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I Heard Today That….

Get this, 47 Million, yes that’s 47,000,000, that’s a 47 with six zero’s behind it, people are collecting food stamps.  47 million!!!  Unbelievable.  I had no idea, not that I could do anything about it.  The population of the US is by last count 311,591,917.  For those of you following at home that’s 15.08% of our population collecting the stamps.  That means about every 7th person you run into is on the dole.  I’m speechless.  Really.  I would be embarrassed if I were a high powered politician running this country to know I had that many receiving my assistance and I did nothing.  It would piss me off because even those in higher up positions bust their asses to stay there, crooked as they are, and 47,000,000 under them collect for nothing.  Of course the other side of the coin is that those 47,000,000 vote to keep those giving them the stamps in office.  Now I’m aware not all the 47,000,000 are scamming but, c’mon.  Invoke a two year max before you have to prove worthy again to receive and monthly drug screenings in the mean time.  Bet the number would drop.  47,000,000!

You Never Know When Your Going To Make a Difference….

A good friend passed away a few days back.  Ellis was a 93 year old man who probably never caused anyone any grief ever.  A nervous little man who always had a good word to say to you whenever you saw him.  He was a church friend as well and I understood him to be a 50 year member of our congregation.  On the Friday night visitation my wife and I went to pay our respects to the family.  His family was a small group of perhaps around 15 people or so, and outside of Ellis in the casket and the funeral director I knew no one there.  I may have talked to one of his sons once or twice on the phone when my wife was his care giver but that’s all.  After a few minutes of meeting everyone, my wife knew a couple of them and I let her lead me through, I had made acquaintances with everyone.  What a wonderful family.  So happy that we came, so many good stories about how well my wife had cared for Ellis during his declining years.  Their appreciation was overwhelming.  The small little group all talked and laughed.  As we were leaving one of his sons thanked me again for coming and asked me if I would be a pallbearer.  I was taken a bit off guard.  Here I was, a total stranger to them, being presented with this request.  “Absolutely, I’d be honored.”  The funeral was a small dignified service with a short grave side prayer following.  Again the family so thankful for our presents there as not many people outside their family attended.  I felt honored I was able to do a small part.  The funeral and the short time spent with that family touched my wife and I greatly.  I hope we made a difference in their lives as well.  Rest In Peace Ellis.

A Night At The Movies….

You don’t see many of them anymore.  In 2011 there were only 371 still open, hell my hometown had two.  We were so blessed.  Going to a drive inn movie theater was a real adventure, regardless of who you were going with or what movie was playing.  Did any of that really matter?  The unknowns outside of watching the movie was the excitement.

"What could be more fun?"

I loved pulling up and seeing the brightly lit marquee of what was playing.  Kids would go in their pajamas because they were never going to make it back home awake anyway so no sense fighting them to get them on when you got home.  If you got their early they could play on the playground equipment up near the screen until the movie came on.  Of course you may not want to play in your pj’s.  I can only remember going to the dive inn with the folks once.  A night at the drive inn was always a double feature, 2 for 1 who can beat that.  Anyway after paying, the prowling for just the right spot began.  It always seemed that when all was right and you picked a great spot the speaker wouldn’t work.  Damn, move the car again with everyone watching.  God forbid you got their late and had to go through all this in the dark, every car horn in the place would honk at you to get settled.  Of course they’d honk at anything.  Film breaks, honk!  Too long between reel changes, honk!  Someone puts their headlights on by accident, honk!  Intermission too long, honk!  Ah yes, intermission!  Remember how they would try and entice you to the snack bar at intermission with those propaganda films showing dancing and singing candy telling us how great the food was there.  “Let’s go out to the lobby, let’s go out to the lobby, let’s go out ot the lobby and get ourselves a treat.”  It would show chef’s, no kidding chefs, turning large racks of some meat over a open BBQ pit.  Then when you got there it was really grandma pulling hot dogs out of a boiling pot of grey water and slapping it in a bun soaking that as well.  Yum yum.  But we still went and I always saw someone I knew, like a reunion.  It was always loud in there too.  Everyone shouting and yelling at each other.  No manners at all.  I remember we’d load up a van full and park off to the side where no one was, get out the lawn chairs, drink beer and raise cain.  No one ever bothered us that I can remember.  Great cheap way to spend a summer evening.  Speaking of cheap, one time when low on funds and six wanted to go but we only had cash for two we hatched a plan.  A plan so in-genius that it could not fail, but it did.  Two would pay, drive in and park.  Four would climb through the fence and sneak over to the car.  Hell it wasn’t two minutes after they were in the car when the drive inn manager or owner pulled up in front of us asking to see our tickets.  We had two, must of lost the rest mister, honest.  He didn’t buy it.  Cough up double or he was calling the law.  He didn’t look like the type who bluffed.  Kind of a rugged dude.  Real rugged.  Good thing one guy was holding out money.  After a while I got to know this guy because he’d order pizzas where I worked and I would deliver them way out there, he tipped good.  To boot I got to sit and watch the movie for free and eat pizza he paid for.  Pretty good deal.  Also on the cheap we would park on the side of the road that ran along side the theater and just open the windows, you could hear through all the speakers inside and see the screen fine.  No crime there, but no fun either.  When we did that we’d just drink a few beers and go on our way.  Did I mention there was always drinking going on.  Going to the drive inn was something to look forward to once it was determined you were going, young or old.  Why I can’t say, but I loved it.  I even took a few dates there, but for the life of me I can’t remember what was playing.  Well the movie’s over, I hope the car starts!

The Masters In The News….

You know every year at tournament time this crap comes up about a woman joining Augusta National Country Club.  Or will they accept a woman member?  Or bla bla bla.  This year the new CEO of IBM wants in, I think.  Virginia Rometty has expressed interest in joining.  My question is why?  Why would anyone want to beg that snot-o-tori-um, Augusta National CC, and the band of stick in the mud’s led by some rich redneck for membership.  I cannot imagine there is any enjoyment to be derived from it.  Can you imagine Saturday night at the club?  The youngest member is 152 years old.  What a crowd of stiffs.  Even if they welcomed you with open arms, which their not likely to, what a bunch of prudes to be hanging around with.  It would be more fun to be on the outside looking and laughing about the inside.  Give it up Virginia, you don’t want to go there.  Membership does not have it privileges.  They’d probably have you cleaning up behind them anyway.