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Help Thy Self Out….

I was going around the dial the other night as I normally do.  Really never stopping long enough to see what’s on one channel before hitting it to the next channel.  If someone is not getting shot or blown up it’s time to move on.  Anywho I paused on one of the news channels long enough to see a blurb about the newest unemployment figure that was just released.  As they always do they show some unemployment office somewhere with a long line snaking through the front lobby as they talk about the newest figures.  Not really paying attention to the voice over I studied the people in the line.  Most are probably unemployed due to their own self respect.  Long shirts hanging out, droopy drawers, hats on backwards, tats, piercings, etc, and they all have cell phones pasted to their noses.  How can so many unemployed people afford a cell phone, and good ones too?  We’re left as an audience to wonder why some of these folks can’t get a job and how dreadful it is out there in the job market.  I’m sure it no bed of roses out there getting a job but come on, at least get yourself presentable to an employer.  Make him remember you if something opens up later.  Make him wish there was an opening.  Make him want to fire someone so you can have that position, well maybe not that, but the point is….  I bet most of those in that line are not looking anyway.   Most of those folks would probably run out of that office screaming if someone said “hey something just opened up and I’m going to send you right over”.  There is a certain percentage of the population who for one reason or the other is unemployable, not sure what that percentage is but in this day and giveaway time I bet it’s around 4%-5%.  I want this country to turn around a begin to prosper but that will be a long event if the folks represented here don’t get a clue.

Different Era, Different Wars….

It’s sad to state that the US is fighting wars on three fronts, Iraq, Afganistan and Libya.  Yes we have troops in Libya, and God knows where else.  The sadder part is that most Americans don’t think about it very much, almost like it doesn’t exist.  Well it does!  Back in the Vietnam War days everyone thought about it everyday.  There were riots and demonstrations over the only war we were fighting.  It was all over the news all the time.  Canada’s population exploded with young men from the US running there.  Everybody and their brother was trying to get college exemptions.  Now we’re fighting three wars and no one seems to give a damn.  The lack of emotion is gone and let me tell you the reason, the war is not hitting close enough to home.  No I don’t mean the actual fighting, I mean the involvement.  You see back during the Vietnam War days there was a little thing every young man between the ages of 18 and 26 carried.  A draft card, and all you cared about was your number.  The wrong number turns up and your ass in in the middle of the fighting.  Think how things would change if the draft was reinstated.  Everyone knows a young man, and now days a woman, between those ages.  Everyone knows a loved one, a son, brother, cousin, friend, husband, wife, neighbor etc who would be eligible.  Imagine having a son aged 19 who everyday you hope his number doesn’t turn up.  Imagine a Senator or Congressman who has to make a decision over going to war when he himself has a child or grandchild of draft age.  I guess the decision would get a bit more difficult to make.  Parents and family members all of a sudden are very concerned over the direction of the war(s).  I remember back when I was 8-9 our back door neighbor’s son was killed in Vietnam, and I had two brothers both of draft age.  Imagine how my parents felt.  One of my brothers number did come up and let me tell you that was one long year for my family.  The political leaders of this country would get deluged with calls from concerned citizens.  The protests would probably return and with restraint are OK I guess.  The fact of the matter is that it would bring America closer together and wars would be a bigger issue if it become personal.  Basically now it’s fought by unknowns.  Yes we all know someone who’s been, but the fear is still non-existant.  I talked to a retired Army Colonel and he said if the draft was reinstated it would take approxiamtely two years for the services to gear up for it.  I’m not saying bring back the draft but I firmly believe this is one reason we get so easily involved in foreign matters, because the backlash is scant as best.  I bet if we had a draft we would not be fighting on three fronts!

Why Is It….

I’m going to start a new running series, yes a running series called “why is it”.  A running series?  How long will it run you ask?  As long as I damn well feel like it.  Or can think of crazy crap anyway.  Feel free to answer.


Why is it that people who live in mobile homes and erect an above ground pool always seem put them in the front yard?

God I Love This….

