Monthly Archives: February 2013

Rambling Again….

I think when prisoners come up for parole part of the parole board, at least two of the members, need to be guards that have guarded this prisoner.  Who else would have a good idea of how this person really acts and have a feel for how they will act when they get out.  Not a parole board of suits who have never been around him.

Why is it when another country does something we don’t care for we condemn their actions.  Big Deal!  It doesn’t change anything and they just thumb their noses at us, until, wait for it, we condemn their actions again!  They’ll be sorry.

Why all the hubbub over a few lights going out at the Superbowl?  So what?  A few lights went out.  They were out for about half an hour.  Then they came back on.  No need for seventeen press conferences.  Crap happens. Deal with it.

I think the reason we can’t get the budget straightened out in this country is because congress is too big, it needs to be a just small cross section deciding this.  Nothing ever get accomplished in a large group.  Especially a large group of ego’s.

Whoever thought that the most hated athlete today, how they figure that out is beyond me, would be from NASCAR!