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DHS Put The Kids To Bed Early….

"An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules..."

Dillon was scoring points so fast in the first quarter Friday Night against a pretty inept team it was embarrassing.  Really!  On the kick off after we scored our first touchdown the boy was scared to catch it, he didn’t, we recovered and scored again.  The game went to a running clock in the second quarter and we played 8 minutes quarters in the second half.  The only down moment was when the Waccamaw quarterback got loose and we couldn’t catch him.  He kept cutting back against the grain, picked up a block here and there and ran about 75 yards to gain about 40.  Regardless they kicked a field goal to score three points and mess up the goose eggs we had compiled for the season.  I could sense they considered that a real accomplishment on the night.  I felt like we had lost the game.  10-0 perfect season none the less.  A bye week and then the payoffs start.  I hope we don’t go in with the big head.  And no, I don’t know who the Homecoming Queen was.

If I Were Dictator of the United States I would….

"Don't Tread On Me"!

In memory of Moammar Gaddafi’s retirement from Lybia I would like to compare what I would do as dictator, to what we all know he actually did.  An even dozen should be a good start.  No order of importance;

1.  Repeal NAFTA, Mexico needs us more than we need them.

2.  Institute the draft.  The Military not deployed would guard the borders and trespassers would be treated as invaders and dealt with as such.  You want in the country, do it legally.

3.  Unemployment would not be an right or entitlement, it would have to be earned and drug testing would periodically be a part of the criteria to collect.  It would expire on set time frames and the process to collect would start all over, no automatic re-uppance.  There would also be work assignments attached to this.

4.  Welfare would not be an right or entitlement, it would have to be earned and drug testing would periodically be a part of the criteria to collect.  It would expire on set time frames and the process to collect would start all over, no automatic re-uppance.  The number of welfare investigators would increase substantially.  Catching the scammers alone would easily pay for this increase.  There would also be work assignments attached to this.

5.  Disability would not be an right or entitlement, it would have to be earned and drug testing would periodically be a part of the criteria to collect.  It would expire on set time frames and the process to collect would start all over, no automatic re-uppance.  There may be work assignments attached to this.

6.  There would be a whistle blower reward program to turn in cheaters of #3, #4 and #5 above.

7.  We would have a fair tax system.  No more income tax would be taken from our paychecks.  The tax needed to run the country would be taken out at the store when we buy the goods and services we need or want.  Everyone pays.  No more tax cheats or evaders.

8.  Trade with other countries would have to be equal.  If we’re doing a Billion dollars in business with them, they have to be doing a billion dollars of business with us.

9.  Study the countries who have universal health care and see who’s doing it right and institute it here.

10.  In an atttempt to end frivolas law suits tying up the courts there would be consequences.  You bring a suit to court and lose, you pay court costs and both sides legal fees.  No more ‘nothing to lose’ type suits.

11.  Every crime would have a set punishment.  Judges would not longer dole out sentenences as they wish.  They would preside over the court proceedings only.

12.  Government would be set up like this, I’m a dictator!


Canned Energy….

I saw a commercial on TV the other night where a young man of about 25-30 is getting out of bed and the first thing he wants is an energy drink.  Coffee won’t do.  He can’t get going.  My God he just got out of bed!  And he’s young!  An energy drink?  Really?  You know how many mornings I get out of bed dragging.  Damn near every one!  But you just pull up on your boot straps and get going and the energy comes.  And not from a can.  I think I’d be embarrassed to buy an energy drink.  Another commerical shows a man about 30 sitting on the couch watching TV and his wife comes home with bags of groceries.   She unpacks him a six pack of energy drinks and gives it to him like it’s his life blood.  He was doing nothing, didn’t seem to be too tired, had his feet kicked up, and he needs an energy drink.  For what?  Unless it’s a Michigan football game I ain’t sitting in front of the TV during the day.  I have to be doing something and when you do that something the energy comes.  Both these scenarios show grow young men doing not much of nothing, yet needing energy for doing it.  Do something, get busy and the energy will come.  I never see an older person drinking an energy drink, I’m not syaing they don’t, but I have yet to see one.  And when I say older I say someone over 40.  Most guys my age say when they hit the recliner at night their gone.  They’ve spent their energy during the day over something constructive and it damn sure wasn’t TV.  Hell I do more before 9:00 AM than most people do all day!  You ever notice how much energy you suddenly have when it’s something you WANT to do?  Don’t need no energy drink to go out to dinner do ya?  I thought I had seen it all, canned energy!

Nine for Nine for Nine….

