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Just Rambling….

I saw a TV repair service van the other day and it had a ladder on top of it.  There’s got to be one hell of a big TV somewhere.  The antenna days are over so what gives?

Time to time it’ll be quiet and I’ll get to thinking about all the memories I have of the ill advised stuff I’ve done over the years, and wonder how in the hell am I still alive.

I don’t care where you made your money, I don’t care about your tax returns, I don’t care where you were born, I don’t care how much you give to charity, I don’t care what church you worship at, I do care about what your going to do for this country as President.  Please tell me!

For the life of me I cannot figure out how a person could; A. Leave a young child in an unattended car in extreme heat for any reason, or, B.  Forget and leave a young child in a unattended car in any condition.

Contrary to popular belief “I do own the road”!

What does “itching to get in a fight” mean?  I’ve been in plenty of fights and I have never itched.

If we spent the money used to color everything pink to show support of breast cancer / cancer for actual research, we may have a cure by now.  I’d bet companies spend more money on coloring things pink than they do in actual donations.  Look around.

Kids don’t play sandlot baseball anymore.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a group of youngsters playing baseball without an adult present, ruining all the fun.  I bet I played a million pickup games of something or other.

Early morning is the best time of the day, it’s a damn shame it’s too hard for me to get up to see it.

First Early Night….

58 seconds in you knew it was over.  The Wildcats did a workman like job and ended the evening quickly.  I have to give Lakeview credit however, they never quit and they ran their plays with pretty good execution, they were just outmatched in speed and strength.  Hard to get a feel for the team at this point.  Weak point; kickoffs.  I don’t think we had a kickoff get inside the 20 in either game this year.  We cannot give up field position to Marlboro County and Lake City as they may make you pay for it.  First game of the year with a running clock in the second half, how many more to come?  It was a beautiful night for football though.

Michigan 8th in Preseason AP Top 25….

Rank  Team ’11 Record Points PV
1 Southern Cal (25) 10-2 1,445 6
2 Alabama (17) 12-1 1,411 1
3 LSU (16) 13-1 1,402 2
4 Oklahoma (1) 10-3 1,286 16
5 Oregon 12-2 1,274 4
6 Georgia 10-4 1,107 19
7 Florida St. 9-4 1,093 23
8 Michigan (1) 11-2 1,000 12
9 South Carolina 11-2 994 9
10 Arkansas 11-2 963 5
11 West Virginia 10-3 856 17
12 Wisconsin 11-3 838 10
13 Michigan St. 11-3 742 11
14 Clemson 10-4 615 22
15 Texas 8-5 569 NR
16 Virginia Tech 11-3 548 21
17 Nebraska 9-4 485 24
18 Ohio St. 6-7 474 NR
19 Oklahoma St. 12-1 430 3
20 TCU 11-2 397 14
21 Stanford 11-2 383 7
22 Kansas St. 10-3 300 15
23 Florida 7-6 214 NR
24 Boise St. 12-1 212 8
25 Louisville 7-6 105 NR

First up, ALABAMA!  Who thought that was a good idea????

On The Hot Seat….

A woman is suing the Dallas Cowboys organization because she went to a Cowboy preseason game and as she was waiting outside Cowboy Stadium she decided to sit down on one of the benches.  Anyway this bench had apparently baked in the sun all day and she claimed she received 3rd degree burns on her butt leading to skin graphs.  I wonder, where did they get the skin for her butt?  And Holy Crap how long does it take to discover a seats hot before you get up?  What did she do sit there and sizzle?  As I understand it the marble bench carried no warning sign stating anything to the effect that it might be hot on a hot day.  Oh yeah did I mention this happened back in August 2010.  Maybe that’s how long it took for the pain to get to her brain from her butt.

And it Rained Too….

The Cats didn’t exactly come out of the gate screaming but they did do enough to win, and let’s admit it the refs did help a bit.  Central has a new head coach, supposedly a lot of new players and has been a 2A power for some time now and if anyone thought that the talent level was just going to fall off you’d be dreaming.  They came to play.  Jabo was his usual self averaging about 10 ypr but left early banged up.  No issue however, with Joe Blue and that Wildcat formation.  Man I love that!  With both of those things working the Wildcats put up 27 with “The Girl”, Tara Grimsley, connecting on 3 of 4 extra points.  The Eagles found a soft underneath spot in the defense and ate us up with the pass, until we adjusted, scoring their 13 points this way.  Dillon tackled for crap.  We missed so many backfield tackles as that could have been what kept it close.  The clock was also an issue as it never ticked all night.  I asked the side judge numerous times what the time was and he never knew, I know the head ref keeps track of it but the side judge needs to keep the benches aware.  I don’t know about Dillon, but Central rarely knew how much time was left.  When Dillon scored right at the half and time had expired they were howling and I guess I don’t blame them. They were yelling time time asking for help.  None came.  The 2nd and 3rd quarters seemed awfully long as well?!?  One Central coach told me, as they write down every play in a notebook, they usually get into the fourth page of writing and Friday night they were already into the fifth page with supposedly 10 minutes yet to go in the game.  About that same time the rains came.  Never underestimate the usefulness of a cheap Wal-Mart poncho.

