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High On Health….

You ever wake up with aches and pains, or kinks that are just nagging you to no end?  Usually I just let the day wear on and it goes away, maybe just maybe if it gets to be persistent I’ll take an aspirin.  I know that’s living on the edge now a days but I’ll do it.  I have never said “ya know if I just smoked a joint the pain will ease off”.  I believe that smoking a joint makes all pains ease off, along with everything else, at least for a while.  But Steve isn’t smoking a joint illegal?  Not if you have a prescription for it it isn’t.  Yes we have reached the age of medical marijuana.  Hows that work on your insurance?  What’s the deductable?  Ah well light up and who cares.  Now if I go to the doctor and tell him of my ailments he’ll give me a precription for a pain reliever.  But I guess if the pain lingers long enough he’ll give me a prescription for marijuana, now yer talkin.  How that works I’m not exactly sure.  Do you have to go back a bunch of times before he says what he’s giving you isn’t working and then he moves up to the big leagues of wacky tobacky?  Every doctor worth his salt will do whatever he can to help you quit smoking, now he’ll write you a prescription to do so.  Let’s say someone is faking back pain just to get a prescription, I know that’s not likely to happen but let’s just say the doctor keeps giving him other pain relievers and isn’t getting around to the good stuff quickly enough for the patient.  Does the patient mention that medical marijuana might help, how does he know, or does the doctor say “nothing I’ve tried is working you may just have to smoke a joint”.  At this point the faker would have smile on his face plastic surgery couldn’t remove while the precription is being written.  I wonder how many refills you get with one?  “Better give me a few extras doc I’m having a party Friday night.”  Most of us when going off to get our prescription filled simply go to the pharmacy and hand it to the druggist and he does the rest.  You have no say other than generic or name brand and you may not get that.  When you get a medical marijuana prescription you get intimately involved, hands on so to speak.  From what I’ve seen on TV the medical marijuana store, or head shop as it’s commonly called, is like a jewelry store with all it’s trays of marijuana behind the jewelry case glass.  It’s like getting an open ended prescription for anything in the store.  The druggie, I mean druggist, gets them out for you to examine and you decide what one will fill the bill.  By the way in order to be a medical marijuana druggist you have to have long ratty hair, dress like you still live in the 60’s and bathing is optional.  He’ll say “this one here was grown in the rich soil of South America, it’s call mountain pleasure, two hits of this and you won’t know you have a back, much less have pain there”.  Must work though, did you ever hear a dealer say “my back is killing me”.  Are there medical marijuana equipment stores where you can buy, you know, bongs, rollin papers, lighters, roach clips, black light posters etc etc?  You know real medical supplies, no need for crutches, braces and all that other crap junking up the place.  Couldn’t you kill the same back pain with alcohol?  I wonder how long it will be before we have prescriptions for booze?  I’ve heard people say they use it for medicinal purposes, why not?  Imagine having an open ended prescription in a liquor store.

The New #1….

#1 Ranked!!!

When the weekly NCAA College Basketball poll came out today The University of Michigan was ranked #1.  This hasn’t happened with the men’s basketball team for over 20 years, back in 1992 they began the season at #1.  The last time a University of Michigan team was ranked #1 in anything was back in 1997, when the football team won the Nationa Title and ended the year at #1.  The football team made a run to #2 back in 2006 but fell just short of the #1 spot.  Anyway kinda cool while it lasts.

Derrick Green Goes Blue….

There are just less than two weeks until national signing day, but Michigan got some very good news on Saturday when one of the top recruits in the country committed to the Wolverines.  Running back Derrick Green, from Richmond, Va., held a ceremony announcing that he has chosen to don the maize and blue.

News that was music to the ears of Michigan coach Brady Hoke, who apparently became emotional when finding out the news.

“He was real excited,” Green told  “I kept him on his toes.  But when I told him today, he was just astounded and actually started crying.  It was crazy.  It was an unbelievable experience.”

