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Let’s Get Real….

Reality TV has taken over the nightly airwaves.  Everyone watches some reality TV, don’t say you don’t!  American Idol and Survivor are reality TV.  “Are You Smarter Than 5th Grader” is reality TV.  “Dancing With Yo Mama” is reality TV.  There are two types of TV viewer, those that watch reality TV and those that lie about it.  I watch reality TV.  I find it hard not to.  These shows supposedly unscripted, humorous, true to life adventures more than likely start out unscripted but as it goes on week after week the more they become staged.  He’s some I’ve watched and how I see them at this point.  Some I’m still hanging tight with.

American Pickers:  Frank and Mike.  I’m sure the places they go are searched out in advance but you got to admit they end up in some pretty cool digs.  What happens on a picking site is good entertainment, unscripted and humorous.  This may be my favorite.

Operation Repo:  Gave up on this.  It was getting too scripted.  Matt the tough guy never really beat up anyone, even when he had good reason too.  One episode Matt and Froy went to repo a painters van.  When they got there it was really two young kids in new painting outfits with paint dabbed on them to make it looked like they were painters and the van was damn near empty.  A painters van empty!  Empty!  A painter van?  Holy crap.  Usually you can’t get air in a painter van it’s so crammed with crap.  Anyway one of the kids rolled some paint on Matt during the encounter.  If there was ever a reason for an ass whipping that was it.  Nothing!  Luis the owner of the repo company takes his dughter along on some repos and has to constantly keep her out of harms way and gets pissed when anyone confronts her.  WHY TAKE HER?  LEAVE HER HOME!  What a distraction.  Sonya always has a clipboard with the repo papers clipped to it and wants to show the owners the orders but gets testy when they try to take hold of the clipboard and see them.  Jesus just make some copies and bring them along to give them.  Turn the channel on this one.

Diners, Drive Inns and Dives:  Another favorite.  Guy Fieri is a great guide and the situations are humorous and most of the time mouth watering.  My only beef is (get it? beef? ha!) that they mostly go to diners, very few drive inns and have almost given up on dives.

Hard Core Pawn:  A pawn shop in Detroit’s tough 8 Mile neighborhood.  I like this even though it has alot of staged parts.  The owner Les Gold seems to be a pretty good guy, he’s all about the dollar, but still all in all ok in my book.  His son Seth is the manager of the business and is a bit more forward thinking than Les is, but still all in all ok in my book.  Les’s daughter Ashley, needs to go away.  Where ever there is turmoil there’s Ashley!  She constantly undermines Seth and if she worked on the issues of the shop as much as she bitches about them to Seth and what he’s going to do, there would be none.  I lost a little faith in HCP being staged when in this one scene this girl comes in to pawn earrings.  Les offered one price, she demanded another and they had words and stares.  After a bit of a heated exchange they carried her out and lo and behold there was a audio transmitter clipped to the back of her jeans.  Damn!  A great scene ruined at the end.  No sweat I’ll be back next next week to watch again.

Pawn Stars:  A pawn shop in Vegas.  Maybe not staged but all rehearsed.  He’s the gist.  Guy comes in, has somethig really unique, Rick can’t make an offer because he’s unsure of it’s authenticity, he’s got a “Buddy” who would know, they bring him in, he appraises it for say $5,000.00, afterwards Rick pisses and moans about all it’s flaws, then offers $12.00, and the dumbass usually sells it.  While the buying and selling I think are somewhat reheasered, the horseplay between Rick, The Old Man, Corey and Chumlee are staged as hell.  But I watch off and on anyway.

Storage Wars:  Bidding on abandoned storage units.  Kind of interesting and I can’t tell if it’s staged too much, if any.  Abandoned storage units are opened, you get to look for five minutes without entering or touching anything and then the bidding begins.  Pretty simple really.  The only funny part is that there are usually about 50 people attending these auctions but no one ever wins the auctions but the four main characters.  It is sometimes interesting what they find in these units, sometimes valueable stuff.  One week it was a fairly large coin collection, another week it maybe antiques.  Why do the owners of these units not go clean out the good stuff before abandoning the rest??

Lizard Lick Towing:  Another repo show.  Staged as hell!  Hell I say!  They always get caught during the repo.  There is always a fight.  These fights however have yet to see one punch thrown.  It’s all one big wrestling match everytime.  Bobby the tough guy has not laid out one jack leg yet.  He usually pins the guy down until Ron can hook and book.  The owner Ron, does have more southern sayings than a dog has fleas though.  One week they repo’d a motorcycle that belonged to a motorcycle club.  This would be the death card for most people.  Not Ron and Bobby.  The club shows at the repo yard, breaks out the front door glass, enters and is looking for payback.  What happens?  One big wrestling match!  Holy cow, Ron’s wife Amy broke it up.  Either staged or they were one hell of a wussie motorcycle club.  Turn the channel on this one.

See you again next week, same bat time, same bat channel!!  Anyone remember that?