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Goodbye 2011, God’s Speed….

Was 2011 shortened or what?  It seems like we just celebrated Christmas 2010 and I was setting up this website.  It is true that as you age the years go by quicker!  Why?  Maybe we’re busier now and time passes quickly when your busy.  I dunno.  I give up, but….

The year started quietly enough as all the thinking and planning that went on for a year and half concerning our daughter’s wedding were over and we could get back to real life.  And it was a peaceful start.  Work kept me busy and stressed as can be through out the year.  Worked a lot of Saturday’s and the travel did not seem to cut back any.  I’d like to know how many miles I racked up this year.  It’s a challenge keeping up sometimes but I am thankful I have it.  Kristie’s jobs keep her hopping as well.  One day here, one day there.  God only knows where she will be the next tomorrow.  She does a good job as well keeping up with all the changes in surroundings and the off crazy hours and places she goes.  Well done!

In late April Kristie and I went south to Florida to visit my brother and his wife for a long weekend.  What a great trip, we really enjoyed it.  We went airboat riding through some back swamps and rivers looking for gators and wildlife.  My first airboat ride and I loved it.  My brother and his wife are always great hosts.

We spent as much time in the winter, spring, summer and fall at “The River” as we could.  We enjoy every aspect of staying down there.  It’s a wonderful get-a-way.  It seems like every weekend there is a festival, parade or some food being celebrated.  Spent 10 days there in July as vacation, some of it was bundled around Kristie working in the area.  Makes you feel like a beach bum.  We are definitely pool people as well.

In mid September Kristie and I ventured up to Michigan to go see a football game in “The Big House”.  It was Michigan vs Eastern Michigan on a cool fall day.  We took an extra day to enjoy Ann Arbor, do some looking around and rest up from the trip there.  The trip both ways and everything about it was great.  It all just seemed to work out and we had a great time tailgating, meeting folks, and petting the Wolverine for luck.

In November my niece and her children visited and we had a wonderful weekend.  As I have said before we all have a good time with each other when we get together.  I love being around the girls.  Shortly after their visit Kelli was involved in a car accident and had some injuries.  We were all happy that what happened to her will eventually heal up and she’ll be back in action.  Don’t think the car will however.

Enjoyed the gridiron sidelines again this year and watched what I thought was going to certainly be the 2011 AA Football State Champions.  Like a buzz saw they went through the season unscathed, almost untouched.  But like all good buzz saws someone eventually finds the on/off switch and their season ended was one game short of the goal.  The chain crew was outstanding once again!

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays were good as always, too short or too fast.  Whichever.  Spent our first Thanksgiving away at our daughter Jill and son in law Michael’s house, what wonderful hosts.  Had someone to drink beer and smoke cigars with for a change.  Went to a few Christmas events to get in the spirit and had a get together at the house for some family and friends.  Gotta do that more often.  The lighted boat parade at “The River” was pretty cool too.  Sitting out on a cool night watching the lighted and decorated boats go by was fun.  The house was decorated to within an inch of it’s lfe and looked and felt fantastic.  Kristie even decorated the condo some.  Oh yeah, I love frying turkeys almost as much as eating them.

My buddy Jake had a good year too.  He certainly scared us last year and I didn’t want to go through that again.  He’s getting older and the older he gets the more laps he wants to get on.  Gotta love him though!

Can’t wait to find out what adventures and challenges 2012 will bring us.  First stop, The Sugar Bowl, “Michigan” vs “Virginia Tech”.  As for the rest of 2012, I’ll take as it comes.

Happy Anniversary To Michigan Meets SC….


Well I guess I’ll be celebrating an anniversary before long.  December 25th to be exact. One long year of web logging.  This is post #154.  Holy crap, 154!  It’s not as easy as it would seem or what I thought it would amount to anyway.  Often times you get to thinking about what you want to write about during the day and when you get to the point of actually sitting down and writing it all your thoughts go away.  I’ve got a new system going forward so that should end those short comings.  It was fun setting up the site and I’ve made some changes along the way, added some pictures time to time and so forth but over all it was enjoyable.  I’ve got some regular features going, Wildcat Football, Why Is It, some Michigan Football stuff, well maybe more than some Michigan stuff.  Got to get a counter on the site somehow.  Haven’t figured that out yet.  The drawback is all the spam e-mails that I get, you wouldn’t believe.  Regardless I’m going to keep it going another year, hell I paid for it why not?  If you check in regularly thanks, if not, why not?

Why Is It….

That every time something good gets rolling you have to end it.  I recently saw in the local Myrtle Beach weekly paper “Surge” that the editor does a writing called “Why is it”.  Now I don’t know if I copied him by accident, or we just had the same thought, or it was a hell of a coincidence.  Regardless I am going to end “Why It Is” because if I was last I don’t want to be know as a copycat.  No harm done though.  This will give way to a new piece of diatribe called “In The News”.  We’ll start “In The News” after the first of the year revisiting news worthy pieces with opinion and commentary.  Goodbye “Why Is It’, we loved you…..

Pro Baseball 5….

These are the rule changes I would like to see in Major League Baseball.  If you disagree with any I’d love to hear your rebuttal, please leave me a comment.

Major League Basball

1.  Two bases for being hit by pitch.

reason:  Pitchers are way too accurate for this crap to happen.  You get one base for doing nothing while watching four balls being thrown past you, but it’s the same if you get hit by a 90 MPH fastball in the head.  A team or pitcher will think twice before intentionally doing it, especially with men on base or in scoring position.