And why wouldn’t Hoke cry?  He’s getting one of the best running back prospects in the nation.  And considering the injury Fitzgerald Toussaint suffered in Michigan’s win over Iowa, having Green on campus will be a boost.  There’s no telling when Toussaint will return in 2013 or if he’ll return in 2013.  Combine that with the loss of Denard Robinson to graduation, and the Wolverines could find themselves without the majority of their run game from last season.

In Michigan’s last three games against Iowa, Ohio State and South Carolina, Thomas Rawls and Vincent Smith combined to carry the ball 27 times for 51 yards, and Smith is a senior who won’t return, either.

In other words, Green could start seeing plenty of action right away with the Wolverines.

He chose Michigan over Auburn and Tennessee

ACLU Lawsuit….

The ACLU is bringing a lawsuit on behalf of a man who was refused access to Face Book or any other social medias as well.  On a side note, have you ever looked at all the suits and the types of suits the ACLU files?  It is unbelieveably crazy?  How do these people live with themselves?  This man is a convicted sex offender, now paroled, but was denied access because he is not to have any interaction with children and these medias may allow him to interact and do just that.  It’s a state law now being challenged by these idiots.  Let’s see here, the ACLU has no problem letting a convicted sex offender possibly interact and talk with children and God knows what else, but they do not want prayers in public.  Someone make me understand.

Candy Smokes In The News….

Told you they looked like Pall Malls.

I’m not going to say I’ve seen it all but the owners of an old-school soda shop in St. Paul, Minn., are being warned to kick the habit and stop stocking novelty candy cigarettes.  City inspectors threatened the shop with a misdemeanor citation and a $500 fine if Lynden’s Soda Fountain is caught selling the fake smokes again.  I wonder how they caught them, probably sent in an 8 year old undercover agent.  As I understand it the offering violates an ordinance barring the sale of candy smokes and cartoon character lighters.  Really?  A city spokesman says the warning came after inspectors received and looked into a complaint about the presence of the tobacco-themed products.  The ordinance was enacted to discourage youngsters from picking up a real smoking habit.  The shop owner says the white candy sticks with the red tips were the best-selling item but they pulled them to avoid running afoul of the ordinance.  I cannot believe that someone has enough time on their hands to search out tobacco related products in stores that violate the ordinance and turn them in to the health department.  Is selling an ashtray a violation?  It’s tobacco themed!  What about matches? 

Beware the purple ones!

Hell when I was eight years old I was a two pack a day candy cigarette smoker / eater?!?  The boxes even kind of resembled a pack of Pall Mall’s.  About eight years later I was hitting the real ones, yeah I can see that?!?  You really just put it your mouth for a minute and then chomped it down, lit end and all.  I really liked the bubble gum cigarettes with the paper around them and if you blew through it the powered sugar flew out the other end and it looked like real smoke.  Never considered my friends health and the dangers of second hand powered sugar smoke.  As an occasional weekend cigar smoker I guess I have the bubble gum cigars to blame.  Probably was the purple grape flavored ones.  This ordinance was enacted to discourage youngsters from picking up the real smoking habit, let me ask you, using this same logic wouldn’t real cigarettes lead to candy ones?

Sports Rambling….

Did you know the National Hockey League was on strike?  Had I not heard this on ESPN I would not have known.  I’m sure all four of their fans are excited the strike has been settled.  The strike was over the split of the television revenue money.  Each side has decided to take a 50 -50 split.  Isn’t 50-50 where you start negotiations?  Then somewhere down the line someone gets mad, in this case the team, and locks the players out because they think they deserve more of the cash.  So they went on strike back in September and just now settled at a 50-50 split.

OK the College Football National Championship was played the other night matching up the #1 vs #2 teams in the country.  Regardless of who is #1 and who is #2, the winner will be #1 when it’s all said and done correct?  Wouldn’t it stand to reason the loser would be #2 if these are truely the two best teams in the country?  After it was over this year the winner was voted #1 and the loser was voted #4.  How would you like to be voted #2 at the end of the year and had not played in the championship?

Cyclist Lance Armstrong has long been accused of doping when he won six or seven Tour De France’s.  He fought and fought he had not, brought up all the drug testing he’d been through, and quit his charitable organization “Livestrong” in protest.  No no no was all we heard.  Now he’s going to come out and admit it.  Open window and toss respect out.  What a dip!

