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There’s Still Some Good In The World….

The other day at lunch as I was getting ready to leave the resturant, that means I was stealing the last bit of free drink refill I could get into my cup.  I was standing there and middle aged lady came up and we were standing there for a second or two when she suddenly said, “and how are you doing sir”.  It was a very sweet meaningful sincere voice.  It had a real caring about it.  Anyway I responded that I was fine and hoped she was the same, she said she was.  After a moments hesitation I thanked her for asking.  She said “you never know when a kind word will change a person’s day for the better”.  She’s right.  I think I’ll remember our encounter for a long time.

Pageants In The News….

Who doesn’t love a beauty queen?  I remember way back when the Miss America or Miss Universe Pageants were on Saturday nights and next to the yearly TV showing of The Wizard of Oz it was the most popular thing going that week.  Recently the Miss Universe Pageant had to disqualify a contestant.  I’m guessing the rules are pretty tight regarding these events but the ladies work so hard to get there I would imagine they know them by heart, or most of them anyway.  The only person I can ever remember being disqualified was Vanessa Williams when the Pageant officials found out she was in a movie that didn’t exactly star Bing Crosby, if you get my drift.  Anyway what did this young lady, Miss Canada Jenna Talackova, do to be DQ’d?  It seems she broke the most basic of all the rules; ie YOU HAVE TO BE A WOMAN!  Well I guess from age 19 on she or he has been.  The rules state you have to be born a female.  Wow, go figure.  OK, so way back when the contest officials were starting to write the rules for the “MISS” Universe Pageant they said, hmmmmm, “so there’s no confusion we better state that the “MISS” Universe Pageant is for females”.  And someone else said “hey good idea Bill”!  And so it came to be, all contestants must be female.  Whew, what a blockbuster idea.  You gotta be a female.  Now fast forward to last week, how do you suppose, and I don’t know, did they figure it out?  Maybe she went to the men’s room at break time.  Maybe her boxers were showing during the swimsuit portion of rehearsal.  Who knows?  Anyway Jenna was told to get her hairy butt offstage and go back to Canada.  I still can’t believe there’s a rule!

Best Presidential Candidate Comment In the News….

This Presidential election campaign has and is a nightmare.  It’s awful.  However the best comment I have heard so far is from Mitt Romney.  Who named him Mitt, his aunt?  Although he was born in a state that looks like a mitten.  Ya never know.  Anyway this week was the Illinois primary and Mitt was addressing and answering questions at Bradley University.  A young woman who apparently was big on family planning told Mr. Romney that birth control should be free to all who desire it.  I got no dog in that fight but I was pleased to hear him say “if you want free things from the government don’t vote for me.  Holy crap now that’s a stand I like!  We need more of this from all of them, not just responses to responses.  That’s one for Mitt!

Snowed In….

You ever go into a store, a house, a building, or whatever and when you re-emerge it’s changed in a way you didn’t expect?  Kind of like going into a store on a sunny beautiful day and coming back out 10 minutes later to a thunderstorm.  I remember going into a BWW about noon a few years back to watch a football game and eat lunch.  When I came back out it was dark.  Dark!  Not dark from a storm, but nighttime.  I guess I was expecting it to still be light, but that’s what you get when your in a bar for 7-8 hours.  Time flies when…

Anyway when I was I think about 17 years old a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to Detroit and see the hot rod show.  Detroit was about 250 miles away and I had never seen a big time hot rod show before being as sheltered as I was, so, uh, hell yes!  I don’t remember the exact time of the year but I’m guessing it was in March sometime.  So bright and early Saturday morning we ventured out to make the trek in my old Plymouth Duster.

Cobo Arena! They don't build them like this anymore.

