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Buffets In The News….

A friend of mine and I always joke about restaurant buffets saying; “They say it’s all you can eat; but they’ll cut you off”.  While that’s never happened to either one of us it still makes me laugh because I can’t eat like I used to.  But man when I could.  Anyway I read about a dude out in California that was cut off.  No joke.  I guess he was up to about 21 pieces of fish off this buffet when they said “sorry Charlie” (get it, tuna joke) and cut him off.  I don’t think he suing or anything like that but he was making sure everyone knew.  Well I know now, and I’m impressed.

We Had A Blast….

Daniel and Mary Francis

At the wedding of Daniel and Mary Francis.  The wedding was beautiful, officiated by the groom’s brother Scott.  The wedding party was large but it was carried off very well.  The reception was great, dining, drinking and dancing.  We closed that mother up!  What a night!  Congratulations Daniel and Mary, you got a great life ahead of you.

Jill, Michael, Austin, Ginny, Mickey & Kristie.

Pet Peeve….

I'm not ready, but go ahead with your order anyway.

Here are my last two visits to a fast food restaurant drive through.  Hold on it’s a frustrating ride.

 KFC:  Hello welcome to KFC, my name is Susie how may I help you?

(Now I always try and say it as clearly and completely as I can the first time as I hate what’s about to happen next.)


ME:  Yes, I’d like a breast”s” and wing meal, original, with slaw, mashed potatoes, and a large unsweet tea.

KFC:  How many pieces?

ME:  (sigh) three.

KFC:  White or dark meat?

ME:  (sigh) White!  A breast”s” and wing meal.

KFC:  What sides?

ME:  (sigh)  (Do you want to know my thoughts right about now?)  Slaw and mashed potatoes.

KFC:  And what to drink?

ME:  (omg, steady Steve, steady)  Large unsweet tea.

KFC:  OK, that wil be a,,,, “blurr of words I can’t understand”.  Is that correct?

ME:  Hell I guess so!

KFC:  Drive up please.



MD:  Hello welcome to MD, my name is Susie go ahead with your order when your ready?

(Now I always try and say it as clearly and completely as I can the first time as I hate what’s about to happen next.)

ME:  I’d like a double quarter pounder with cheese and extra onions, and a large unsweet tea.

MD:  That was a double quarter pounder with cheese combo?

ME: (sigh)  No, just a double quarter pounder with cheese and extra onions, and a large unsweet tea.

MD:  What size drink?

ME:  (omg)  Large unsweet tea.

MD:  Sweet tea?

ME:  (hold on Steve your almost there)  UNSWEET!

MD:  OK, that wil be a,,,, “blurr of words I can’t understand”.  Is that correct?

ME:  Hell I guess so!

MD:  Drive up please.

Remember These Dudes….

Yes that’s a blog about two guys that went hiking in the mountains between Iran and Iraq.  What a novel idea!  Subsequently they were captured by Iraq as spies and jailed.  The US had to go to great lengths, and cash, to get them released and brough back.  Well congratulations all around as these guys were recently married when same sex marriages became legal in their state.  What’s next with these two?  Maybe we should tell Iraq we want a refund and send them back.

Know Thine Enemy…

The war in Afganistan is dragging it’s feet.  We need to bail.  Think about this;  When the war there started the foot soldiers were walking past young boys ages 8, 10 and 12 years old.  Trying not to harm them or making sure they were not caught up in anything.  Now some of those same boys are trying to kill our foot soldiers.  I always remember Ho Chi Minh stating at the start of the Vietnam War that;

“You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you, but in the end, you will tire of it first.”
Hồ Chí Minh

Eerie prophecy.

Happy Birthday To….

The Birthday girl. Yes you are! Yes you are!

Jill used to celebrate her birthday all week.  Go figure!  She had something planned every night it seemed.  Now she’s whittled it down to just a weekend, a three day weekend that is.  She just may be the bestest daughter in the world.  I hope your Birthday is as wonderful as you are.  Your mother and I love you very much!  Enjoy the last day of your birthday weekend, Monday May 7th, which is actually your real Birthday!  Whew!

Love Mom & Dad.

I Call It Careful….

Don't Throw Me Away!

Somewhere down the line I got this moniker attached to me, that well, speaks unfairly I might say.  Some folks say I’m, well, cheap.  Damn that sounds trashy.  Now I haven’t endowed any foundations or donated any libraries lately, but cheap, c’mon.  I guess because I don’t fritter away my hard earned paycheck trying to impress the Jones next door I’m tight fist ed.  I will study and stress over purchases.  I will look for the best deal , not what’s convenient.  I will dicker with the seller if I think I have an edge.  I will use something until it wears out regardless of how it looks.  And when it wears out, I may buy another one used.  Ebay is a wonderful thing.  I will repair something when I can instead of buying new.  Flea markets and auctions are not beneath me.  I will bend over to pick up a penny.  I wonder how many I’ve picked up in my lifetime?  I heard when you find a penny that means someone in Heaven is thinking about you?!?  It wasn’t easy earning it and I’m not letting it go easily.   Conversely though I can’t remember the last time someone had some fundraiser going and they held out their hand to me and I passed on it.  I do have a gripe about parents doing the fundraising work junior should be doing, but we’ll save that for another day.  I had a friend of mine tell me one time “whatever you give comes back ten fold”.  “Not so much monetarily, but in life’s gifts.”  I’ve always remembered that and do what I can at that present time.  I also believe it comes back too.   One time back when I was really poor I was on my way to the grocery store with only two dollars in my pocket, and right outside the grocery store door I found a ten dollar bill.  Figure that!

Can't Fold This!

Now when it comes to spending money I always think is this a “want” or a “need”.  I do have a third category, “not even a consideration”.  I’ll be the first to admit that I spend a lot on wants but it’s only after all my needs have been met, both present and future.  After these needs have been met, and I do push the limits until it hurts, then the rest is mine to do as I please.  Vacations and weekends at “The River” don’t worry me none, let’s go.  Folks spend so much trying to keep up with the Jones, pleasing their kids and grandchildren, it’s nuts.  A new shirt every other day, toys for the kids they don’t give a crap about a half hour later, constant entertainment, new vehicles, accessorizing a car or truck to death is craziness.  I was in a convenience store not long ago probably buying a want.  There were two young girls in line and one was talking about how the high price of gas was killing her.  She had a large bottle of water, which is free out of the tap, and she had a tattoo on the side of her neck and was blinged out.  Bling and tattoos are hell no consideration items.  Although I don’t have tats or bling I do know they cost money, regardless of body location, and are not needs.   Don’t complain about the cost of a need when your buying no consideration items.  I can almost understand buying a want over a need, we all have temptations, but not a no consideration item over a need.  And damn sure don’t complain when cash runs low and your in need of a need.  You following my drift here?

I’m impressed when I see folks who do a lot with a little.  Who live a bit frugally, on purpose.  Who I know live below their means and don’t care who sees it and don’t care if you like it or not.  I bet a lot of people would think “why don’t you look in the mirror ya stingy so and so”.  I have and I’m assured that; I always have a few dollars in my pocket, a few dollars in the bank, and I don’t lie awake nights worrying about money.  I have laid awake trying to figure out how to get more though.