Watched an ESPN sports documentary the other night called “Broke”.  Did you know 75% of all sports athletes are broke five within years after leaving their sport.  Broke!

You Can’t Make This Up….

Remember a post or two back I said that parents need not turn a blind eye to the problems of their children, or others, if they deem that they may be a threat to society?  In December a young man, Sammy Chavez, was arrested in Oklahoma as he had planned an attack on his High School.  I believe he wanted to organize an assembly, then lock the doors to the gym and blast away.  Even going so far as planting bombs for when the police arrived.  He was trying to obtain diagrams of the facility and was actively recruiting help at school in carrying out his plan, also a bad idea as he was ratted out, thank God!  After his arrest his mother, Jesse, said he would never have done it, and that he liked to pull pranks like this.  He was just mad because he thought other students were talking about him behind his back.  Bad part is he had most of his plan written down, sorry mom but your damn blind, or an idiot.  They’re going to be talking about him behind his back now, unless he comes up with the one million dollar bail to get out of jail and back to school.  After all it was one big prank, right mom?


I think every school in America should have had an assembly the first of the year, reviewed the shootings and the other school crime issues that have occurred and face these young people and tell them; “this is our school”, “we are in this together”, “help protect it, and do whatever you have to do to protect it and those in it”, “there are more of us than there are of them”, and make it an us against them message.  There is strength in numbers.

We Came Within A Whisker….

Denard and Michigan slips!

Eleven seconds hung on the clock and South Carolina finally got a lead they would not lose.  In a game where Michigan was not given much of a chance, eleven seconds was all that separated them from the win.  The offensive game plan was good mixing it up with Devin and Denard all over the place and with a few better thrown balls in the third we may have well tacked on another score and put it conceivably out of reach.  Denard was on the verge all day of scooting one to the house but was slipping and sliding all over the place early, still had a 100 yards rushing and is now the all time QB career rushing leader in NCAA history.  The defense gave up 4 big plays, a punt return for a TD and three long passes, take one or two of those away and it tilts the odds greatly in our favor.  Ifs and butts and a ref trying to give it to us didn’t work out but the heavily favored underdog damn near had it’s day.  Man how sweet that would have been!  Carolina’s great defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney was held in check all day, he did have one monster hit and a fumble recovery which was huge at the time, but only had four tackles.  Hell he had six teammates that had that many or more yet he was player of the game.  Ace Sanders for Carolina scored three TD’s, two on passes and ran back a punt for a TD, to go along with nine catches for 92 yards, but Clowney gets the MVP.  Go figure that out.  That hit, which any lineman could make if he’s given a wide open run at the ball carrier, will do more for his career than anything else he’s done so far.  He self proclaimed himself a Heisman Trophy candidate for next year, I will be watching.

The season was kind of a bust I thought we’d go 9-3, better than 8-4 anyway.  Going into the bowl season we had lost to the #1, #2, #3 and the #10 team in the country, so the losses were to respectable teams and Michigan’s schedule was deemed the toughest in the nation.  We should have beaten Notre Dame, we only lost by 6 points, but with 6 turnovers that ain’t happening.  Should have beaten Nebraska as we were dragging them around when disaster struck and Denard went down for the season and NO BACKUP QB was ready, UNBELIEVABLE!  Beating Ohio State at the half, why lets go away from what’s working and lose.  Make no mistake Alabama beat the snot out of us and we probably should have lost to Northwestern.  A 9-3 season was there for the taking.  The program is headed in the right direction, another year or so with the RichRod players slowing graduating and Hoke bringing in a bumper crop of recruits, we will be fine.  Might have to go look in person next year, should have went this year.  Lotta shoulds there.

Gonna miss the fun and gun offense Denard Robinson brought to Michigan.  It’s not really Michigan’s style, never was, but it was fun while it lasted.  He took a lot of punishment but every time he got through the line running you held your breath, and so did the opposition.  Good character and well liked.  I guarantee you there will not be another one like him!

Thanks Team# 133.