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I wrote a couple of posts awhile back about a little white dog I noticed everyday along a certain stretch of highway I passed coming and going to work.  A few of my co-workers noticed him as well.  I figured since he never left his post there at the side of the road I thought someone had dropped him off and he was waiting on them to return.  I’d see him early mornings curled up in a ball sleeping and most afternoons laying somewhere along there, or in the field across the highway.  I stopped and left him food one time.  I was starting to look forward to seeing him each day and seeing that he was OK.  Well we got to talking at work and one thing led to another and we decided we would try and rescue him from there.  One guy said if we could get him he would have him as a pet.  With collar and leash in hand I set out to try and get him.  The first time I stopped he would not get within 20 feet of me, but I stayed a few minutes talking to him before leaving.  The second time he got a little closer and would run in circles, tail wagging and seemed like he would be pretty friendly, but still kept his distance.  I saw there was hope of getting him.  The third time I crouched down and he timidly came over and sniffed my hand and I petted him on the nose for just a second or two before he backed off.  On that stop I also noticed that there were a couple of bowls there, one with water and one with dog food, so someone else had the same idea.  The rest of that week I was traveling and couldn’t get by there or didn’t see him.  Monday morning I went past and didn’t see him.  Somehow or other something seemed or felt different but I didn’t pay it any attention.  Tuesday when we were talking about it at work, one guy told me the bowls were gone and right then I had a feeling he was too.  That evening I cruised through slowly but there were no signs of him, no bowls, nothing.  I have no idea what became of him.  Got to respect a dog that can survive along side a busy highway for 4-5 weeks without getting hit.  I really hope someone has picked him up and given him a good home, I bet he’d be pretty good companion just from my three visits.  Good luck buddy!

Technology, Use It….

I’m really sick of hearing of all the young people and children that go missing and that for hours, days, weeks and even longer the family has no idea where they are or what’s become of them.  We have technology today that can monitor the whereabouts of anything and locate it to a square yard from anywhere, it called GPS.  You can have a GPS chip implanted in your dog or cat in case they get lost and find them in a few minutes.  Everybody and their neighbor has a GPS in their car.  Why not have these chips available to be put under the skin of babies or young children should the parents desire it.  I know no one would ever think they would be the target of a kidnapping or lost child but it’s there, and no one uses it.  The chips can be removed when the child gets to the where his or her business is his or her business.  Am I wrong on this?  In some weird way it doesn’t seem right but how many times do you think finding a child even within an hour of their disappearance would have saved their life?  Not to mention maybe catching the predator that abducted them.  Young girls and ladies could carry these chips.  After a while it may even become a crime detractor.  Think about that.

Oh Sandy….

That’s a line from the movie Gease, what that’s got to do with anything is beyond me, but I degress.  There are two things that are sure to happen during this hurricane, like all hurricanes.  First Government officials will have a manditory evacuation, most will heed the call, some will not.  Of those that don’t they’ll have a party or some crap and then at two or three in the morning they’ll be calling for help.  Book it!  Then I always get a kick out of this, there will be some reporter somewhere that’s trying to make the storm and winds look worse than they really are.  You know, he’ll be crouching down like the wind is ready to carry him away, blinding his eyes from the pelting rain and all the while they’ll be a group of idiots behind him dancing, holding up drinks and acting a fool.  It’s usually quite humerous.

Go Figure….

Now whether it was by design or on purpose I can’t say but the freshman QB looked pretty good, of course we’re talking about going against Waccamaw here too.  Dillon football practices are probably tougher than most of their opponents.  The senior QB has been struggling like crazy so I don’t know if he was replaced or we were just giving the new guy game time.  I find it hard to believe we would break in a new QB right before the playoffs, but stranger things have happened.  Personally I don’t think were prepared for the playoffs.  Games have been too easy as this conference has no competition.  Remember we’re one and one in the dogfights we’ve had.  If we meet them in the playoffs I don’t think Loris at home will be easy, but we won’t it lose either.  The bracket looks favorable, but Timberland does not.  Regardless I’ll drive to the forest to see it, but let’s get there first.

Waiting On The Uprising….

Hey, don’t I know you?