I believe we got to Cobo Arena shortly before noon.  It really was a treat.  I was amazed and I made sure I saw every last car there.  Realize now that Cobo Arena was where the Detroit Pistons basketball team played, where the Detroit Red Wings hockey team played, the place was huge.  Three levels as I remember.  It had a basement.  Of course Cobo Arena is no more, it was demolished some years ago as are all the old cool arenas and field-houses.  We headed out the door about 6:00 PM I remember for the four hour trip home.  I don’t think I was so surprised because it was now dark out, but we were both surprised that it had been snowing for most of the day and now there was about a foot and a half on the ground.  There was nothing when we went in.  I’d say it was on the cars as well, but I’ll bet there were not a dozen cars other than ours still left in the parking lot.  A very very large parking lot too.  So imagine if you will, two teenagers in downtown Detroit (I might remind you we didn’t know crap about getting around in Detroit), a dark evening, a foot and a half of snow covering everything, nobody or nothing moving around, no snowplows out (they usually wait until it lets up before plowing) and 250 miles from home.  So what, we brushed the car off and proceeded to attempt to plow our way home.  We had no idea of which way to go, there’s no one to ask, cell phones are a futuristic thing and I wouldn’t have known who to call if I had one, no ones out, so what could happen? First off we took a wrong turn and were headed down an entrance ramp onto a freeway we didn’t want.  No problem, there’s no one out just turn around on the freeway and go the wrong way right back up the ramp and back onto the street from which you came.  So we did.  Did I tell you it was snowing hard?  So now were cruising along somewhere in suburban Detroit, only God knew where, and we get the whiff of something burning.  Not real bad but enough to know there was an issue somewhere within.  Did I tell you it was snowing hard?  So after a few minutes of hoping it would pass, it didn’t and we pulled over.  We found ourselves in a parking lot of a now closed grocery store.  It was deserted.  Kind of spooky.  This was a town of several million people, my God where was everyone?  Good fortune was mine as my friend was pretty good with wiring and such so I left it all in his very capable hands and hoped.  He crawled under the dashboard on the drivers side as that’s where we had brainstormed the problem to be.  Right we were as he soon had the problem diagnosed and gave me a choice of repair options.  If you remember back in the olden days the headlight dimmer switch was on the floorboard by the drivers left foot.  The driver dimmed and brightened the headlights by pressing or clicking the switch with his foot.  Well these were the olden days and wiring in the switch was wearing out and starting to get crossed.  The choice I mentioned was, brights or dims?  Pick one!  What one would you choose?  I chose brights.  I figured everyone we passed who blinked at us we were never going to see anyway, so go for broke.  There was no one out anyway.  He wired it up, we pointed the car north and headed for home.  I believe the ride home was uneventful except for being blinked at a thousand times but you gotta do what you gotta do.  Long day, great adventure!  And did I mention it was snowing hard?

Apologies In The News….

Life’s is starting to stray from the normal.  Well it’s not really starting, it’s out of hand.  I’m not perfect, who is?  But some folks have to have something to complain about or their just not happy.  Someone’s feeling are always getting hurt and they want their apology.  Here the latest.  Many will tell you I’m no Ohio State fan.  Ohio State first year head coach Urban Meyer, who I don’t have strong objects about one way or the other, just finished spring practice with his football team.  Well it seem a few of his player were not giving the effort he thought they should so he dressed them in lavender jerseys.  I guess it symbolizes some sort of softness or laziness that is not up to his tough standards in some way.  Well lo and behold the OSU Campus Gay and Lesbian Advocacy Group, they call themselves and I kid you not, the “Scarlet and Gay” as opposed the the school colors “Scarlet and Grey”, complained that the color was associated with them and they were offended and wanted their apology.  Their name should offend them.  Who thought of that? I would think the football players who had to wear the jerseys would be the offended ones.  Urban Meyer has yet to coach a football game at OSU.  He is one of the best coaches in the country and he’s been a success everywhere he’s been.  I got a feeling once he gets that OSU train rolling he’ll be able to do anything he wants.  You see the OSU fan base is a win at all costs group, as seen by the last years scandal after scandal which is why Meyer is the new coach.  Anyway once it’s rolling the fan base will squash any advocacy groups whining about anything associated with the football team.  If I were Meyer and had his money and talent, I know the apology I’d like to give em!!   Can you imagine what Sheriff Joe Arpiao, ya know the Sherriff of Maricopa County in Arizona who makes his prisoners wear pink uniforms, what his apology would be.  I’d love to hear it.

On a side note Houston Nutt the head coach at Arkansas did a similar thing some time back, only he used pink jerseys.  Well the Susan Komen Foundation for Womens Breast Cancer Awareness raised hell too.  I’ve got nothing but respect for the foundation and most other groups but c’mon on.  When is this political correctness crap going to end?


Let’s Get Real, Part III….

