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No Justice, No Peace….

As of late one protest seems to spark another and the whole nation holds in collective breath every time you hear of a police action against an African American for whatever reason.  The marchers in these so called “protest marches”, which for the most part so far; have been just lead-ins to rioting and looting.  I’m OK with marching peacefully to get your point across but that point goes away real quick when you start looting and burning down the businesses and buildings around you, and in your own neighborhood to boot.  Figure that out.   Many of the protester walk along with their hands in the air mimicking the act of being arrested.  Seems to me that if the people their marching for would have done this when officers initially came to confront them, the minor situations which the police were there for would not had gotten out of control resulting in their deaths.  The man in New York City selling bootleg DVD’s or CD’s decided instead of being arrested and paying a small fine, he would fight five cops.  If you decide to fight five cops “YOU WILL LOSE”!  The SC man, who instead of sitting in his car as told to do so, decides to run.  Did I mention he was a wanted felon?  The young man in Fergusen MO who had just committed a strong arm robbery disregards an officers request to get out of the street decides a confrontation with him would be a better option.  It goes on and on.  The solution to all this is pretty simple really.  If a cop tells you to stop, you stop.  If he tells you to stand over there, you stand over there.  Stay in your car, stay in your car.  Not too hard.  All of these incidents as far as I can tell were pretty minor situations that as a result of the perpetrators actions escalated out of control.  So doesn’t it look a bit silly to be walking down the street with other protesters with your hands in the air which if that action would have happened in the first place they wouldn’t be marching and looting?  I want to say it’s almost ironic, it’s not, it’s sad.  The people of Baltimore kind of saw this and the protests and looting which happened, terrible as it was, were over quickly as the residents realized this was not the answer.  People we need the police.  As bad as some want to say we don’t, and show no respect for, we need them!  Recently a black sportscaster, a very outspoken sportscaster, said, “go ahead and take the police out of the hood, in two weeks it will be like the wild west and you’ll be begging for them to come back”.  Right now it’s all quiet on the western front.  I hope the spark of protest doesn’t return.

Ferguson MO….

I found this on-line and found it rather raw but at the same time right on point.  I researched it as well as I could and found it to be true through the author’s website and a few other various sites.  I did not want to post some imposters, from their point of view, improper rant.  Interesting piece however it will not set in with anyone and will eventually be lost in the shuffle.  Read at your own risk.

Not Me Officer….

Tuesday night Major League Baseball played their annual Allstar game.  I used to give a hoot, now I really don’t give a crap about all those overpaid self-entitled crybabies.  Anyway according to sportscenter about the fifth inning this young guy comes out of the stands running onto the field.   Security was on the ball, as they have to be now a days, and slammed his ass to the turf about the time he was closing in on second base.  Yer out!  So they cart his butt off and charge him with interruption / interferring with a sporting event.  The attendane that night was 45,147, I’ve got to figure 75% were in their seats and were witness to when the running man hit the field.  So the next day they take him in for his arraignment and he pleads “not guilty”!!!  Are you kidding me?  As baseball goes it doesn’t get much bigger outside of the World Series itself, and hell if he would have moved over to shallow center field he’d would have been smack dab in the center of the field.  Does no one take any kind of responsibility for anything they do today.  Not guilty!  Really?  He gets out of this one and I tell you, “it’s a free for all”.

Big News Week….

I hope we don’t see another either.  First off two brothers actually placed bombs at the site of the Boston Marathon and injured a couple hundred, including killing three people, all of which were doing nothing more than watching the end of the marathon race.  All this debate over gun control and in the past week we have had gun violence, a mass bombing and a stabbing event at a small college.  Do we need gun control or people control?  I do believe we need to register all guns just like we do cars but let’s end the debate, it’s not going anywhere.  Violence will occur if a person has it in their head to make it happen.  What I do find fascinating is that the bombers were caught so fast.  I knew they would be caught, what with all the video cameras in big cities nowadays it was really just a matter of time.  I figured they would run for it, but hell they stuck around like a couple of idiots and the FBI ran them down in four days.  The city of Boston on lock-down for 22 hours, holy crap!  When if ever have you heard of such a thing anywhere much less a city the size of Boston.  Are people so desensitized to violence and killing that it means nothing to some anymore?  Why would you take the lives of innocents if your mad at a government or an ideology?  You’ll change neither.

