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My God Ya Gotta Be Excited….

Fear This!

In less than 100 days the 133rd team in Michigan Football history will begin its’ season.  Time to start gearing up!  It’s going to be a wild ride.



Michigan’s 2012 Football Schedule

9/1 vs. Alabama (Dallas) 8:00 ESPN
9/8  Air Force
9/15  Massachusetts
9/22  at Notre Dame 7:30 NBC
10/6  at Purdue 4:00
10/13  Illinois – HC 3:30 ABC
10/20  Michigan State
10/27  at Nebraska 8:00 ABC/ESPN
11/3  at Minnesota
11/10  Northwestern
11/17  Iowa
11/24  at Ohio State
12/1  Big Ten Championship Game

Coming at you!

Going To The Library….

Give me time, I'll get there.

That’s what my wife and I say when we finish reading a book and it’s time to choose another.  We don’t literally go to the library.  It’s just kind of an exciting time.  Both because you just finished a book, hopefully a good one you enjoyed, and are looking forward to maybe something better.  A real page turner.  One you can’t put down.  One you heard alot about.  Regardless there is a certain sense of accomplishment in finishing a book as well.  Growing up, like most kids, I was not a book worm.  Not even close.  Magazines, short stories and the lot was about it.  Of course I’m not really a book worm now, but more so than back then.  I think with kids it goes one of two directions with reading, either they have a book pressed to their nose constantly, or never.  Very rarely did I find myself reading out of pleasure; usually school work forced the issue.  Then one day it hit me, pow, I started reading everything in sight.  Go figure.  I remember days having a stack of books in waiting and buzzing through them in short order.  Yes stacks, because I’d find a book sale somewhere and end up buying several.  Books are cheap as hell if you know where to look.  New books are expensive.  Never buy a book new is my motto.  Ebay damn near gives them away; you’ll pay more for shipping than the book itself.  Anyway I don’t have a stack waiting on me now but I do have several ready to go.  A good book can kill an afternoon before you know it.  I love sitting by the pool at “The River” reading, swimming, watching the boats go by, drinking a cold one, and generally letting the lazy afternoon and a good book slowly pass me by.  Did I mention reading in there?  I have it on my “Bucket List” to read 400 books in my lifetime, I think I’m currently somewhere around 230 or so.  Some years back I took a speed reading course so 400 is a good goal, very attainable.  See the “Book of Lists” tab above to get a glimpse into my preferences, or jags so to speak.  I’ve had books I’d be through in the blink of an eye and I’ve had some where it was torture to finish, yes I have to finish it if I start it.  Only one book did I give up on, “New Lies For Old”.  It was about cold war relations between the US and Russia.  Sounds great!  My goodness though, half and done.  If you read a lot you’ll get on a jag, like I mentioned above, where for a spell you’ll read a certain author or about a certain subject or event etc.  My wife has certain authors she likes and reads their new stuff about the same time it hits the newsstand.  She also frequently has more than one book going too, I can’t do that.  Go all in.  I prefer non-fiction, behind the scenes, what really was happening and we didn’t know about it at the time type of reading.  Honestly though I have read a couple of Grisham novels, you gotta admit they are pretty good.  Often times on a new read I’ve taken my cue from someone who has already read the book, what’s their review?  Usually I do OK going this route.  Recently my sister sent me a book saying it was very good and I might be interested in it being it was based on a true event from where we grew up.  I looked it over and determined it would be a hard read.  Meaning small type and lots of pages.  My wife picked it up, buzzed through it in about 4 days, and said it was very interesting.  Now I don’t have to go to the library, there’s my review.