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I Want My MTV, Really….

Remember this?

Way back in 1981, might have been 1980, I could look it up but I won’t, the first Music Television Video channel or MTV as it was popularly called was born.  When first introduced it was a huge success with the younger people and why shouldn’t it, it was pretty cool.  I dug it.  Music videos were all the rage at the time.  One thing I do remember is the first video aired because it is a great memorabilia question, the video was “Video Killed the Radio Star”.  By who I can’t say.  Hope that’s not part of the question when I’m asked.  Anyway when I stroll around the dial at night I frequently go past MTV and honestly I can’t remember the last time I saw a video playing, I don’t think they play them anymore.  A music video channel and no music video’s.  Go figure!  Anyway what I do see is usually some young people with tattoos up the butt sitting around some house, apartment, bar, or wherever, bitching about someone, what someone did or said to them or someone they know, and in general they look pretty miserable while doing it.  The house or apartment their sitting around in is usually pretty nice, but messy, so someone gave them some pretty nice digs to do their bitching in.  Sitting around is an understatement here.  If any of them went to school I’m sure they majored in sitting around.  One thing I never hear them bitch about is anything related to school, work or working, a job, or really any kind of responsible thing a young person would normally bitch about.  No they bitch about Johnny because he danced with Mary last night at the club while Joey was doing shots with Billy at the bar?!? Or some lame crap such as that.  Duh!  The good thing in all of this is that if a parent wanted to use MTV as a learning tool and teach their children all they needed to know about succeeding in life in all situations MTV is the place.  They could sit them down in front of the TV for 4-5 hours with MTV playing, and tell them not to ever do any of the things they see.  I once knew a girl who used to watch a show similar to what I described above called “Real World” and I told her that show in no way represented the real world.  The video channel is killing our young folks!


Has It Really….

It’s really been six weeks since I last entered anything into this website!  I’ll tell you what it’s been a wide ride the last couple months.  There are people buying houses and expecting me to paint.  Yes paint, one of the things in life I really don’t care to do.  I will say one thing about painting, I am good at it, but I hate it none the less.  “The River” keeps calling me weekend after weekend.  But like I’ve said time and time again, “I didn’t buy it to let it sit empty”.  My wife and I are enjoying retirement now so to speak.  I can’t tell you how many people ask me on a weekly basis, “you going to The River this weekend”?  Probably the biggest reason that I’ve been away is work.  My goodness it’s a time there let me tell you.  If there’s a problem I’m involved.  No one is calling me with good news, and the phone calls I have to make are one’s I normally don’t look forward to.  You ever been on the phone with someone who goes on and on on what we should be doing and you can’t tell them to shut the hell up?  You just have to, for the sake of the company and customer, sit there, listen, roll your eyes silently and hope for it to end soon.  Occasionally I will get a call for advice.  Pretty cool.  I really wonder how many decisions I make on a daily basis.  Most times the decision is a not a popular one with someone.  Anyway by the time I get home I’m beat, not physically, but mentally taxed.  Even then my phone keeps reaching out to me.  On the home front after I get home I do what I got to do and signing on and blogging is not one of them.  There’s always something going on or on the horizon.  Funny how I always dream of down time but after a few minutes of down time I’m looking for something to tinker with, read or whatever.  There’s very little down time, but I do it to myself.  This past Friday my wife and I got up and drove two hours to Raleigh for a noon wedding and reception, then drove over to Durham to spend some time with family and then out to dinner Friday night in downtown Durham, Saturday morning we arose early for my nieces 9:00 AM soccer game then afterward headed home stopping along the way for a late lunch, once home we vegged.  Even early during the veg time I was looking for something to do.  Of course once the recliner got me that was it.  Next weekend is a three day weekend as well and we have half that already planned.  You know what?  I’m looking forward to it!