2.  Starting pitcher must go 5 innings unless they get hurt.

reason:  Pitchers are highly trained and conditioned, it’s BS to bring in a pitcher just because a certain batter is up to the plate or he’s having a bad inning or whatever.

3.  Reduce the season to about 125 games.

reason:  A game can be given up for lost if it gets out of hand.  Games would be taken more seriously and it would take away any of the “there’s always tommorrow” attitude, not all but some.

4.  No designated hitter.

reason:  You play, you hit.  If you enforced this in 3 – 5 years you would start seeing some pretty good hitting pitchers.  Now a days we don’t expect them to hit and they don’t.

5.  Coaches must stay in the coaches box.

reason: during play coaches must stay inside the coaches box.  During plays coaches are sometimes way outside the box to give signs to runners.  Why have a box if it does not have to be used.

Pro Football 5….

These are the rule changes I would like to see in Pro Football.  If you disagree with any I’d love to hear your rebuttal, please leave me a comment.

NFL Football

1.  Reduce the play clock to 35 seconds.

reason:  A team can run out the clock from nearly two minutes remaining, it’s BS to beat a team by not doing anything for two minutes.

2.  Both teams get the same amount of offensive possessions in OT.

reason:  Two teams in OT, neither with any defense, shame to let a coin toss decide the outcome.

3.  Pass interference is a 15 yard penalty, not a spot foul.

reason:  There is no guarantee the reciever would catch it if he were wide open.

4.  No bye week in the playoffs.

reason:  Your reward for winning the division is home field advantage throughout the playoffs, not fair to give the best team less games to play as well.

5.  QB’s cannot throw the ball away, except to intentionaly ground it at the line of scrimmage.

reason:  The defense does a great job getting past the offensive line and bust their ass doing it, then just as they get to paydirt the QB throws it in the stands.  Not fair to a hard working defense.

College Football Two….

These are the rule changes I would like to see in College Football.  If you disagree with any I’d love to hear your rebuttal, please leave me a comment.  Oh and by the way, the play clock was the best thing they ever did to improve the game.

College Football

1.  Getting the ball on the 40 yard line on a kick out of bounds.

reason:  I think thats a bit too much reward, give them the 30, maybe the 35.  That way it could be used as a type of stategy with good returners.

2.  QB’s cannot throw the ball away, except to intentionaly ground it at the line of scrimmage.

reason:  The defense does a great job getting past the offensive line and bust their ass doing it, then just as they get to paydirt the QB throws it in the stands.  Not fair to a hard working defense.

Bother Me Not….

This would be a good statement for “Why Is It” but it would be a bit longer than a statement.  It has to do with the Holiday Tree BS that always surrounds this time of year.  This subject is reason for a good head scratch.  I don’t understand why the non-believers or other believers have such a hard time with the display of a Christmas tree in the city square, stores or wherever.  I can understand them not believing and that’s their right, but why does it bother them so if others put up a sign of their belief?  During their holiday they can put up whatever symbol they like within tasteful reason and I’m OK with that, it effects me not one bit.  They can put up a sign in the city square stating their non-belief and sign it for all I care!  I just don’t get it.  The last thing is, these folks must be hiding because I have not run into one yet face to face.  I have yet to ask one person that takes the other side of the fence on this issue why.  I’d love to debate it with them but they are always out of sight or hiding behind letters, phone calls, no guts, or other such faceless means of conveying their displeasure.  Most certainly they are in the minority, listen to them yes, but if the point is not well taken then move on.  They’ll get over it, or move on to bothering us with something else.

Best Human Interest Story of 2011….

I remember when I first saw this story on line.  I just stared at the picture and thought what a bond Hawkeye had to his to his friend and master.  Amazing how he could know, and to mourn like all the others who knew Jon was something I had not seen before.

Faithful to the last: slain Navy SEAL’s dog stays by his side at funeral.

It was at his side in life … and refused to be parted from him in death.

As the US mourned at the funeral of Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, 35, who was one of 38 killed when his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan early this month, it was a photo of his pet dog Hawkeye lying by his former master’s coffin throughout the ceremony that has captured hearts around the world.

The photograph, which was taken by Petty Officer Tumilson’s cousin Lisa and posted on Facebook, has made its way around the globe since the funeral last week.

Loyal to the end ... Hawkeye lies beside the coffin of US Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson during his funeral.

“I took this picture and that was my view throughout the entire funeral. I couldn’t NOT take a picture,” Ms Tumilson told US television network ABC News.

“It took several attempts since every time I wasn’t crying and could focus on taking it, there was a SEAL at the microphone and I didn’t want to take a picture with them for security and respect reasons. Our family is devastated to say the least.”

Petty Officer Tumilson’s faithful Labrador retriever led his family down the aisle into the funeral service in Rockford, Iowa, and followed his friend Scott Nichols as he rose to deliver a eulogy, television network MSNBC reported.

It then heaved a sigh and dropped down on the ground in front of Petty Officer Tumilson’s casket as the speech started and more than about 1500 mourners watched on, the report said.

“If J.T. had known he was going to be shot down when going to the aid of others, he would have went anyway,” his friend Boe Nankivel said at the service.

News photographers were not allowed into the service, as it was attended by other SEALs whose identities cannot be revealed for security reasons.

Petty Officer Tumilson joined the US Navy in 1995 and was awarded the Purple Heart and Defence Meritorious Service Medal posthumously.

Mr Nichols will look after Hawkeye, television station KTLA said.