There are a lot of things in this world I believe in even though they have not been brought to light so to speak.  UFO’s for example.  I have to believe there has to be another life form out there somewhere, there is too much unknown yet to be found.  What was Mulder’s thought on the X-Files “I want to believe”.  I loved that show.  Here on earth there is one group of folks who’s focus and thought seems to be on the uprising of zombies.  Yes I said zombies.  You know the undead.  Wouldn’t undead people be alive people?  Gun people want zombies to exist in the worst way and got tee shirts to prove it.  They want to gun down zombies.  Why?  What did the zombies do to them?  I saw a jeep not long ago that had the words “Zombie Dispatch Vehicle” printed on it.  I wonder how often it gets fired up and dispatched to a zombie sighting?  Zombies seem to do a lot of walking and moaning.  Where are they going anyway?  They walk somewhat like Frankenstein, kind of a stiff leg side to side lurching.  I saw a show featuring these walking people and I’m sure I saw one breathing.  Dead people don’t breath.  Of course most dead people don’t walk either.  Gun folks talk of the zombie uprising.  OK I know what an uprising is.  It’s when a group of people suddenly come together for a common cause, whether violent or peaceful and express their views.  These people live amongst us and until the uprising you’d never suspect them.  Anyway prior to the uprising of the zombies you have to ask yourself where are they?  They have to be somewhere in wait.  They can’t be amongst us, I’m sure I would have spotted one already.  Are they hiding in the woods or what?  Let’s say just for giggles that there is an uprising of the zombies in your town.  Now if these were folks who died and have now come back to life, so to speak, and there was a lot of them wouldn’t the possibility exist that you would recognize one or two of them from back when they were a real alive person?  Could be one of your old buddies or a family member, and now your forced to gun them down.  Sorry Joe, BAM BAM BAM!  Hey there’s old Pete, BAM BAM BAM!  Like I said earlier there are a lot of things in this world I believe in even though they have not been brought to light, but zombies ain’t one of them.

Little Girl In The News….

Anytime a young person is injured by gunfire it’s tragic.  Most times the incident is an unfortunate accident of some sort.  When a 13 year old girl is targeted by a terrorist group simply because she expressed a want for peace through a written blog you have to wonder what’s sacred anymore.  I haven’t read that blog but she wanted a peaceful existence for her fellow Pakistani countrymen and the violence to end.  Malala Yousafzai wrote those thoughts and for her efforts she was rewarded with a gunman’s bullet to the head.  A 13 year old girl was actually targeted for death by a group opposing peace.  She survived and is getting better.  This is unfathomable to me.  The country of Pakistan should be nuts with outrage.  The people there should be taking matters into their own hands in regards to this group.  The United States should have it’s ear to the wall and if it even thinks it hears of Pakistan government knowingly harboring the Taliban, the group who claims responsibility for the shooting, and their activities we should pull the plug on the defense and go on the offense.  I still believe they had to know Bin Laden was right under their noses but anyway….  Screw asking for permission to operate there looking for this group.  Just do it, and dare the Pakistani’s to get in the way.  If they don’t care about their own people and the elimination of the Taliban step aside and we’ll do it.  I’m tired of the United States having to tippy toe around these governments doing what they should be doing for themselves, risking our soldiers lives, and having to kiss their officials asses at the same time.  I don’t hear much from the adults of Pakistan but I’m glad at least 13 year old girls want peace in that country even if the rest don’t.

Wake Up Call….

The Loris Lions are vastly improve over last year, vastly!  Last year Dillon hung 50 on the Lions and this year they had the Wildcats by 14 in a blink of an eye and I don’t think anyone saw it coming.  Once the 14 was up on the board the defense stiffened and that was pretty much that for them on Friday night.  Of course Dillon had to work for theirs, they fought hard, never quit and got the big win away from home.  Very exciting 21-14 victory I may add!  This was probably what they needed as Coach Hayes said to them after the game “you guys might have been thinking you were better than what you really are”.  Wake up call indeed.  After the Marion game last week I was thinking that if the payoffs started next week and we had to play a Timberland or someone of that caliber we might be in trouble.  Loris proved that prophecy to be somewhat correct and was what we needed.  Don’t think we’ll have much trouble with Waccamaw, which once again may give that false sense of greatness going into the playoffs.  Got to keep them grounded.


I see more and more “for sale by owner” signs popping up all around.  Who else but the owner would be selling it?

The other day I left an unopened bag of potato chips on the table in the restaurant where I had lunch.  Is that an random act of kindness?

I can understand people bragging about how hard they work, but for the life of me I can’t understand people getting a paycheck and bragging how little they do, or how they screw their boss out of doing the work their getting paid for.  Bragging mind you.

If I ever won the lottery I “would” give two weeks notice.  That would be a long but wonderful two weeks.

I see all these haunted forests popping up this time of year for about two weeks during Halloween.  I wonder if their haunted the rest of the year.

I know it saves gas and all, but scooters on the roadways are pissing me off.  Especially on the highway when they are going 35 mph and will not get over.

Cussing Out….

While traveling the other week and I stopped for a drink or something at a local convenience store.  When I got to the checkout there were two women and a man behind the counter.  There was fellow in front of me there buying lottery tickets, I got to believe he was a regular, and the four were huddled together talking.  The talk was what if?  What would you do if you won?  The man behind the counter commented that if he won there were a bunch of people he was going to cuss out.  The women kind of chimed in agreeing.  Anyway as he said that his eyes were darting from person to person looking for agreement from someone.  He looked at me and laughed but he didn’t ask me if I agreed and I didn’t give him a reaction.  I wondered who he would cuss out after a lottery win that he couldn’t cuss out before one.  About the only person that you would not be smart in doing so maybe your boss, or at least the person who pays your bills.  Cussing out your wife or girlfriend may be a close second but I don’t see where the lottery would play a part either way.  I thought the three behind the counter were probably not happy with their lot in life.  I paid my bill and went on my way.