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Things You Will Never Hear A Highway Department Worker Say….

“Look boss, I wore out another shovel!”

“Someone needs to get out of this hole, we all can’t work down here at once.”

“Hey fellas, what do you say we work through lunch?”

“Why don’t we all just drive our own cars to the work site each day instead of the DOT truck, this way we could get started working earlier?”

“Ask the boss if it’s OK if we work over and finish this job before we go home?”

“I’m just going to go ahead and clean those barrels before we pick them up.”

“I was afraid of that, we’re slowing down traffic.”

“Lunch?!?  No, no, I’m dieting.”

“That idea would be a waste of time and taxpayers money.”

“Another one?  We just had a holiday a few weeks back, didn’t we?”

“Damn, this raise will put me in a higher tax bracket.”

“Raining?  Heck I didn’t even notice.”

“OK let’s go fellas, breaks over.”

“Let’s go help that stranded motorist.”

“If we work a couple hours Saturday we could get this stretch of road open.”

“Go back, I think I saw some litter we missed.”

“No I don’t wear a hat, it messes up my hair.”

“Go ahead and drive the truck awhile, I’ll stand here with the sign.”

“That guy talks alot, don’t you think?”

“Can’t tonight, I’ve got a lecture series to go to.”

The Tail of Two Cats….

"Two weeks left in the run to State!"

This one was a bit scary early.  The DHS offense was having an off night, but you always have to attribute some of that to the other team and Swansea played well.  The DHS defense held as always and will keep us in any game until the offense figures it out.  The crowd was into it on each side until early in the 3rd when DHS went up 31-3 it was like someone hit the off switch on the visiting crowd noise.  Regardless we were held in check more than any other team did this year so don’t let the final score fool you.  I told someone if you just watched the game and not the scoreboard you’d think it was closer than the final of 45-3 indicated.  It gets tougher next week with Timberland coming to Dillon.  I gotta tell you I’m a bit concerned at this point.

Occupy This….

I’ve been reading and hearing quite a bit about this Occupy Wall Street Protest and Occupy something or other in Los Angeles Protest and I didn’t really know what it was all about.  Who did?  Well today as it started turning violent I dug into it a bit to find out what they were protesting.  Well as best as I can understand they are upset because the wealth in this country is not divided equally.  They found out 1% of the population holds the majority of the wealth and they’re pissed off.  Hell I’m pissed if someone really has actually divided up the wealth and left me out.  Why they would protest Wall Street seems a bit odd.  Wouldn’t it be more sensible to be outside Bill Gates or Warren Buffet’s house.  They got wealth.  Most people in that 1% earned what they have, I’m envious yes, but not close to being pissed off.  Wall Street is a place where you can obtain wealth by working, which apparently these folks are allergic to.  You know, working and earning wealth.  Why did it take so long for them to figure out the wealth proportions in this country anyway?  Why in the world are they protesting?  What’s going to change?  Is someone going to give them wealth if they stay out in the rain protesting long enough?  I’d bet not.  Here’s what will give you wealth.  Get a job, work hard, and work your way up in the world.  Not that difficult junior.  Let’s not protest the wars we are fighting on two fronts.  Let not protest the fact that we have people in need in this country but we bend over backwards to help other countries first.  I don’t condone protesting but I can understand it if it’s a real cause.  Occupying Wall Street isn’t a cause, it’s a diversion for them from having to go get a real job, and maybe some wealth of their own.  Say there’s an idea, work hard and earn some wealth.  Some were holding signs to plow Wall Street under.  Let me understand, let’s destroy our financial and economic structure but not concern ourselves with the thousand other things with more importance than this sit in type crap.  Hey, I got it, let’s plow “Occupy Wall Street” under.

Let Me Tell Ya….

All the Girls!

I had a wonderful weekend with the girls.  My niece and her children , I think there are about 10 or 15 of them, visited and we had a relaxing weekend just spending time with one another.  It’s incredible that there is no ill vibe, everyone genuinely gets along well with one another.  And we like their visits, even though they are spaced so far apart.  We watched home movies, talked, visited and caught up as they can tell us what’s going on with the rest of the family.  We ate corn chowder and played Apples to Apples which is a fast moving card game, until Michela’s turn that is, then it turns into a rest period.  I didn’t even get one green card, she threw off my whole game.  They did let me watch half of the Michigan game, without whining, before we were off to Florence and Roger’s BBQ to “fill er up”!  A couple of those kids can pack it away.  As I was sitting in Roger’s after finishing my meal I was leaning on the table with my elbows and I kept seeing this little hand coming between them going for my phone, like I wouldn’t see it.  I was trying to keep up with the Michigan score and was watching on-line.  Since Madison was so interested in it I asked her to just watch it while I went for desert, she said she would.  When I returned my phone’s screen was absolutely nothing like what it was when I left.  What part of watching it did she not understand?  Carly told me of her soccer adventures and I told her of my love of the game, even watching it one night for three hours.  Kelly wanted us to get in her car and go for a, oh that’s right, forgot, she’s without wheels at the present time.  But she’s a good sport about it.  She LOVES the bus.  She has seniority on it.  The little ones banged on the piano a good portion of the weekend, but I must say with some sense of what they were playing.  I could tell what it was or what was attempted anyway.  Good to see they enjoyed the old thing.  Anyhow I hope they all enjoyed the weekend, I know their Aunt and Uncle did!

Almost, all the girls.


It Was a Close One…

"After the Battle!"

At halftime that is.  DHS played about as sluggishish, in the first half, as I have seen this year.  Gamblers say everything turns around at halftime and doubling down is a good bet.  The Cats came roaring out of the gate in the 3rd quarter scoring on thier first offensive play and then adding 4 more behind it before the last stanza started.  The last stanza I might add was a running clock, which you don’t see often in the playoffs, wasn’t sure you could even do it.  Anyway what was an unexpected half turned into a 52-6 rout.  It only gets tougher from this point on.

My Favorite Holiday….

"You People Go Home Already".

Let’s see if you can guess.  There’s turkey and fixin’s galore.  You don’t have to work.  And there’s football on all day.  That’s right!  You guessed it.  It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  My favorite day of the year.  Always has been, always will be.  Why?  My God why not?  You can skin that bird and take all the leftovers that you want anytime you want.  Take in any quantities you want.  You can stand there and pick.  You can leave it out and go back whenever you want.  You can go to the head of the chow line instead of waiting on the guests who are clogging up your house, all day I might add.  Don’t you people have homes?  You can sit in the shop and watch football, eat turkey sandwiches, drink beer, smoke cigars till, well, the wife comes home from work.  See that’s another reason I like it.  Somehow it seems like everyone is working, or shopping, except me.  I guess that gives me the feeling of having the run of things for the day.  Probably not true, but it sure feels so.  I even like cleaning the turkey fryer, it involves fire and guys love fire.  It seems like such a long day too but come late afternoon you don’t want it to end and you get panicky.  Even though you know Saturday is coming and the weekend is still ahead of you, Saturday is not the same as the day after Thanksgiving.  Saturday puts you back on an even keel as everyone else.  Saturday can’t hold a candle to the day after Thanksgiving.