Chris Spielman was a MONSTER on the football field when he played for Ohio State.  He was everywhere on defense.  I’m no fan of OSU, although I don’t hate them, but this piece is classic in light of all the crap that’s going on with college players, money and boosters today.  ~~Steve

Ex-Buckeye / Lion – Chris Spielman has strong message for college athletes

The Detroit News

Chris Spielman, an All-American linebacker at Ohio State and Pro Bowl player for the Lions, has a strong message for college football players who run afoul of NCAA rules:

Learn to live within your means.  Spielman, 45, was a guest on Frank Beckmann’s show on WJR-AM 760 on Tuesday and his contempt for players who accept benefits from overzealous boosters was evident.

Beckmann raised the issue to Spielman by quoting former Ohio State defensive end Robert Rose, who told Sports Illustrated he traded school memorabilia for tattoos.  “I knew how much money that the school was making,” Rose told the magazine.  “I always heard about how Ohio State had the biggest Nike budget.  I was struggling, my mom was struggling. … It was just something that I had to do.”  Beckmann pointed out that the Big Ten has considered giving athletes additional money to cover living expenses such as travel to home.  This is how Spielman responded:  “I wouldn’t mind a stipend for players.  If the Big Ten wants to add a stipend … fine.  But here’s what I would say to any player:  “OK, you’re struggling with money.  How about this.  How about you rent an apartment with four guys, to cut down on your living expenses.  How about not getting the latest, greatest smart phone.  How about not downloading 100 dollars or 50 dollars worth of iTunes.  How about going to a discount retailer and getting a coat and a tie and wearing that every week.  How about not driving a (nice) car; get a used beater for a thousand bucks.  “How about doing things the right way.  How about sharing rides.  Let’s do that instead of thinking that you’re owed something.  “See my problem is we live — and we’ve got to be careful as parents — in a very narcissistic society because everybody believes they’re owed something.  Because we have Facebook and all these social networks and everybody thinks they’re a freaking star: Let’s post pictures online so everyone can see my great accomplishments.  “So until we get guys to realize it’s not about them, it’s about the team … And it’s OK to suffer a little bit financially while you’re in school, and you’re going to be better for it.   Then kids will make better decisions.  “But don’t whine to me about money when you’re getting free money already (scholarship, living expenses).   We’ll give you a little extra.  But, hey, sacrifice on the clothes, the cars, the electronic toys.  And maybe go without a PlayStation or an Xbox for a while, too.  See how that works.”

Don’t Forget….

I hope we have not forgotten the folks in Joplin MO, Birmingham AL, and all the devestation of Japan’s coast line.  Pray for these areas as I really don’t think we can imagine what’s it like in them.  I think we want to think we do, but we don’t.  God’s speed.

Home School Graduation Address….

Well our day has finally come.  We made it.  As I look out over this sea of eager young faces, 97% of which I’ve never seen before until a little while ago in the back room.  Ah remember all the crazy time we had back there?  Wow!  I’m honored to be chosen to give the commencement address.  Regardless as I look back on my school years as you are.  I know I won’t miss gym class where my mom sent me out every day to shoot baskets in the driveway or walk to the store for a loaf of bread.  I know I won’t miss the snotty little hall monitor who ratted me out when I was late for the dining room table, but she’s my sister and I love her anyway.  Or when I was sent to the Principal’s office in the living room to see what detention I would receive.  Usually I just had to wash my dad’s car on Saturday morning.  Not quite like the breakfast club, but it sure messed up an hour on Saturday.  Lunch time was a real hassle when I had to move to the other side of the dining room table away from my books to have my sandwich and Tang.  The prom made us all nervous.  Who to ask?  The thought of being turned down.  But we went forward and got through it, and I found out my cousin is a good dancer.  As we go forward from here our paths may cross again, they could have already crossed but since I’ve never seen any of you before who would know.  Years from now I’ll pull out our class year book and fondly cherish both signatures that are in it.  Thanks mom and dad.  I wish each and every one of you the best the world can offer, health, happiness and prosperity.  I also extend this promise to you.  If there is ever anything I can do for you just call.  See me afterward and I’ll tell you my name.