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I’m Just Knitpicking Now….

"Get your motor runnin."

Why this bothers me I have no idea, it just does.  A handicapped space taken up by a motorcycle, however the motorcycle did have a handicapped license plate so it’s all legal.  I didn’t know such a thing existed.  How do you go about getting a handicapped license plate?  I guess you go into the DMV and say “yes I’m handicapped and I’d like to apply for a motorcycle license”.  The only explaination I have for being bothered is, their not too handicapped that they can ride a motorcycle, but their too handicapped to park in a space or two further away.  C’mon a motorcycle is harder to get on than a car is to get in.  Yes I know not all handicaps are not physical but that does not make it any better does it?  Not out on the open road anyway.  You need all your facilities about you or you’ll get squashed.   Regardless I snapped this pic myself outside a grocery store near where I work today at lunch, I didn’t find it on the internet,   I snapped it going in and saw the elderly cyclist’s when I was coming out, they had on neon vests so that makes it ok.  Why this bothers me I still have no idea, it just does.


Did you ever do the old setup of running string between two tin cans and communicating by talking into one tin can while your buddy who’s locked in the closet holds the other can to his ear?  You had to speak so loud that it was really easier hear the yelling than the sounds coming through the string and into the tin can.  Hell if your not over 40 you probably never heard of such a thing have you? 

I know there's a message here somewhere.

Not so now a days, put away the tin can and string.  In this digital world of text’s, e-mails, twitters and etc our language has developed, or rather, regressed backwards to single character words, and at the speed of light I might add. No more hollaring.  R u following?  Well r u?  U c what im sayn?  I refuse to take the turn backwards, backwards into symbology and abbreviation.  Not back to tin cans either though.  Now I’ll fully admit writing these entries have done nothing to improve my spelling, punctuation, grammar or whatever else but I am not going the route of textese. Textese.  I made that up.  If the Nuns of St.Bernard’s would hear of me doing this they would crawl out of their graves and beat me with a ruler. The side with the metal edge too.  Omg that would hurt.  LOL.  Sometimes I recieve some communications with so much testese in them that it’s slower to read than the words themselves would have been.  Archaeologists would have a quicker time deciphering ancient hieroglyphics in some cave than I do with a 7 word sentence.  Spelling has gone the route of a bygone era.  Capitolization has also gone the route of a bygone era, and punctuation is down to a bare thread.  I know one person who at the end of every message types “thnks”.  Now is it so hard to put an “a” in there?  Maybe it’s a time thing and the time it takes to type the “a” all day long can add in-valuable much needed time later in a busy afternoon.  I never thought of it but maybe it’s supposed to be an “i”.  Ah well, anyway I know another that constantly spells does “dose”.  This same person spelled their own name wrong recently, nor did they capitolize it.  In fact in the 13 word sentence there were four spelling errors, including their name, and no punctuation.  Why would you not atleast correct the spelling of your own name?  These are folks that I’m sure have finished the basic schooling required of their respective states, I think.  If nothing else there is spell check.  Look into it.  The best one I received lately was a reply from a guy that told me I’d “haft to”.  This was his response that he could not help me and I would “have to” check with someone else about my inquiry.  This one goes in the classic folder.  LOL.  TTFN.

Ya Gotta Know…. Updated 6/25/2012….

