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I Heard Today That….

Get this, 47 Million, yes that’s 47,000,000, that’s a 47 with six zero’s behind it, people are collecting food stamps.  47 million!!!  Unbelievable.  I had no idea, not that I could do anything about it.  The population of the US is … Continue reading

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You Never Know When Your Going To Make a Difference….

A good friend passed away a few days back.  Ellis was a 93 year old man who probably never caused anyone any grief ever.  A nervous little man who always had a good word to say to you whenever you … Continue reading

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A Night At The Movies….

You don’t see many of them anymore.  In 2011 there were only 371 still open, hell my hometown had two.  We were so blessed.  Going to a drive inn movie theater was a real adventure, regardless of who you were going with … Continue reading

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Now That’s Funny….

A man goes into an insurance agency and asks to purchase some fire insurance.  The agent says “we’re all out of fire insurance, we have some flood insurance, want that”.  “No” the man says, “I don’t know how to start … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Kelli….

My neice Kelli turned 18 today, I could go into the I remember whens, but I won’t.  Hope you had a great day and remember, of all the neices I have named Kelli, your my favorite.  Happy Birthday Kelli,  Love … Continue reading

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The members of the 2011 Michigan Wolverine Football Team recieved their Sugar Bowl Championship rings.  Sweet! 68 views

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The Masters In The News….

You know every year at tournament time this crap comes up about a woman joining Augusta National Country Club.  Or will they accept a woman member?  Or bla bla bla.  This year the new CEO of IBM wants in, I … Continue reading

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