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I’m Confused….

If the ACLU wants everyone to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” doesn’t that mean they admit there is Christmas?  What other holiday is there?  What other holiday do they mean?  It would make more sense to me, not that I agree with it, but it makes better sense for them to try and stop it all together.  Right or wrong here?

We Had A Blast….

Daniel and Mary Francis

At the wedding of Daniel and Mary Francis.  The wedding was beautiful, officiated by the groom’s brother Scott.  The wedding party was large but it was carried off very well.  The reception was great, dining, drinking and dancing.  We closed that mother up!  What a night!  Congratulations Daniel and Mary, you got a great life ahead of you.

Jill, Michael, Austin, Ginny, Mickey & Kristie.

Happy Birthday To….

The Birthday girl. Yes you are! Yes you are!

Jill used to celebrate her birthday all week.  Go figure!  She had something planned every night it seemed.  Now she’s whittled it down to just a weekend, a three day weekend that is.  She just may be the bestest daughter in the world.  I hope your Birthday is as wonderful as you are.  Your mother and I love you very much!  Enjoy the last day of your birthday weekend, Monday May 7th, which is actually your real Birthday!  Whew!

Love Mom & Dad.