Every evening as I drive home from work I usually listen to National Public Radio, just not into the music thing that much anymore.   Well lately it’s been all about the Jerry Sandusky child abuse trial going on.  So many alleged victims have come forth and the evidence is really stacking up and pretty damming.  I think Jerry is going away for awhile.  I remind you I say this with half a trial still to go so anything can happen.  Remember Casey Anthony, it looked pretty bad for her too.  If you’ll allow me I’ll go back to a story many years ago at a place I worked.  There was this young lady I’ll call Amy.  Amy was a terrific worker.  Full of energy, very cooperative, happy, outgoing and as I said a terrific worker.  I guess she hadn’t had too many breaks in her life and she finally got one and she was out to show she had the metal to do well, and she did.  However Amy did have one fatal flaw as I soon found out.  I wasn’t really sure and no one else was saying anything so I kept it to myself for the most part.  No sense in starting anything unfounded.  Several times when Amy would be helping me with something or other and we were in close proximity I could smell the unique aroma of the old wacky tabacky.  That’s right, marijuana, or so I thought anyway.  And don’t ask me how.  One day I was in my office and there was all of a sudden quite a commotion outside in the lab area I supervised, but for some reason I didn’t budge from where I was or what I was doing.  It went on for a few minutes then got quiet.  I got up and went out into the lab area and there was enough blood on the floor to float a battleship.  Apparently while working on a project Amy had cut herself with a razor knife on the inside of her forearm quite badly, they patched her up and took off for the hospital for aid and stitches.  Well as required by company policy a drug test was mandatory after an accident.  Long story short, Amy didn’t fair well in the test and was given the boot.  Really sorry to see it end that way but she made that bed.  Amy was also dating a coworker at the time who probably saw his reputation as a bit more important that what it really was.  They were not dating so to speak, they were living together, not the old Friday night date routine.  They were in a relationship.  Amy had a questionable past so he can get off that high horse reputation of his, she was from the other side of the tracks, he knew it and everyone else knew it too, but so what.  Anyway what happens, he dumps her.  What?  Are you kidding me?  He acts like it’s all a surprise to him and mister holier than thou wants to cleanse himself of her.  Save face so to speak with the higher ups that is.  Butt kisser that is.  If your wife or girlfriend is smoking doobies at lunch or whenever, you know about it sooner or later.  Don’t give me that crap you didn’t know!  You know.  What to do about it?  Hell I can’t say, but you do know.  I asked him.  He didn’t know.  Right.

Now fast forward to the Jerry Sandusky saga.  All the victims, all the alegations, all the trips with young boys, all the sleepovers at his house, all the gifts, all the close personal contact with these children you cannot tell me his wife did not atleast suspect something.  I bet a good cop could break her in about 10 minutes, and if she knew throw her in the cell with him.  If guilty he could get 550 years.  550 years, seems kind of light to me.


Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of abuse.

A 30-year-old Ohio man is the first accuser of former Penn State football Coach Jerry Sandusky to speak publicly about the sexual abuse he says he endured.  Travis Weaver, in an exclusive interview said Sandusky performed sex on him in the upstairs bedroom of the Sandusky home, right across the hall from Sandusky’s wife, Dottie.  Weaver said Dottie Sandusky never witnessed firsthand any of the abuse but he suspects she had an idea of what was going on.  “How could you not know?” asked Weaver in the interview.

That’s my point here I guess.  If you live with someone long enough you know all the ins, outs and everything associated with that person.  You know when somethings up.  You know when something is just not right, or conversely when things are going well.  Same as work environment.  You work with someone long enough you’ll know them as well as you know anyone, including your spouse.  Dottie Sandusky knew.

I’m Not Drinking The Kool Aid This Year….

"It Goes Through Us!"

Last year I drank, I drank late, but I still drank.  That ain’t happening this year.  Last year’s team was on a ride of unbelievable accomplishments, however it crashed and burned under the weight of unforeseen circumstances.  But I still believed, few didn’t.  The gangs back.  The table is set (see below).  Clear the dishes one at a time.  But clear the glasses first so I don’t drink again.

08/17  7:30 PM  
08/24  7:30 PM  
08/31  7:30 PM  
09/14  7:30 PM  
09/21  7:30 PM  
09/28  7:30 PM  
10/05  7:30 PM  
10/12  7:30 PM  
10/19  7:30 PM  
10/26  7:30 PM

The Big Two Oh Oh….

