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So sad rushing the season….

On Christmas day at 12:15 PM, I looked at the time, I was sitting in the living room drinking coffee looking out the window down the block.  I spotted a neighbor lady who was fiddling with electrical cords to her lawn Christmas decorations.  I thought she had an issue and was trying to straighten it out or get the lights working or something.  Anyway the next thing you know off she goes with the decorations in hand.  TAKING THEM DOWN!  My god it was noon Christmas day!  Heck I wasn’t even out of my jammies yet.  People please remember Christmas is a season, not a day.

Patience in the new year….

The word patience is in my vocabulary but not in my system.  I have told myself many many times that “I am going to take my time” whatever the deed.  What’s the hurry?  Who’s watching?  No matter as it turns into a race once again.  I wish I had the self control to slow down, look around and let the world pass me by from time to time.  I’m always trying to whip its butt.  “The patience of Job” was a saying my father-in-law used a few times, but he wasn’t talking about me I can tell you that.  I really can’t even separate the lazy from the slow moving and both get classified the same by me, it’s not fair I know, but…  Taking my time is not a virtue I will pass on.  I know some people who seem too relaxed to be alive but everything under their control is handled.  How do they do it?  When do they do it?  How do they get everything accomplished?  Damn if I know!

Let’s look back shall we….

     January and February 2010 was devoted to the purchasing of a condo at the beach.  This is something I have always wanted, a weekend get-away place.  Kristie certainly had no objections, in fact it was her comments that got the ball rolling.  Anyway in early March we signed the papers and never looked back.  Never a what if, never a hitch in the deal.  It was meant to be.  We used the hell out of it, becoming beach bums all summer.  God I love that place.    

     Not missing a beat and during this time and further into the year was the planning of our daughter Jill’s wedding.  Although I really didn’t have much to do with the planning except to get the dough to pay for it.  I drove my wife crazy with all the “how much for this” and “how much for that” conversations.  Little did I know what was to come.    

     In June on one of my many beach trips, I used anything I could to get down there, I wrecked my truck, or should I say a young girl wrecked it for me.  After six weeks in a rental and alot of frustrations it was declared totaled and I bought a new vehicle.  Probably about time anyway, 10 years in the old one was long enough.    

Michael and Jill

Jill found a great guy, and in October the wedding came off without a hitch.  I mean NONE!  What a blast the reception was.  Ten times better than I thought it would be. Unbelieveable.  One of the best parts was the fact that my brother, sisters and a neice came down for the wedding with their families.  That made it extra special to have some of my family there.  Sort of like old times and weddings up north.  Jill and Kristie spent countless hours planning this day and boy, “did they strike gold”!    

     About this same time my wife’s Schnauzer became ill from bladder stones.  The after effects from the surgery were awful and we were worried to death about him.   After a week in the hospital and many sleepless nights he recovered.  We’re both so happy that he is back to his old self.  He is without a doubt the biggest non-human thing that makes me the happiest.    

     “The Dillon Debacle”.  I drag chains for the local high school football games on Friday nights and have become a pretty strong fan of the Dillon Wildcats.  Going into the season they were figured to be a contender for the State AA title once again, they were currently two time defending champions.  The Cat’s went undefeated through the regular season and playoffs, with the only real threat being the Lower State Championship game which they scored with 16 seconds left to win.  I said before the playoffs started that “the only team that can beat Dilllon, is Dillon”.  They headed to Columbia undefeated at 14-0 to face Central Pageland for the third time in three years.  The Cat’s pretty much controlled the game and took a 17-7 lead with 3:30 left to play.  “Central can’t score twice in 3:30 the way they have been playing”, I thought.  Dillon went into a sort of prevent defense and sort of let Central score with 1:20 left on the clock, 17-14 Dillon.  Well the onsides kick was enevitable.  Central has no kicking game and Dillon easily recovered on it’s own 35, 1:12 to go.  Now to run out the clock, Central has two timeouts.  First play was a run into the line, gain two, Central burns a timeout, clock at 1:08 to play.  Then, forwhatever reason, on second and eight the Dillon QB throws a pass to the left flat where the reciever has it go through his hands, off his chest and into the waiting arms of a Central defender.  He returns it to the 25, hit late out of bounds and the ball ends up on the 11 yard line after the penalty with :58 to go.  Two plays later Central is in the endzone with the game vitually over.  It was so unbelievable that I was weak.  I have never witnessed such a turnaround of events.  IT WAS OVER!  RUN THE BALL!  TAKE A KNEE!  This will go down in the annals of Dillon Football forever and how it’s remembered I can’t say.  Dillon has a great coach, probably the best in the state.  This was Dillon’s best team pound for pound I can remember, it had no weaknesses.  But I still think what could have been.  See ya next fall.  

     Shortly before the holidays Kristie had to spend a few days in the hospital for a irregular heartbeat.  I didn’t see any alarm bells going off with the hospital staff so my worries were calmed somewhat by that.  I think my wife is resigned to the fact that this is something she may have to live with.  Still off to see a cardiologist next year.    

     The Holidays were fine and the day after Christmas brough 4″-5″ of snow, a winter wonder land.  I enjoyed the time off at home.