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We’re In The Short Rows Now….

Jim Harbaugh

…days to go.  Jim Harbaugh was another Field General who always seemed to do the right thing at the right time. Except he one time guaranteed a Michigan victory over Ohio State, which didn’t sit well with coach Bo who told the team they needed to back up Mr. Harbaugh’s big mouth.  Jim was a scrambler, not that I mean he took off down field running, he mostly stayed in the backfield running around until a reciever came open and then he ususally delivered.


Happy Something....

Well here we are, 100 posts old, and damn I must say we don’t look a post over 80.  Way back when I was just really trying to develop a website to mess around with, have some fun and the next thing you know, 100 posts.  Holy crap!  It’s hard posting frequently, sometimes not so much but none the less it can be a chore.  You forget your ideas, busy schedules and the such make it an effort to keep up.  Regardless I’ve had fun doing it. Don’t really know if I have that many followers because I can’t figure out how to put a counter on the site, but anyway, I’m following.

Five, Count Em, Five….

Tate Forcier

….days to go.  Tate Forcier was a freshman starter and did a great job for just being thrown in there.  He took alot of crap but proved to be tough as nails, however he eventually transfered.  A real scrambler and you alway had that feel he would march the team to a score when needed.  He deserves to be no#5 here.


As Good of Entertainment as There Is!

Time passes and we all evolve into something an bit more, shall we say, subdued.  Damn I really hate to think that is the case, I used to be able to run with the best of them.  Never the less I find myself enjoying the conservative entertainment that is National Public Radio.  I used to think it was just for geezers.  Hell maybe it is and maybe I’m that geezer.  Regardless I’m a pretty loyal NPR listener, I can’t remember the last time I listened to music radio on purpose.  I do but it’s rare.  With NPR you “will” find yourself well informed of the latest news and current events worldwide.  Some say it’s too liberal or conservative or whatever side they hate that day, I don’t even remember now.  I must not be that well informed politically because I can’t tell which side NPR is coming from, I just like the content.  Seems even to me.  Saturday’s starting at 10 AM lasting until 8 PM may be the best entertainment, most informative and interesting hours of the week.  At 10 AM we start off with the car guys.  The two brothers have a blast with whoever calls in with whatever car problem they have but in the end the advice seems to be spot on.  The people calling in get heckled pretty good but are appreciative of the assistance they receive.  The show is very entertaining and you might even learn something along the way.  Then we go into about two hours of live radio shows, host, audiences and everything.  They have news quizzes, call in players, interviews with the most unexpected people who tell tales of their lives that are really interesting.  After that it starts; My favorite show is “This American Life”.  Which are stories you would hear nowhere else.  Nowhere!  Simply fascinating, see my posts of February 15th and August 16th to get a feel for the type of shows you would hear.  Chance the bull, Second Chance the cloned bull, teachers in detention, Bob the super, the government takeover of a bank, the last days of a Circuit City store and so many others.  Some truly fascinating, hard to believe this stuff goes on and they take you behind the scenes of each one.  The show repeats on Sunday afternoon so sometimes I try and catch it again.  This is the best of NPR without a doubt.  The day ends with Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion.  Two hours of good old fashioned wholesome entertainment, music, jokes, skits, interviews and Garrison’s own “it’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon my hometown”.  Garrison rambles on and on about the goings on in small town America.  This show makes me think of a family gathered up around an old radio back in the day without TV’s listening intently to every spot.  Many a Saturday afternoon in my workshop I have made it the whole eight hours.

Nearer to Launch….

Tyrone Wheatley

…days left until Michigan football.  Tyrone Wheatley was not just fast, he was “Holy Crap That Guy Can Fly” fast.  Maybe the faster ever in a Michigan uniform.  As a running back he could hit the hole quickly and had power to back it up.  My favorite back of all time and third on the all time yardage list.  Check out the speed on the kickoff return Against Houston on the YouTube link below.

Two For The Show….

Enough Said!

The second game of the year for the DHS Wilcats turned in to yawner in less than one quarter with the final being a 35 – 0 win over the Lake View Wild Gators.  The final score is in no way indicitive of what could have been.  The score was 28 – 0 at the end of one quarter and the Wildcats had run only 5 offensive plays, there was one TD on a punt return.  The officials went to a running clock in the middle of the second quarter to lessen the misery and every player Dillon brought got plenty of playing time.  I like a little challenge but this week was not to be.  Grade out; defense A, offense A.  I think Lake View had alot to do with this.