How many opportunities have come where you’ve done something 200 times?  Probably a lot more than you think if you get right down to it, so big deal.  You get $200 for passing go in Monopoly, it comes right after 199, right before 201, I think Richard Petty won 200 NASCAR races in his career, the best thing I ever bought cost almost 200 dollars.  Well sir this is post 200.  I started this whole thing as a challenge to get a website up and running and here we are a year and a half later at 200 posts.  Sitting down to type a few lines can turn into an hour and 700+ words later.  Hell this post is over 200 words.  Sometimes it’s fun to rant and rave, tell stories, remember, respond etc etc.  You can view every post by clicking the “older posts” buttons at the bottom of every page.  Now and then you’ll hit a good one.  This site does have other things going on besides postings you know, but they more than likely don’t get the views they should, see the buttons above on the tool bar.  Leave a comment too, that’s always cool to see when someone visits.  I still haven’t figured out how to put a counter up so I guess the challenge is still there so to speak.  Thanks for stopping by, 200 times.

Doing Something….

A couple of posts back I talked of doing something when something needs to be done and a few nights ago a middleweight fighter pushed back.  Nick Ring, now that’s a tough guy name, found himself in the middle of a make or break situation and took control.  Out on the streets after finishing a workout for his upcoming title fight he was witness to a group of bullies, 5 or 6 strong, beating up a young man and his girlfriend.  Ring sprung into action with another passerby and literally chased off the attackers.  Ring and the stranger chased the group six blocks before the cops caught up with them and took most of the group into custody.  “There are people out there who will take advantage of other people just because they can and if we turn a blind eye it’s like we’re condoning it.”  “They were getting assaulted and there wasn’t anyone around, so it had to be me.”  Ya gotta like that!

Sorry I Couldn’t Stay For Pictures….

Cap and Gown, and Cuffs!

It’s the last of spring and that means only one thing.  Well several really.  But it’s the time of year when the graduates of our local high schools march down the aisles and receive their diplomas for 12, or more, years of hard work.  I can attest to the hard part anyway.  I could feel this coming.  It had to happen, and let’s be honest we all kind of wanted it to anyway, and now they went and done it.  At a South Carolina High School Graduation Ceremony the mother of one such lucky graduate’s was arrested for disorderly conduct.  Can you imagine your walking up to receive your diploma and the cops are hauling mom off to the slammer for being a jerk.  Cuffs and all.  Bond set.  Authorities said she was whooping it up, screaming and hollering during the announcement of her daughters name, which could be understandable I suppose, but police also said she was disruptive during the ceremony.  Bye mom.  Call me.  Apparently the school made the announcement to the district and sent letters home to the parents so forewarned they were.  Mom was shocked exclaiming “are you serious”, “you for real”.  “Letter?”  “I ain’t seen no letter!”  “Couldn’t read it no how anyway.”  Quite honestly I would have loved it.  I’ve been to three graduations here in SC and NC with a mix of experiences.  The first I don’t think I heard anything from the time I went in to the time I left.  The sound system sucked and with all the hooting and hollering going on it just made it a joke, and you’d probably not hear anything anyway.  I really felt like the school administrators just wanted it to be over and let it go on.  I never heard one name mentioned.  Not one!  It wasn’t rowdy, just loud.  What a let down.  The second where my daughter graduated was directly the opposite.  It was held outside in the football stadium and it was so quiet you could hear the crickets in the fields.  This is another venue that will haul your butt away if you act a fool.  The third was a college graduation, bad sound system and some hooting going on but not bad.  It’s kind of sad, you wait for that one moment to hear your child’s name mentioned and it gets drowned out by a bunch of unschooled lower social class parents.  It needs to be a solemn event, not funeral like, but it needs to have a certain quiet dignity about it.

