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Big News Week….

I hope we don’t see another either.  First off two brothers actually placed bombs at the site of the Boston Marathon and injured a couple hundred, including killing three people, all of which were doing nothing more than watching the end of the marathon race.  All this debate over gun control and in the past week we have had gun violence, a mass bombing and a stabbing event at a small college.  Do we need gun control or people control?  I do believe we need to register all guns just like we do cars but let’s end the debate, it’s not going anywhere.  Violence will occur if a person has it in their head to make it happen.  What I do find fascinating is that the bombers were caught so fast.  I knew they would be caught, what with all the video cameras in big cities nowadays it was really just a matter of time.  I figured they would run for it, but hell they stuck around like a couple of idiots and the FBI ran them down in four days.  The city of Boston on lock-down for 22 hours, holy crap!  When if ever have you heard of such a thing anywhere much less a city the size of Boston.  Are people so desensitized to violence and killing that it means nothing to some anymore?  Why would you take the lives of innocents if your mad at a government or an ideology?  You’ll change neither.

The other news events; a massive earthquake in China, a scale 7.2 as I remember, and the explosion in West, Texas of a fertilizer factory.  Both taking many more lives, but were the under card to the Boston Bombing.  I heard a story on the news about a guy who crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon just as the bombs exploded.  Hours later he boarded his plane back to West, Texas where he lived 1/4 mile from the fertilizer factory that blew up on him Wednesday night.  Talk about being jinxed, uninjured, but jinxed.  Only good thing about the week was we didn’t have to hear the boy king in North Korea running off at the mouth.

These Chains That Bind Me….

In the world of thugdom there are many true thugs and a lot of wannabe thugs.  I’m no expert but I think one of the main signs of a wannabe thug is the the guy who forever walks around the hood with a dog, usually a pit bull, on a leash, rope, or whatever and does his best bad imitation.  Now the leash is all important.  I have seen some with just some ratty rope, to cheap to buy something better for his beloved pet.  Chains now, are all the rage with the thug, and the bigger the better.  I guess a big chain gives the impression of a big bad-ass dog, or so in their minds anyway.  A few days back I spotted the ultimate leash.  This fellow was using a logging chain as a leash.  Have you ever seen a logging chain?  A real logging chain?  Look it up.  These chains are used for everything that’s near impossible to do.  Hell they hook them to the backs of bulldozers and pull up stumps.  Yes these are bad mam-ma jamma’s.  Their size a weight alone is something to be in awe at.  Anyway this dude found a short length and was using it for a leash.  The weight on his arm and the dog I imagine would be pretty taxing after even a short while, I’m telling you these chains are heavy duty.  Based on the leash alone I’d say this dog was probably indestructible if he could walk with that attached to his neck.  So I got to thinking, if that dog truly needs a chain of that magnitude let’s examine this closer.  Now bear with me.  Let’s say for the sake of saying the dog needs a chain like that, being he would break anything smaller.  And let’s say the thug could possibly hold onto it with the dog in full pull and be strong enough to hold his position so that the dog could not pull him around.  That said I truly believe the thug’s arm would be ripped from his body well before the chain would ever come close to breaking.  How the hell is he going to keep a job with one arm?  Yeah right, now that’s funny.  Anyway stranger things have happened, but if Fido goes in front of a truck and is being dragged down the street so is the thug, if Fido falls down a hole down goes the thug, if Fido runs down stairs the thug is taking a tumble, remember the leash isn’t breaking.  Do you think the thug wannabe has figured out this logic?  Chances are it’s not going to happen, but do you think he has come to the realization that where the dog goes he going, regardless of if he wants to or not?  Think about that next time you see a one armed thug.

Well That Didn’t Work Out….

The Wolverines are welcomed home!!!

It didn’t turn out the way I wanted but what a game, hell I was tired at the half from just watching.  Michigan played a great first half, both teams did, and bolted to a 12 point lead with Spike Albrecht shooting lights out.  That lead was short lived once Luke Hancock for Louisville got rolling, four three’s in four trips down the floor put the game back on an even keel at the half.  Then race was on.  Trey Burke who got in foul trouble in the first half and sat most of it put the game on his shoulders in the second half and damn near pulled it out.  It was frustrating to see Louisville get three and four chances under the boards only to watch it trickle in.  Man they were fighting.  I think the future is bright for this team, although I’m pretty sure Hardaway and Burke will leave for the pro’s.  This game is being called by most a classic, and it was.  It had everything a basketball fan would want, and I’m not a huge basketball fan.  My Dad used to love this tournament even when Michigan exited early.  For the most part, he had to love last night.

Well Here We Are….

Come to papa!

I can’t believe Michigan made it to the Final Four.  They had a good team this year and I figured them for maybe a Sweet Sixteen team, but no farther.  One incredible comeback later and there we have it.  Truth is I forgot all about the game that night and had about a hundred people ask me about it the next day.  I just smiled like I saw the whole thing.  Cool weekend coming up.  You don’t get there often (been since 1994) need to just enjoy it!