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I Wuz Gypped….

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!

The Michigan – Western Michigan game was called due to weather with 1:27 still remaining in the 3rd quarter.  UM was up 34 – 10 and was just coming to life.  My wife and I were heading over to the sports bar to finish it up.  No room at the inn, I mean NONE.  Back to the condo only to find it called.  I think the reason they called it was it was getting past 7:00 PM, it was getting dark with no signs of letting up and the Big House does not have lights, game lights anyway.  Yes we play under the lights next Saturday but those will be brought in.  I don’t want night game at the Big House, I love 12 noon starts.  Anyway I waited all summer for this?  I’m still wondering what we have as a team?!?

And At The End Of Three….

It was a scrimmage at best, Dillon High 43 – Latta High 0.  I’m not even going to gradeout the performance, it was that lopsided.  I work the chains on the sidelines and usually talk with the sideline judge throughout the game.  First he asked me how far apart the schools were and I told him about 7-8 miles, he replied that they were starting to trash talk.  It was late in the first quarter already and I wondered what was taking Dillon so long to get started.  They are kings at that.  Then in the second quarter he said, “I’m not saying this because you pull for Dillon but the Latta boys are just plain scared”.  “You can see it in their eyes”.  And the route was on.

There’s Never Been Another No#1….

Anthony Carter

….day to go.  I cannot believe kickoff is just a day away.  I hate 3:30 games.  Regardless let’s not take away from no#1.  AC or Anthony Carter was the wide receiver’s wide receiver.  He was exciting when catching passes was not.  He never dropped a past, punt or kick off.  That’s right he did it all, why not when he was a long legged talent waiting to explode every time he touched the rock.  He was Michigan’s first real threat as a receiver.  Check out perhaps the most exciting play in Michigan Football history.

Two Too Much….

Charles Woodson

…days to go until Michigan Football.  Charles Woodson was Michigan’s third Heisman Trophy winner.  Charles was a defensive back on the 1997 National Championship team who could literally cut the field in half, meaning he could defend half by himself.  He had tremendous closing speed.  He came to Michigan as a running back and towards the end of his college career he was getting alot of touches and making the most of them.  Defense was where he shined, how many defensive players have ever won the Heisman Trophy.  His interception against Michigan State will live on, not only in Michigan Football lore forever, but college football as a well.  See link below.  Wow!

Get Ready….

Tripp Welborne

…days to go.  Tripp Welborne was a defensive back who came to Michigan as a reciever but was quickly switched to the other side of the ball.  On the D side he became a two time All American.  Tripp also handled punt return duties and was pretty good at getting the ball upfield.  He had a tremendous vertical jump as he blocked more extra points and field goals than anyone before or since.  How he timed his run and leap into the line without being tagged offsides was beyond me.