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40 Day’s Of Summer….

Denard Robinson

Yes people we are 40 days away from Michigan Wolverine Football.  At approximately 12:06 PM on Saturday afternoon September 3, 2011 100+ Maize and Blue clad youngsters will burst out of the eastern sideline tunnel to start the 132nd year of Michigan Football.  Running toward midfield and jumping up to touch the M Club’s “Go Blue” banner on the way.  The band will be playing “The Victor’s”, the greatest fight song ever written and 113,000 fans will be going berserk.  This is without a doubt the best football entrance in college football today, TV does not do it justice.  See ya there!

Kickin Up Dirt….

"Joe Dirt Charger"

So I’m cruising around Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago trying to be the good typical Yankee who lives in the south tourist and inadvertently stumbled upon a genuine movie treasure.  Really by accident.  I thought I was going to spend my afternoon at the tool store.  Well that turned into a bust real quick and I was headed home forlorn over the fact that my afternoon had ended before it ever got off the ground.  When off on the horizon I spotted a museum called “Wheels of Yesteryear”.  Well not to be one to judge a book by it’s cover I paid the price and went in.  Most of the cars in there were muscle cars from the sixty’s, in great shape and certainly worth the price of admission to view.  This, as I learned, turned out to be the personal collection of one man.  That’s what I was told by a man who was behind the counter when I was exiting, I asked him if he was that man.  No, sadly he was not.  They even had a car like I had owned at one time, A 1976 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupe.  Some real beauties.  Well I turn a corner and what do I spot.  I wasn’t sure at first.  I rubbed my eyes, but it was the real McCoy.  The Joe Dirt Charger!  Thee car David Spade drove when he played a good hearted redneck who relives his life story on the radio in a search for his parents.  As you can see from the picture there was a good bit of movie memorabilia that was with it. Well the car is as it looks, somewhat.  It is a piece of crap on the outside and interior is awful, Hollywood did a great job seeing to that.  It really was not much to look at.  The movie memorabilia was very interesting, signed scripts, his clothes, mullet wig, etc.  Under the hood however is a different story.  That baby had one mean ass tricked out hemi engine, I guess Hollywood wanted a car that could move as well, and buddy it should. WOW!  Anyway how often does one bask in the glow of something once touched by Joe Dirt?  I was honored to spend time with it for one afternoon.

Damn Can I Pick Em Or What….

Way back on February 2, 2011 I wrote about the mirror comparison between boxing great Mike Tyson and golfing great Tiger Woods.  I noticed a similarity between their careers, their downfalls and the people around them.  To quote a paragraph from that story;

“Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, molded Tiger into the greatest player at anything on the planet.  Earl kept him grounded, kept him hungry, but most importantly kept him on the straight and narrow.  Early died almost two years ago and while it took a bit to catch up with Tiger, it still did.  The man who kept him focused was gone and Tiger spread his wings and now he is paying dearly.  Tiger then parted ways with Butch Harmon his golf coach.  Butch was with him from the beginning of his pro career and now all of a sudden he is out of the picture.  The only thing left is Steve Williams his caddie and he will be no match for Tiger’s wants or needs.”

Well today it happened.  Tiger and his caddie have parted ways.  I cannot imagine Tiger ever being the great he once was and like I said then he does have the talent.  I once thought he would blow away Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors, but now, even though he is only 4 to tie and 5 to beat, it I’m fairly convinced he won’t do it.

It’s a sad end really and I guess it’s not really the end, but in my book the saga and comparison just ended it for me.  Sure I’ll watch and see what he does in the golfing world, and everyone else will as well.

A Big Congratulations….

"Hello Heisman"

A big “Michigan Meets SC” congratulations to former Michigan wide receiver Desmond Howard.  Desmond was enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame this past weekend.  We can talk about his”retired number” later.

Desmond in his years at Michigan never dropped a pass, except once (and what a heartbreaker it was, overtime against MSU), and on fielding kickoffs and punts he looked as if he would go all the way every time.  He didn’t ofcourse, but he sure was exciting back there.

In 1994 Desmond got the college football world talking when after a punt return for a touchdown againsts Ohio State in a blowout game, he struck the Heisman Trophy pose.  See above XBOX 360 cover.  At that point in the season he had that honor all but wrapped up and as Legendary College Football announcer Keith Jackson said after the end of the run, “Hello Heisman”!

Desmond was a start student and an outstanding pro player as well.  He gives back to his school and many worthy charities.  Not many players come along with the skill and excitment as Howard had, but when they do you need to sit back and enjoy it.  Congrats!

The Rise and ….

