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Rest In Peace, But….

Whitney Houston was laid to rest this past Saturday.  A wonderful entertainer and she had a voice like no other.  Governor Chris Christie ordered the flags in New Jersey to be flown at half staff.  This Governor must be an idiot.  Whitney was a beloved figure in her home State of New Jersey but with all due respect to her she did not give of herself for her country, die for her country, hold office or anything even remotely related to that.  Honor her but put the flags back to where they belong, not half staff.  I heard on NPR Christie had the flags in New Jersy at half staff for a member of Bruce Springsteen’s band who had passed away a while back.  Yes each State Governor has the authority to do this but some restraint, along with common sense, is suggested.  Somebody cuff this guy upside the head please.

Temporarily Out Of Order….

Temp relaxing after a long day!

A few weeks back I had the misfortune of working with, yes I’ll say it, temps.  The word temp in the working world conjures the thought of someone perhaps unmotivated, unfocused, uncaring, so on and so forth.  You know what?  About 90% of the time you’d be right.  Temps even have a unkempt look about them.  A temp for those unfamiliar is a person who works jobs only temporarily.  One day here one day there and can’t seem to catch on anywhere to become a perm.  Luck was not on my side with this assignment.  We had to rework some product and I was assigned to supervise the project.  Physically it was by no means easy work, however it was boring and tedious.  Which is bad because if temps liked working they wouldn’t be temps and avoiding hard work is work in itself for most temps.  You see where I’ve drifted with this?  So after instructions were given, which took about 10 minutes, the work commenced.  Now I was supposed to supervise but I figured if I just did that moral would decline seeing me just stand there over them and quite frankly I’d be board as hell, so I jumped in with the rest.  One of the first observations I made was, these temps were all called in from a service, they didn’t live together and it wasn’t like they worked there all the time and saw each other everyday, I don’t think, but dammed if they didn’t know each other like the back of their hands after a few minutes of talking.  They knew everyone who ran in the same chaotic circles they ran in.  I don’t give a crap if you talk so long as your hands don’t stop and I think the work slowed at times but didn’t stop.  I didn’t pay too much attention to the talk as we worked, it was pretty light, but on the rides back to the plant with them each day they talked of their kids, their girlfriends kids, mom, drinking, broken down cars, gettin some 24’s, no money (no money but they all had cell phones), drinking, partying, and on and on and on.  Their lives were a mess for the most part.  I don’t think they could hold down a full time job, the troubles outside of work would keep them from it.  No wonder they were temps.  I had an issue with a cell phone from this one dude a couple of times.  Of course the first time they don’t know they are not to be used when working, put it away!  The next time they try and hide it at their side, yeah right, put it away!  Or hide behind something, nice try, put it away!  Last time “if you don’t want to be here GO”!  He had a buddy but I never saw the buddy with a cell out except at breaks.  The last time I stepped in their ass they tried to draw me into a conversation and make everything nice and talk about the buddy who held the High School rushing record of Catawba County.  The kid was only about 19-20 years old, and he said he rushed for over 9000 yards, which is quite a feat and I have no reason to believe it was not so.  I wasn’t wowed and I ended the conversation by asking “if you hold the rushing title of Catawba County why are you not playing football in college”?  “9000 yards would be a ticket to any college you choose.”  Just got mumbles.  Same reason he’s a temp, too lazy to do the work, school work that is.  My last day I figured each man would have to rework I think 4 or 5 units.  I had my units done right after lunch and the others weren’t far behind, except for the two.  They did maybe, maybe, three all together.  These two were the worst and I had the good fortune to end their careers at the end of that day, won’t need you tomorrow.  How I put up with them for a whole day is beyond me.  The rest were ok to good, not very good, just good.  The second morning one guy was late by about two hours telling me he had a flat tire.  I asked him what tire was flat and he told me the front left.  The breakroom is right out front of the place so we all wondered over to the car to have a look.  It was a beat up Honda Accord with no fingerprints on a muddy dirty front left tire that supposedly had just been changed.  In fact one guy cracked on the driver saying “your spare that came out the trunk has the same amount of dirt on it as the rest of the tires”.  No wonder he was a temp.  I never saw any of these guys give any real effort like they were trying to impress anyone.  I gotta think if I were a temp I’d bust my ass to get noticed by the full time folks so to put me on permanent.  This was a misfortune I’d soon forget and hope it doesn’t come my way again.

Passwords In the News….

Now I’ve seen some silly crap in my time but every once in a while you think perhaps, that’s it, I’ve seen it all, something new comes into view.  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and make no mistake, I’m talking about the President of Syria.  Yes the President of a country.  Not exactly a country of moral fiber but none the less a country.  This President who rules a whole country was hacked.  His files free for the world to see.  Computer nerds assigned or paid or just out for fun hacked into the good Presidents computer.  The feat of hacking in itself is reason for amazement.  I’m guessing it takes some logic and configuring of computers software and other technical resources to even attempt such a thing, without getting caught mind you.  Now these hackers had to have laughed until they wet their pants when they finally broke the password.  Bashar, cleaver that he is, didn’t exactly pick the easiest password in the world, no he picked the second easiest, atleast according to computer records.  That’s right 1-2-3-4-5.  The main guy in Syria whom half the word fears had the password on his computer set as 12345.  I wonder what his screen name was? The Basherman.  Bash-o-rama?  Terrorist secrets were right at my fingertips if I had just known 12345.  Anyway word has it that he has reset it to put an end to the pilferation of his secret documents, but it was funny while it lasted.  I hope he used something a bit more complex this time, uh, maybe 54321?

God In The News….

C'mon down!

In Cranston RI a 16 year old girl successfully sued her local high school to have a bible / prayer quote removed from the walls of the gym that had hung there for 49 YEARS!!!   A seventh grader wrote it in 1963 as a gift to the graduating class that year.  Are they kidding?  The school has yet to remove it but it is covered by a tarp until the legalities are ironed out.  Jessica, the 16 year old, is a self proclaimed atheist and although Baptized Catholic said the banner makes her feel unwelcome.  Has she read it?  What part would make you feel unwelcome?  Jessica became a atheist when at age 10 her mother fell ill and she felt God did not help her and doubts he helps anyone else.  The banner is a prayer that could go across all religions, I’ve read it and it’s more a grow, achieve and do your best statement.  There are religious overtones to it but not strong ones.  Let’s see “Heavenly Father” and “Amen” about do it.  See below.

Our Heavenly Father,

Grant us each day the desire to do our best,
To grow mentally and morally as well as physically,
To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers,
To be honest with ourselves as well as with others,
Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win,
Teach us the value of true friendship,
Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School West.


Yes yes I could see where that would be offensive to some and certainly make you feel unwelcome.  Anyway if your atheist and don’t believe in God why would the banner offend you?  I could understand it offending you if it went “against” your beliefs, but if you have no beliefs then what’s up with that?  You see Jessica does not believe and I’m fine with that, so be it.  Her problem is she does not what us to believe either.  That’s what makes her feel unwelcome!  We’re all in, so to speak, and she’s out.  We see things everyday we don’t believe in or agree with and going before the judge doesn’t really seem the direction to go.  I have not ever found a person, atleast one who would admit it to me, that is adamant about separating Church and State.  Ask yourself, “Why are we letting the minorities run this country”?  Oh and Jessica, better throw away any money you have.  God’s on it you know.