The other news events; a massive earthquake in China, a scale 7.2 as I remember, and the explosion in West, Texas of a fertilizer factory.  Both taking many more lives, but were the under card to the Boston Bombing.  I heard a story on the news about a guy who crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon just as the bombs exploded.  Hours later he boarded his plane back to West, Texas where he lived 1/4 mile from the fertilizer factory that blew up on him Wednesday night.  Talk about being jinxed, uninjured, but jinxed.  Only good thing about the week was we didn’t have to hear the boy king in North Korea running off at the mouth.

ACLU Lawsuit….

The ACLU is bringing a lawsuit on behalf of a man who was refused access to Face Book or any other social medias as well.  On a side note, have you ever looked at all the suits and the types of suits the ACLU files?  It is unbelieveably crazy?  How do these people live with themselves?  This man is a convicted sex offender, now paroled, but was denied access because he is not to have any interaction with children and these medias may allow him to interact and do just that.  It’s a state law now being challenged by these idiots.  Let’s see here, the ACLU has no problem letting a convicted sex offender possibly interact and talk with children and God knows what else, but they do not want prayers in public.  Someone make me understand.

Candy Smokes In The News….

Told you they looked like Pall Malls.

I’m not going to say I’ve seen it all but the owners of an old-school soda shop in St. Paul, Minn., are being warned to kick the habit and stop stocking novelty candy cigarettes.  City inspectors threatened the shop with a misdemeanor citation and a $500 fine if Lynden’s Soda Fountain is caught selling the fake smokes again.  I wonder how they caught them, probably sent in an 8 year old undercover agent.  As I understand it the offering violates an ordinance barring the sale of candy smokes and cartoon character lighters.  Really?  A city spokesman says the warning came after inspectors received and looked into a complaint about the presence of the tobacco-themed products.  The ordinance was enacted to discourage youngsters from picking up a real smoking habit.  The shop owner says the white candy sticks with the red tips were the best-selling item but they pulled them to avoid running afoul of the ordinance.  I cannot believe that someone has enough time on their hands to search out tobacco related products in stores that violate the ordinance and turn them in to the health department.  Is selling an ashtray a violation?  It’s tobacco themed!  What about matches? 

Beware the purple ones!

Hell when I was eight years old I was a two pack a day candy cigarette smoker / eater?!?  The boxes even kind of resembled a pack of Pall Mall’s.  About eight years later I was hitting the real ones, yeah I can see that?!?  You really just put it your mouth for a minute and then chomped it down, lit end and all.  I really liked the bubble gum cigarettes with the paper around them and if you blew through it the powered sugar flew out the other end and it looked like real smoke.  Never considered my friends health and the dangers of second hand powered sugar smoke.  As an occasional weekend cigar smoker I guess I have the bubble gum cigars to blame.  Probably was the purple grape flavored ones.  This ordinance was enacted to discourage youngsters from picking up the real smoking habit, let me ask you, using this same logic wouldn’t real cigarettes lead to candy ones?

You Can’t Make This Up….

Remember a post or two back I said that parents need not turn a blind eye to the problems of their children, or others, if they deem that they may be a threat to society?  In December a young man, Sammy Chavez, was arrested in Oklahoma as he had planned an attack on his High School.  I believe he wanted to organize an assembly, then lock the doors to the gym and blast away.  Even going so far as planting bombs for when the police arrived.  He was trying to obtain diagrams of the facility and was actively recruiting help at school in carrying out his plan, also a bad idea as he was ratted out, thank God!  After his arrest his mother, Jesse, said he would never have done it, and that he liked to pull pranks like this.  He was just mad because he thought other students were talking about him behind his back.  Bad part is he had most of his plan written down, sorry mom but your damn blind, or an idiot.  They’re going to be talking about him behind his back now, unless he comes up with the one million dollar bail to get out of jail and back to school.  After all it was one big prank, right mom?