"2011 8-2A Conference Football Champions"

Nine games played, nine games won, nine points allowed.  The Dillon High School Football Team wrapped up the Division 8-2A Crown last night, easily I might add.  They downed the Loris Lions 57 -0, and Loris was 8-0 coming in, ranked 6th in 2A.  The first drive of last night I never turned the down marker, it was first down on every play of about 50 yard drive.  I told someone after the game it was getting to be, well, a bit boring, all you want is the clock to run.  I started out this series grading the offense and defense each game but that’s hard to do when the other team doesn’t do their part.  This game was like a highlight reel from start to finish.  Guess we’re all just waiting for the playoffs now.

A Homecoming to Remember….

"Please Be Me, Oh Please Be Me".

In honor of Friday Night’s Homecoming game I’ll relive a past Homecoming Game experience with you.  Everybody has a homecoming story they treasure.  A special night when something unexpected happened to them.  Mine happened a few years back, I think it has to be about 15 or better by now.  Well as I stated in my bio I work the sideline chain gang for the local high school football team.  And yes, I love it!  Anyway this one year it was Homecoming Friday night and I was at home preparing to go to the game.  I was sitting around really no more than waiting on the time to pass to go to the game.  My sister in law was over visiting my wife and they were talking bla bla bla.  Anyway at that time my sister in law worked in the office at the high school and the talk of Homecoming came up.  She stated that they students had voted on the queen that day and she told us who it was.  It wasn’t that big a news so the secret was safe with us.  I still remember her name after all these years, Martha Washington.  Anyway on to the game I go.  The chain gang did their job efficiently in the first half and settled in on the visitors bench to wait out the extended halftime Homecoming festivities.  A couple guys hauled butt to the restroom or concession stand or wherever and that left fellow chainsmen Glenn, Bob and myself sitting there staring at the field and the pageantry way over on the home sideline.  Back in those days each football player had to sponsor a Homecoming contestant so there were in the neighborhood of about 60 – 65 girls lined up on the field.  I nonchalantly looked over at Glenn and said “Glenn I believe I can guess who the Homecoming Queen will be”.  He quickly told me “there was no damn way”.  “Wanna bet?”  “Whatcha got?”  “Fifty”.  “You’re on”.  Now I kind of spoke a bit too soon as I had forgotten the name but I knew I would know it when I heard it so I told Glenn I would have to listen to the names as they are announced to get a feel for it.  He obliged and sat in silence while I listened for the name, and finally it came, Martha Washington.  After the last girl was announced Glenn looked over at me and said “alright smartass who is it?”  I said “I believe it will be Martha Washington.”  Well the announcer got right to work starting at the 5th runner up, then the 4th runner up, then the 3rd runner up, then the 2nd runner up, no Martha among them.  For some reason, Bob the third member among us and a strong Christian who probably didn’t believe in betting but was interested to see what was going to transpire, was grinning down his chest the whole time.  Like he knew, hell maybe he did.  Well the moment of truth had arrived and a voice boomed over the loudspeaker, “The New DHS Homecoming Queen for 19?? is…… Martha Washington!  Well Glenn shot off the bench like he’d been blown from a cannon running out onto the field about 20 yards screaming “there’s no way” there’s no way” over and over!!!  I’m sitting there legs crossed not moving, with I’m sure a smug look on my face, Bob’s laughing, Glenn has this shocked look of utter disbelief on his face.  Finally he’s standing there around about the hash marks on the field, remember this is all taking place right in front of the visitors grandstands, the folks there were probably wondering what the hell was going on.  With his shoulders slumped and slowly going for his wallet he started back for the bench.  Walking toward me in slow motion he opens his wallet and gives me the last bill in it, a $50.  He continued that that was his money for tomorrow’s Gamecock Game in Columbia.  I let it go for a few minutes and then busted out laughing, fessed up, gave him his fifty back, thanked him for the laugh and a story for years to come.  Every year at Homecoming someone will inevitably say “Steve, you remember the time you bet…..”?  That was about the most fun you could have at a Homecoming without being chosen the queen!

Another Egg Layed….

The Team. The Team. The Team.

Another goose egg on the board.  The offense in my opinion did not start to click until the second half, probably an earful from the head man during halftime cured that.  One comment I heard was that it may be hard to get too pumped up for Mullins.  I will say this, let a lesser team hang around and get some confidence, and you’ll have a fight on your hands at the end!  It would have only been 14-0 at the half if it was not for a late first half pick six.  Regardless I knew pretty quick Mullin’s was not going to score unless we slipped up somewhere.  We didn’t, final 49-0.  This defense is frighteningly good.