Go Toward The Light….

"May God have mercy on our opponents, because we won't."

This is one time when you want to go toward the light, or lights.  My God it’s High School Football season and quite a number of Friday nights I head out the door headed toward the lights.  Lights of the stadium that is.  Just days away makes the excitement of what’s to come great.  I hope this year the games are a bit more competitive, it’s almost boring waiting out the end of another blow out week after week.  Ya know I got a feeling this year is going to be as boring if not more boring than last year.  See ya at the lights.

Yackety Yack….

Ya know just when you think you’ve heard everything someone comes along and drops yet another bombshell.  This one beats all.  I said something new, not something true.  Well it seems some genius did a bit research to see who talk more, men or women.  Somehow or other he, or she, found that men speak an average of about 17, 500 words a day.  That seemed high to me but I was good with it.  Who am I to differ.  Hell I speak alot of words and no one is there to hear it, I guess those count too.  How would you count words of someone who speaks to themselves?  Regardless the study went on to report that women speak, and hold on to your hats, it’s astonishing, they speak about the same 17, 500 words a day.  You want to talk about a bunch of bull.  Hell I got an assistant who holds the land speak record.  You see women in cars they all have cell phones to their ears, they can’t go to the bathroom by themselves because of the need to chat while potty-ing.  All women need to know what every other woman in the world is doing all the time and they’ll do whatever it takes to find out, and then tell whoever will listen.  Amazing!  Ya know the difference between a woman not talking and bigfoot?  People have seen bigfoot!  The Same!  It ain’t even close!

Read it, Learn It, Live it….

The older I get the more money aware I have become.  I find these things below time to time and I never tire of them.  However I have edited them slightly to bring it down to our level.  Good reminders of what I need to do financially, how I want to get there, most importantly, helping me to where I want to end up.

1.  Create a budget

Keep track of your income and expenses.  Create a budget and stick to it.  How much are you spending on impulse purchases?  These small income leaks add up to big dollars.  You want a real eye opener, write down everything you spend money on for one month right down to a stick of gum.  You’ll be embarrassed at the waste of money.  Don’t believe me, do it!

2.  Have a rainy-day fund

Before you buy that “fill in the blank”, make sure you have enough money in the bank to cover living expenses for three months.  Majority of adults do not have savings that can cover three months of their expenses.  No rainy-day fund means you may be one job loss or emergency away from serious financial harm.

3.  Pay off your credit cards

Pay off your credit card every month.  More than half of credit card holders carry an unpaid balance over the past year. 

4.  Pay your bills on time

When you don’t pay your bills on time, you negatively impact your credit score and can be subject late fees.  A bad credit score will result in much higher interest rates on your debt: credit cards, auto loans and mortgages.  Paying on time saves you money in the long term.

5.  Don’t spend more than you make

Once you get on the debt-financed spending path, it is very hard to recover.  Do you understand what a debt-financed spending path is?  It’s like using a credit card to pay bills!  It’s the fast lane to bankruptcy More than 1.5 million people filed for bankruptcy over the last year.  Avoid this road of debt and despair.

6.  Be careful with your mortgage

Before the Great Recession, some people were using homes like ATMs.  Homeowners refinanced or took out home equity loans to get cash.  This is one reason a quarter of all homeowners are now “underwater,” meaning they owe more on their homes than they are worth.  Don’t use your home like an ATM to buy new cars, go on vacations or anything you don’t need.  Home equity is great if you know how to respect it.

7.  Start thinking about retirement now

Know how much you need in savings for a comfortable retirement.  You are not too young to take the time to calculate how much money you will need to save to live comfortably in retirement.  Few Americans do this.  Don’t be one of them.  Another thing, ask a retired person about it, they’ll tell you.

8.  Start saving for retirement now

Start saving for retirement when you are young.  Some 60% of workers report that the total value of their household’s savings and investments, excluding the value of their home and pension plans, is less than $25,000.  That is pitiful.  Waiting till you’re 35 or 45 to start saving is too late.  The average Social Security individual benefit is less than $15,000 a year — not enough for a dream retirement.  Different folks have different dreams.

9.  Set your financial goals

Up to now, your goal has been getting a job.  Congratulations Jim, you have succeeded.  Now go out there and create some concrete financial goals such as paying off student loans, creating a rainy-day fund, putting money in a retirement plan, saving for a wedding, a trip, a car, or a down payment for a home.  One goal leads to another.

10.  Learn about personal finance

Throughout your life, you will face many challenging personal-finance final exams.  Will you pass?  You will, if you become financially sophisticated.  Do not be afraid to ask those that know.  Get to know a banker like a friend.  Get on a first name basis with him or her.  You want to get to a point with them where a simple phone call for a loan or advice is second nature.  You want to get to a point where all you do is tell them what you want, and they say, “find what you need and call me”.  That’s nice!