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The Weekenders Go North….

The Perfect Child.

What a night for traveling.  It rained the whole way.  It was dark as coal.  Bright lights were glaring.  The road was glaring.  I couldn’t see crap!  Got off the freeway one exit too early and kind of backed tracked our way to the house.  And still made it in two hours!!  Yes it was another weekend with “The Girls”.  As described above the first night was a doosey.  We were so happy to be warm and dry and in the company of “The Girls”.  So Friday night we chilled and talked and since I’d been up since 4:00 am going to bed was easy.  Well the idea of going to bed was easy anyway.  The actual climb up into the bed was another story.  God forbid you’d fall out during the night.  Hell you’d still be falling.  But it felt good none the less.  Saturday morning early for b-ball was planned. 

The Salmon.

The Salmon had a game, I’ll get to the Salmon part in a minute.  She played well, pretty much a starter I’d guess.  She was in the whole game almost.  It was a blast watching and they won I believe 24-12.  Anyway we get home and I tell Michaela I though she scored 6 points.  She said no it was seven, and so we went back and forth a few times.  Well there’s no 3 pointers, and she never went to the foul line, so how she scored an odd number is beyond me.  Practice was called for the next day and she reminded me of the time to take her.  That is until the rest of us were planning an outing downtown and then she suddenly remembered she told the coach she wasn’t going.  Anyway I call her the Salmon because if you say up, she says down, if you say in, she says out.  And if she decides to put on a show, your watching, regardless.  Gotta love her though.  Maddy may be the perfect child.  Perfect!  My goodness she tends to her own business and when she does perk up it’s with quiet dignity.  I never heard her make any bones about anything the whole weekend. 


Kelli and Carly are just fun to be around.  They go with the flow regardless.  Nothing really seems to bother them.  Kelli took a three hour nap and after the Jason Beeber movie and several lost brain cells later we decided to have supper.  Saturday night they made vegetable Lasagna and they know, “I LOVE VEGETABLE LASAGNA”!  Don’t forget to burn it.  With garlic bread too.  The rest of the night was spent trying to find out if Joe Paterno was dead or alive.  Sunday we made the trek into downtown Durham.  Our tour guide was great and took us to a cold empty building to walk around in.  Even walked the cold empty basement.  But we did drive around and that was fun checking out the town.  We ended up in the food court at the local mall, which was fine, everyone got what they wanted.  The Salmon struck again and had to have the adult rice plate which was the size of Montana, and no she didn’t finish what she said she would.  Carly tried to no avail.  Kelli “Tebowed” in the food court when I sort of dared her to, but she went and did it so quick I never had time to say what I’d do if she did it.  It was a free dare.  She did it again in the middle of the mall as well. 

The Weekenders and a Girl.

We rode and saw everyone’s work and schools including the leaning factory, complete with ovens.  HA!  Even went and saw Kelli and Carly’s dad.  It had been a while.  He really hadn’t changed that much.  Ah well I think that ends the weekend except for the drive home, which was a breeze.  Exact opposite of how we came in.  I Tebowed because I rarely touched the cruise control the whole way.  The next time the folks go to Trinidad I’m there for em.

Torn Between….

The public memorial for legendary college football coach Joe Paterno was held today.  He was God at Penn State.  He was a legend at Penn State.  Some say he was Penn State.  Yes I said was.  But I wanted him to go out as a unblemished legend.  I wanted to remember him the way I remember Woody, Bo, Bear and Bobby.  I wanted to say wow!  That’s what I wanted.  He was a great coach and a leader of men.  That’s it, I can’t go forward.  I can’t write a real tribute because of the blemish.  Truth is he didn’t do enough or follow up.  If you think he vindicated himself ask yourself that and pretend that was your son or brother being victimized while he reported it and went no further.  Regardless, no matter how much you loved Joe, you will never, as long as you live, see his picture or mention his name without thinking of what took him away from coaching.  That’s what I didn’t want.  Damn it Joe why?

Cruise Ships In The News….

When the cruise liner Costa Concordia ran aground last Friday rescuers wondered why Captain Francesco Schettino was one of the first people off the ship.  Certainly this is a captain who doesn’t live by the motto, “The Captain Always Goes Down With His Ship”.  Anyway the good captain says he fell overboard, and get this, right into a life boat.  Now that’s funny!  Even if it’s true that’s funny.  It kind of has a certain George Costanza type quality about it.


Oh Yeah, I Forgot….