I gotta say before I get into this that believing in bigfoot is not something I’d bet the farm on, I’m about 98% sure there is not such creature.  No remains or actual evidence has ever been found but with so many unknowns scientists say we have not seen yet, well…  Regardless I’m somewhat fascinated by the reality show “Finding Bigfoot”. You see there are these four grown adults, three men and one woman, from the BFRO, Big Foot Research Organization, and they are on a quest to find the elusive beast.  Who finances this venture anyway and how do you land a position there?  The head Bigfoot looker has been doing this now for 24 years and has yet to eyeball one.  Heard it a bunch of times, he thinks, found numerous foot prints and other miscellaneous clues, but still no real sightings.  This group travels around the country going to places that supposedly has recorded an unusually high number of Bigfoot sightings.  If you see a bigfoot who do you tell?  Before I go any farther the group mostly refers to Bigfoot as “Squatch”.  I would guess that’s short for Sasquatch.  What about the Yeti?  Isn’t someone looking for him?  Anyway they’ll go to some forest, check it out, and that will eventually lead them to some small podunk town.  They’ll put out the word for a called town meeting for anyone who has encountered the beast, and holy crap 500 people will show up.  The joints usually packed.  Everyone and their cousin has seen it, everyone except the group from the BFRO that is.  Well during the meeting they listen to every conceived story known to man and then pick one or two to recreate or reenact.  There is one guy in the group, Bobo, kind of a big guy, he’s the one they always use to play the squatch.  During the reenactment they all comment how it’s quite possible that what was told to them could be a squatch. 

Don't tread on me!

Everyone that is except one person.  The woman of the group seems to be the voice of reason, she doesn’t believe crap.  She made a comment one night I thought would get her kicked off the BFRO team.  She made a comment to the fact that no evidence has ever been found.  I don’t remember her exact words but it was pretty blunt.  Meanwhile back in the forest.  They usually spend a night or two out there looking for the squatch.  With all the cameramen, talking, lights and crap going on if one were out there he sure as hell wouldn’t stick his head out in all that commotion.  They need to go out in the forest, find a log to sit on, and sit there all night quietly.  They make these howling calls for him, and no two calls ever sound the same?!?  What’s up with that?  Then they all get quiet and listen for the response.  At that point everything they hear is a squatch.  Woodpecker, no that’s a squatch!  Wind, no that’s a squatch!  One night they were setting off fireworks, yes fireworks, cause squatches are curious animals and they’ll come to look?!?  What?  They also know if you bang a heavy branch or log on a tree they like that too.  They find squatch trails, squatch sleeping sites, know what squatches eat, they know all about squatches, and they have never even seen one.  How in the hell do they know?  It all seems silly but their all so serious that I find it intriguing, and also humorous.  It is funny some of the stuff they do.  Someone from the townhall meeting always tells a tale of how the squatch returns frequently to their house at night and noses around.  Why doesn’t the BFRO team go there a spend a week or so?  Let the squatch come find them.  And the films they get.  Geez Louise!  They are from the comical to the I suppose “could be” status.  I did see one that made me go hmmmmm.  Then all of a sudden they up and leave town like they robbed the bank, three or four days tops.  Maybe their fraid.  C’mon give it some time, I’m only at 2% sure.  Squatches deserve better.

What a Shame….

Doesn’t anyone want to be the President of these here United States?  Doesn’t anyone want to lead the free world?  I am so turned off by politics and the Presidential race right now I could spit.  Every time I hear anyone in the race speak, it is just to bash their opponent.  Or defend themselves from a recent bashing their worthy opponent just laid on them.  I cannot watch, with any interest, any debate, speech or race determining event.  I can’t.  My God tell me what your going to do if elected.  Don’t tell me what evil your opponent is planning, or has already done.  Tell me exactly how your going to accomplish what it is your going to accomplish.  Right now I don’t even feel like voting.  I don’t see a worthy candidate in my party.  Hell I don’t see a worthy candidate in any of the parties.  I certainly don’t see a leader in any of them and I don’t want to not vote but I honestly could not pick anyone right now.  I guess I’d go with the lesser of all the evils.  Who’s that you ask?  Wait a few minutes, then turn on the TV and one of the candidates will tell you who’s evil.  I believe in my lifetime, or what’s ahead of me anyway, I will not see a person elected as President who will go down in history as a great,,, anything.  Think of all the great Presidents from the past.  We will not have another one in my lifetime!!!  There won’t even be anyone close to great.  I believe I saw two and that’s going to do it!