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Lights Out….

This game was expected to be a cakewalk and that’s just what it was.  Over quickly with a running clock in the second half, as expected, 48-12.  Anyway this is going to be the game that everyone will remember “The Hit”.  Late 4th quarter Aynor punting and as usual they try like everyone else to pinch the sidelines.  When that happens the Dillon returner usually heads east and west, not north and south as normal.  Anyway when this happens some Dillon defenders usually double back and try to pick off a couple would be tacklers running wide open but not looking where they are going.  Well last night DHS no#35 lit up Aynor’s no#30.  It was without a doubt the most vicious hit I have ever seen in person.  It happened right in front of me and I literally went weak for a moment, turned my back on the field and walked away, thinking the kid just got killed.  Really, it was that hard!  When I turned back I was shocked to see the kid up and moving.  The Dillon sideline was besides it’s self for several minutes following that.  You hate to see anything that vicious, but how do you control hard hitting, tell em to ease up?!?  The only other real news was Tara “The Girl” Grimsley missed two extra points, I know one was the snap and hold, not sure about the other.  She kicks extra points as well as anyone ever has.  On to the rest of the conference.

Musical Rambling….

Remember the Soul Train scramble board?  Don Cornelius was the man!

Remember Don Kirshner’s Rock concert that was on late night Saturday night’s?  That was some good stuff after a night out partying.

Remember American Bandstand and that chubby black kid who was on dancing like crazy every week?  And… “it had a really nice beat”.

Remember Dionne Warwick on Solid Gold and the Solid Gold dancers?

Remember when MTV played videos?

Remember Lawrence Welk, ana Sissy ana Bobby?  I barely remember the originals but sometimes I do watch the reruns.  The numbers are short and it keeps moving pretty quickly one to another.  Wunnerful!  Wunnerful!

I had a cassette player in my car when others were still on the 8 track.  Suckers!

Look Out Mars Here We Come….

Did you know, and I know you don’t, that the United States is going to spend $425 Million to send a vehicle to Mars to poke a probe into the surface 15 feet to take a temperature reading.  This will help us determine if there was ever life there.  Don’t we have a vehicle there now that we could have equipped to do that?  $425 million!!!  I’d like to know the life form here that thinks we need to do this.  Why is it so important for us to know if there was ever life on Mars?  If we do indeed find out there was a life form there then we will have to spend out the kazoo to find out what happened to it.  Maybe we should just send the bigfoot research organization up there to find this life form, there not having much luck here last I saw.  You know what’s next don’t you, more vehicles and more probes.  You do know that NASA officials also want to build a space station on the moon as sort of launching point to go to Mars.  So we have to go to the Moon to go to Mars.  The Moon is approximately 240,000 miles away, and depending on positions in orbits of both the Earth and Mars the closest Mars will ever be and any time is 36,000,000.  Now what sense does it make to think starting 240,000 miles closer to an object that is at least 36,000,000 away make.  I’m sure there is some Carl Sagan logical thinking involved here but I’d love to hear it none the less.  Also NASA says that getting back to the Moon will take 10 years.  10 years!!!  What!!!  Someone wake these guys up.  We’ve already been there.  Done that.  And in less time than what President Kennedy challenged back in 1962.  And with at least 1/100th less technology.  We should be able to go tomorrow if we want.  This ain’t 1968.  Wait wait this just in, scientists reviewed pictures sent back by the rover they found what they think is an ancient stream bed.  Holy cow!  Water!  We’ve never seen that before.  That’s $425 million well spent.

Just Rambling….

On TV poker why do they allow the players to wear hats, sunglasses, hooded sweatshirts and etc.  This hides the face somewhat and isn’t bluffing part of the game?  I say nothing covering the head except clear prescription glasses.  If you have a “tell” that’s your problem.  Part of the game.

I get a kick out of the NFL pregame shows where there are five guys, five, sometimes more, analyzing the games.  They make it sound like they are analyzing the break out of war.  I like football as well as the next but come on.

The State Highway Department is supposed to close off the road that runs next to our house.  More yard, more privacy.  I wish they would get started already.

I saw an episode of Seinfeld recently where the Yankee’s fired George and they gave him three months severance pay, and with the money in hand George declared it “the summer of George”.  I’d love to have a “summer of Steve”.

Some people live in the minute, I live in the next minute.


Dog Playing Opossum….

One night I was riding home from work and on this one stretch of road, I passed a dog laying on his side in the grass by the ditch.  My first thought was that he had been hit by a car and was now dead.  As I passed he raised his head slightly and looked at me.  I wondered if he had in deed been hit by a car and was now incapacitated.  Hurt or suffering perhaps.  I thought to myself that if I passed this way tomorrow and he was dead I’d feel awful that I didn’t stop.  I drove about a mile and then turned about to check on him.  When I got back to where he was laying he popped to his feet, stood and stared at me.  I guess I did the right thing.

I Really Thought….

Where there’s smoke….

I really thought it would be somewhat of a good ballgame but Lake City didn’t really bring much to the dance.  Weren’t they good last year???  The executed their plays well, meaning they didn’t seem to have any mix ups or seem out of sorts, they just couldn’t get anywhere against the speed and strength of Dillon.  We pretty much walked through this game.  On another point Tara “The Girl” Grimsley’s extra points are excellent.  As the season opened the extra points were good but it was always a question of how it would get over the bar.  One time a knuckler, next a pop up, then a line drive etc.  Friday night every one was text book.  She is also hands down better than whoever we had kicking off earlier.  Most of the her kicks were high and landed at about the 20, I think one went inside to 20.  The high kicks enable the outside gunners to get there about the same time the ball does.  On Dillon’s last touchdown the offense was all smiles coming off the field, that is until coach Hayes lit into them as they ran the play in the wrong direction and touchdown or not he was not a happy man.  Coaching them up till the end.  Lake City had a good BBQ sandwich and stadium announcer but after that, not much.  Dillon had more fans there than they did.  On to next week, don’t ya know Marlboro’s gonna be gunning for us!