Michigan 23 - Virginia Tech 20

Sugar Bowl Champs.  The Wolverines went 11-2!  That’s unbelievable!  Beating Virginia Tech 23 – 20 in a close but poorly played Sugar Bowl game, from a Michigan standpoint, was just fantastic.  Is Michigan football back?  They finished 12th in the AP and 9th in the Coaches Poll.  It’s not back, but it’s on the way back.  Good to see the seniors who endured the last three seasons under RR going out on a high note, and the player of the game was from Conway SC.  Next season’s schedule is not so favorable, playing all the toughies away, and, we start the season with ALABAMA.  That’s right.  The 2011 NCAA National Football Champion.  Who in the hell thought that was a good idea?

Staying Young….

I heard this on the radio and found them interesting.  Maybe these are not rules for just staying young but good everyday living rules.  God knows I need em.

6-8 hours sleep at night.  The author stressed a good NIGHT’S rest.  He said we needed to be up during the day.  Sunshine and people interaction are great aides.  Sleeping all day was one of the worst offenders, it robs us of our life.  Did you ever hear the saying “sleeping your life away”?  Sure there are exceptions but when there are no exceptions, sleep at night, get dressed and be up during the day.

Interact with friends often.  Visiting daily with friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc are vital.  The author stressed it should be outsiders of the family.  You see your husbands, wives, sons, daughters etc daily and routinely.  You need to see outsiders to stimulate your thinking and break the routine.  The unexpected is a good stimulant.  Family routines are routines and friends and etc take you out of that routine.

Take time to do what you love to do.  Work does not count.  You need to have hobbies that you truly love, and do them as often as you can.  Work does not count because if you did nothing but work you don’t stimulate the senses.  Nothing ever changes doing the same thing over and over.

Exercise.  Walk around the block or go to the gym for a full blown workout.  Whatever you feel is good exercise is good exercise and it keeps you young.

Calm down.  People and the media bring the news to your door almost as soon as it happens.  Don’t let it excite you unless it involves you.  You can’t change much that is outside your reach.  Don’t gossip nor listen to gossip.  Some folks dwell on gossip and the misfortunes of others and their lives revolve around that.  Of course you cannot help but be subjected to some, but don’t make it a lifestyle.

Beer, it’s what’s for Breakfast….

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“All together now” (create your own melody)

In Heaven there is no beer,

that’s why we drink it here,

and when we’re gone from here,

our friends will be drinking all our beer.

That’s an old bar song.  Don’t think I ever really sang it in a bar before but somehow it brings back memories of something nostalgic, I think.  Old Polish stuff.  Like polka’s.  Up north beer is the national past time, one step above most anything else.  Damn yankee’s! Beer however is an acquired taste.  If you acquire it, I’ll taste it!  HA!  Most beer drinkers start acquiring a taste for it around the age of 10.  I remember getting many hits off the old man’s beer, he would always pour a glass full and save some for me.  I guess it was good, he was always so happy for me to have it.  I’m not bragging but I did get an early childhood start.  When it comes to bragging about beer drinking I should have a bumper sticker that says “Let me tell you about my Brother in Law”.  Son!  He is an Olympic drinker!  In a class by himself.  If it were an event he would take home all three medals, hell the second and third place guys would probably give him their medals out of embarrassment.  Beer always looks so good in commercials, frothy and such, but when you get right down to it if it’s not the right time it doesn’t live up to expectations.  Besides your not always at a party on the beach with girls all over the place either.  If it is the right time, then your first hit should be a couple of good draws, especially on a hot day or when your a bit thirsty.  Not dying of thirst, then just a little swallow will do.  I drink alot more beer at the “The River” than at home, of course I’m at the River more than home on the weekends as well.  Now a days they have that flavored beer.  Flavored beer?  Really?  Beer is beer.  It doesn’t need a lemon or a lime.  If I wanted lemonade I’d order lemonade.  I guess that’s for the trendy set that want to fit in with the beer drinking set but can’t handle the taste so they cover it up.  Go ahead if you have to, open a bottle and stuff a lime in it if you have to.  Don’t mind me as I roll my eyes.  Beer always goes down easier in a bottle, of course you drink more but it does go down easier.  What really goes down easy is a shell of beer.  I remember way back when I was a novice drinker we would go bar to bar drinking shells of beer.  A shell was about an 8 oz or so glass of draft beer, cost about .35 cents and was quick and cold.  Shells of beer and free popcorn on a cold Saturday night, those were the days my friend.  The best tip on drinking beer I ever recieved was to drink a glass of water for every two or three beers.  You will wake up virtually hangover free.  I have gotten up several morning afters where I sould have felt like death but found I was good to go.  You see getting blasted is ok, it’s the next morning thats a bear.  Drinking alone is not a sign of excess.  If anything drinking beer alone is boring, I do it, but don’t think for a moment I enjoy it!