Many wonder why the United States, the country with the greatest abundance of resources on the planet, would be floundering.  Instead of flourishing, we are, it seems imploding.  I was recently turned on to an article by St. Paul Minnesota Professor Joseph Olsen.  In it Professor Olsen was said to have studied many great democracies throughout history and sited two as likened to the situation that the US now faces.  The two he sited were “The Great Roman Empire” and “Alexander the Great”.  Olsen found that all great democracies only last a little over 200 years before they fall upon themselves.  While the United States was founded in 1776 and is now 235 years old the facts remain as they are.  All great democracies start out strong because everyone within them is God fearing, willing to work hard and forge ahead.  Wanting to make their own way.  Working and fighting side by side.  As time goes on and the democracy grows along with the government ruling it, we the commoners, the voters, begin to vote into power individuals that will give us something for nothing.  The folks seeking power promise an easier way, ie handouts, welfare, disability, unemployment etc.  Don’t get me wrong these all have a place in society, but they should not be a way of life.  It always kills me when I hear of the folks on the dole bitching about no cost of living increases!  What?  All these should have to be renewable resources, not life long entitlements.  As the handouts begin to take the form of everyday life and become expected the thing which made the democracy great goes out by the wayside.  Working hard and forging ahead is no longer needed and I can sit on my ass doing nothing because Uncle Sam will take care of me.  People will no longer need to take initiative or be inventive, hard working, responsible and the like.  Thus the fall begins. 

To quote Professor Olsen, “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence:
1.  From bondage to spiritual faith;
2.  From spiritual faith to great courage;
3.  From courage to liberty;
4.  From liberty to abundance;
5.  From abundance to complacency;
6.  From complacency to apathy;
7.  From apathy to dependence;
8.  From dependence back into bondage’

Professor Olsen believe the US is somewhere between complacency and apathy.  That’s between “status quo and not caring”.  I see apathy everyday.  I hate apathy!  I state apathy as a cause at work more than anything, people don’t care.  How do you cure apathy?  After a while of attempting to defeat the apathic among us, one wants to give up because you can’t compete with people giving or getting something for nothing.  Remember the housing bust.  People getting $1700 a month home mortgages when they couldn’t afford them, and worse yet financial institutions that gave them loans knowing they couldn’t afford it either.  Those folks wanted the heat but didn’t want to cut any wood.

All sides have two stories and exceptions to every rule.  There are hard working innovative individuals within our ranks and I try to be one of them.  I’m sure everyone of us at one point has been ready to say “screw this” and move on, but we didn’t.  I marvel at the last 50 or so years that have brought some of the greatest inventions not dreamed of and that have made society move forward.  I thank God we have individuals that work hard, that actually want to work, that have a sense of urgency.  It assures me that all is not lost and reinvigorates me to keep trying.  You always find individuals that will tell you something is not going to work, I tell them “well let’s give it a go and if it fails we’ll try something else, and if that fails we’ll try somehing else, and if that fails we’ll try something else, on and on.

This is also somewhat a generational thing as well.  How you were raised.  What were your beliefs?  What was expected?  Early on guidance may be killing us.  Like I said above, all sides have two stories and exceptions to every rule.  If apathy is “not caring about anyone or anything as long as you get yours” this country will not move forward!  If we took all the resources and inteligence in this country today and devoted it to this country, all things that tear a nation apart would be void of a place to land.  Remember John Kennedy in his State of the Union Address way back in the 60’s damn near dared anyone to screw with this country, and he also asked us to find out “what we could do for our Country”.  If we don’t, look out dependency.

A Tribute To,,, The Burger….

"Bow before your God!"

It’s about time we show our respect to an American tradition and I’m just the one to do it!  Anyone who knows me knows I love hamburgers.  If they were any better they would replace baseball as the national past time.  Hell I like em better than baseball!  As far as food goes for me there’s not much that beats a good burger.  On any given night burgers on the grill at my house is not too far fetched, it ain’t a weekend thing.  A burger can be prepared in so many different ways yet remains simple in it’s concept.  Meat and condiments between bread.  That’s it.  Who thought of that?  It starts at and revolves around the meat.  I don’t want a steak burger.  I don’t want an Angus burger.  I want hamburger meat.  Hamburger meat that has a bit of fat content is a must.  Why have a burger if it’s not juicy?  You can leave that lean stuff in the store, I want it dripping down my arms when I bite it.  If you can think ahead, marinating them in worchester and teriaki then adding a sprinkle of garlic powder will make an afternoon of waiting seem like an eternity.  It adds to the juiciness too.  I really don’t have a favorite everytime way of topping them, it’s just a mood at the time type thing.  Different day, different toppings.  Like I said I love them all ways, but when I want to really dress it up and do something extra I go for the grilled onions and top it with slightly melted provolone cheese.  We don’t do it often but when we do it’s about 20 minutes of sheer enjoyment.  I could go on and on about all the ways and combinations of toppings but I know I would miss one a feel bad about it later.  Now burgers don’t have to be done only on the grill outdoors, the flattop grill and even pan frying has a place and time.  Pan frying does come in a distant third through and we don’t have a flattop grill at the house, so the outdoor grill rules at home.  Not to change the subject but, why does beer taste better by a smoking grill?  I dunno.  Pan frying is for like cold rainy nights.  And I only say the flattop because I know several joints that have a mean flattop grilled burger.  I know a lot, a lot, of burger joints.  Patting them out to the proper thickness is a kinda have to be there type thing.  I really can’t explain it but it doesn’t have to be a foot thick.  The burger patty must meet or exceed the diameter of the bun regardless of size.  Ever take a big bite and hit all bread?  What a downer.  The bun has to be fresh, that goes without saying.  Why go to all the work a simple burger causes then have a bun a few days past it’s prime?  I don’t need the oversized gormet buns, regular size is fine, it’s all about what’s between them anyway.  In some cases they put sesame seeds on a bun?  You can’t taste them and what is a sesame anyway?  Whatever it is they got seeds.