ve heard that title saying so many times I want to puke. It’s a work thing. But well, you can’t argue with it, it is true. People want to say or think they never change, but they do. I guess the transformation is so gradual it comes over you unnoticed. Think about your life 3, 5 or 10 years ago. I bet it really has little resemblance to what it looks like today. There are so many life changing events.  These events mask themselves as special occasions but are actually the gateways to change. Get married, have a child, go to school, graduate from anything, get a job, lose a job, the list is endless. I remember 5 -6 years ago I was a pretty rabid golfer. Rarely a weekend passed when I wasn’t out there at least on Saturday, and Sunday when I thought I could get away with it. Now I think I played twice last year, and don’t miss it all that much. I used to spend Saturdays on end in the wood shop, now other habits have drawn me away. Kind of miss that old shop though. Of course I haven’t gone into withdrawal because as I said change is so gradual you don’t notice. Some time back someone questioned the change in lifestyle my wife and I made as it didn’t quite fit in with their plans. The questioner may be the one person who, now that I think about it, probably has the same habits and life now as back the number of years ago I mentioned above. Times change, deal with it. Fact is you get kind of bored doing the same things over and over again. I’m talking about the little things and I’m talking about your lifestyle habits. The places you go, see, and do. We all make little changes, those changes happen more rapidly than full blown lifestyle changes. Change is fun, who wants the same monotonous life over and over, day in day out. I want to see things, go places, meet people. It doesn’t have to be glamorous or big time, personally I happy as long as it’s new and interesting. If not, I’ve done it let’s move on. One more time, think about your life 3, 5 or 10 years ago and remember where you were, what you were doing, who you were hanging with, what you liked, etc etc. All of it. It’s really a cool memory exercise. You don’t think you’ve changed, but you have. When I get to the grave I want to slide in, look back and say, “damn what a ride”. People won’t say “He looks so good”, I want them to say “wow, now that dude is used up”.