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The Weekenders Go North….

What a night for traveling.  It rained the whole way.  It was dark as coal.  Bright lights were glaring.  The road was glaring.  I couldn’t see crap!  Got off the freeway one exit too early and kind of backed tracked … Continue reading

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Torn Between….

The public memorial for legendary college football coach Joe Paterno was held today.  He was God at Penn State.  He was a legend at Penn State.  Some say he was Penn State.  Yes I said was.  But I wanted him … Continue reading

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Cruise Ships In The News….

When the cruise liner Costa Concordia ran aground last Friday rescuers wondered why Captain Francesco Schettino was one of the first people off the ship.  Certainly this is a captain who doesn’t live by the motto, “The Captain Always Goes Down … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah, I Forgot….

Sugar Bowl Champs.  The Wolverines went 11-2!  That’s unbelievable!  Beating Virginia Tech 23 – 20 in a close but poorly played Sugar Bowl game, from a Michigan standpoint, was just fantastic.  Is Michigan football back?  They finished 12th in the AP and … Continue reading

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Staying Young….

I heard this on the radio and found them interesting.  Maybe these are not rules for just staying young but good everyday living rules.  God knows I need em. 6-8 hours sleep at night.  The author stressed a good NIGHT’S … Continue reading

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New pics added….

Check em out. 1 views

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Beer, it’s what’s for Breakfast….

“All together now” (create your own melody) In Heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here, and when we’re gone from here, our friends will be drinking all our beer. That’s an old bar song.  Don’t think … Continue reading

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