While were at it, a friend of mine told me about a parent who went in with some other parents and shelled out $30.00 so his daughter could ride to her graduation ceremony in a limo.  Pretty sweet deal.  After all graduation is a special time so why not go in style.  What better way to remember your graduation FROM THE 8TH GRADE than a chauffeured limo ride.  Think they were toasting kiddy cocktails in the back while jamming to the Sesame Street theme?  Did they have to have a chaperon in case someone had to go potty?  For the record I’m not into graduations from anything other than High School or College.  Is it a bit silly or just me?  A 8th grade graduation, really?

Just for fun copy and paste the link below and get a taste of what a home schooled graduation commencement address might sound like.  I wrote it some time back, it’s timeless.

Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong….

My God it’s happened again.  I remember after the Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords shooting(s) in Arizona a couple years back, that someone who knew the shooter knew he was going to do something like that.  He knew it!  Did he do anything?  Hell no, until it happened that is.  Then his face is all over the news for his 15 minutes of fame and in some somber voice telling of how “HE KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN”!  Now again, and these aren’t the only two they’re just the latest, a horrific maiming of a homeless man in Miami and a shooting in a Seattle cafe.  In both cases acquaintances knew the attackers were off their rockers and sat quietly doing nothing.  Then all hell breaks loose and they come out and boldly, even bravely tell how they KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN!  After the Seattle incident the shooters brother, his brother now, said;  “It’s no surprise to me this happened.  We could see this coming.  Nothing good is going to come with that much anger inside of you.”  Now his brother is dead, and so are five others for no good reason.  Imagine being the family of one of the murdered victims and hearing that.  Telling someone, doing something, getting him help of some kind might have saved six lives.  In Miami, the attackers ex-wife said;  “he was a good man, didn’t do hard drugs or anything, wouldn’t even take a Tylenol, he just smoked a lot of marijuana”.  What!  That’s how you describe a normal person?  A good person?  Mentioning hard drugs and marijuana use?!?  Like I said before, most people are not going to do anything if it does not effect them directly or as long as the trouble goes away from them.  There are and always have been screw ups in society.  Nothing new there.  We’ve got to take control of the civil part of society and quit turning our heads and pretending we see nothing, or worse yet breathing easy when the problem goes away from us and is now seemingly in someone else’s court.  Miami and Seattle are in our court.  If it’s in civil society, it’s in our court!  Don’t become numb because the problems seem a thousand miles away.  They are not.  Do something!

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That….

If you read this blog, don’t get bent out of shape on me, it’s all in good fun.

Years ago on the old Seinfeld show there was an episode where this writer mistaked Jerry and George for being gay partners.  From that show came the above catch phrase “not that there’s anything wrong with that”, each time being gay was mentioned.  Anyway I’d been hearing about this but didn’t really give it much respect, but today the news is officially out — and so’s the Green Lantern.  After weeks of speculation, DC Comics confirms that Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern will become its first gay male superhero.  I thought it would have been Batman, you know hanging around with Robin and Alfred and such.  Anyway Scott’s identity and sexuality will be relaunched in the newest issue and puts a new spin on the original version of the Green Lantern character.  Boy I’ll say!  “What I really want to do … is make the fact that he’s gay to be a part of who he is and not to be the one identifying aspect of him,” writer James Robinson said.  Good luck with that Jim.  Having this all play out in a comic book is one thing, now imagine all the scenarios this stirs up when the action figure hits the stores.  If dad buys one for junior, mom thinks oh oh, my husband may be keeping his lifestyle a secret from me.  If mom buys one for junior, the husband gets mad and says “you’ll not turn my junior gay”.  If junior gets one as a gift from grandma or someone, mom and dad may think the giver thinks their son is gay.  If junior speaks up and asks for one, well, you get my drift here.  And I’m not even considering what the cashier might be thinking during the purchase.  I have two other scenarios, and they are funny, but I’ll not post them.  Think Family Guy funny.  Going forward the news also stated that the Green Lantern’s biggest likely advocate would be,,,,, and I did not know this.  Batwoman!  She’s been out and proud since 2009.  No wonder she was always beating the crap out of Batman, she doesn’t like men!   “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”