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Who Let the Dawgs out….

Who ever it was was an idiot.  First off, the pre-game taunting by Marlboro County only made what was going to be a long night for them even longer.  Remember the Marlboro County vs Airport fight a few years back that banned both teams from the playoffs?  I’m glad, and somewhat surprised, the Wildcat’s didn’t play into it.  You don’t piss off a team who’s going to stomp your butt anyway, incentive to stomp it even more.  This was as hard hitting a game as a Dillon team had ever put on anyone I’d seen in Dillon Memorial Stadium.  The Marlboro County players must have got up Saturday morning wondering what had run them over.  Some hits were so hard brutal would be an understatement.  They were schooled 56 – 9.

And What a Wonderful Wiz He Was….


The trip was great!


Michigan won 31 – 3.  Workman like job to win, and, there were a few exciting moments.


Travel was uneventful, no problems.


The weather was cool, but tolerable.  Gameday morning was a bit cool but great by gametime.


The hotels, food, shopping and site seeing were really enjoyable.


1500 miles?? Yea it was worth it!

And I had a great travel partner too!

Dumb and Dumber….

Dumb is as dumb does.

Iran’s president predicted Tuesday that the two Americans, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, arrested while hiking along the Iraq-Iran border and sentenced to eight years in jail on espionage-related charges could be freed “in a couple of days” after a court set bail of $500,000 each.  Ok when these two get back to the US who’s in charge of beating the shit out of them.  All this time and effort to free two of the dumbest human beings on the planet.  These two apparently with the means to go hiking anywhere in the world chose to hike between Iran and Iraq.  One country has a civil war going on within itself and the other is a terrorist state.  Oh what could possibly go wrong?  We’re just going hiking.  Do they not know who Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is?  What he has done to lesser idiots?  Enough said, think about it.  And if I hear the word Hero used in reference to these two when they get back, look out!  There’s no telling what I’ll do!

Go Cat Go….

It seems like it gets easier every week.  This week the Dillon High Wildcats defeated the Wilson Tigers of Florence 48 – 0.  The Tigers used to be a good team and gave us trouble time to time but they did not show it Friday night.  A Tiger fan told a friend of mine before the game that night that our shutout steak “comes to and end tonight”, as we had shutout the three previous opponents.  The only thing we should have shut out were the lights!  Play the bye next Friday, see ya in two weeks.

No Title Would Do It Justice….

That's it, over!

I’m not going to go on and on, only because I don’t want to, but I could, easily!  The “Under the Lights” game at the Big House last Saturday night was one for the ages.  I have been following UM Football for about 37 years and I have never seen an ending like that ever.  The 1994 UM Notre Dame game had a game winning drive that was full of big plays and FG win that probably is still the best, in my mind, as a game winning drive.  But the last drive here, 3 plays 80 yards in 30 seconds was beyond belief.  It wasn’t a great drive.  It wasn’t a drive at all.  It was two plays of pure excitement!  When Robinson completed the pass to Gallon and he was running with no one around him at the 50 and closing ground in ND territory fast, I truly could not believe what I was seeing.  Surely this can’t really be happening.  Only seconds earlier I thought it to be possible, but very improbable, even with Denard at QB.  This is why college football fans and team junkie’s like me exist.  It’s like being a gambler, every now and then you hit a jackpot, and God you can’t wait for the next one!