I think every school in America should have had an assembly the first of the year, reviewed the shootings and the other school crime issues that have occurred and face these young people and tell them; “this is our school”, “we are in this together”, “help protect it, and do whatever you have to do to protect it and those in it”, “there are more of us than there are of them”, and make it an us against them message.  There is strength in numbers.

Various, In The News….

The man who plead guilty, Jared Lee Loughner, to the shooting rampage that killed six and wounded Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was sentenced by Judge Larry Burns to seven life terms in prison.  How screwed up has our legal system become that a judge would have to sentence a man to seven life terms to make sure he really serves the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of getting out?  He only plead guilty because the state said they would seek the death penalty if he didn’t.  Based on that, guilty as hell I say!


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg order gas rationing on the odd even system.  Going by license tags and basing it on how your tag number ends, either odd or even, you can only get gas on a days date that matches your tag.  I remember getting caught up in this back in the 70’s, they did the same thing during that gas shortage then.  You’d pull into a service station after a considerable wait, the attendant would check out your tag, and then stick his head in the drivers window to see how much gas you had.  If you were over half, no gas for you!  I can’t remember if there was a limit on how much you could get, but think so.


A Michigan man, Raulie Casteel, who randomly shot at moving cars along interstate 96 near Detroit was charged today with those crimes.  A driver of one of the cars targeted miraculously got an id on the shooter and the police tracked him down.  Only one person was hit in the shootings and he got it in the butt.  Now for the real astonishing part; his mother, Lana Hunt of Brooksville FL, when asked for comment told the Detroit Free Press that her son “might be mentally ill but refuses to see a doctor.” “It’s not in his character to go around shooting at people.”  “That’s just not him.”  “That’s somebody else.”  “That’s somebody that’s disturbed,” she told the newspaper.”  I cannot describe the idiocy of those comments.  Based on those same comments we might want to check out mom too.  Holy Crap!

Little Girl In The News….

Anytime a young person is injured by gunfire it’s tragic.  Most times the incident is an unfortunate accident of some sort.  When a 13 year old girl is targeted by a terrorist group simply because she expressed a want for peace through a written blog you have to wonder what’s sacred anymore.  I haven’t read that blog but she wanted a peaceful existence for her fellow Pakistani countrymen and the violence to end.  Malala Yousafzai wrote those thoughts and for her efforts she was rewarded with a gunman’s bullet to the head.  A 13 year old girl was actually targeted for death by a group opposing peace.  She survived and is getting better.  This is unfathomable to me.  The country of Pakistan should be nuts with outrage.  The people there should be taking matters into their own hands in regards to this group.  The United States should have it’s ear to the wall and if it even thinks it hears of Pakistan government knowingly harboring the Taliban, the group who claims responsibility for the shooting, and their activities we should pull the plug on the defense and go on the offense.  I still believe they had to know Bin Laden was right under their noses but anyway….  Screw asking for permission to operate there looking for this group.  Just do it, and dare the Pakistani’s to get in the way.  If they don’t care about their own people and the elimination of the Taliban step aside and we’ll do it.  I’m tired of the United States having to tippy toe around these governments doing what they should be doing for themselves, risking our soldiers lives, and having to kiss their officials asses at the same time.  I don’t hear much from the adults of Pakistan but I’m glad at least 13 year old girls want peace in that country even if the rest don’t.

On The Hot Seat….

A woman is suing the Dallas Cowboys organization because she went to a Cowboy preseason game and as she was waiting outside Cowboy Stadium she decided to sit down on one of the benches.  Anyway this bench had apparently baked in the sun all day and she claimed she received 3rd degree burns on her butt leading to skin graphs.  I wonder, where did they get the skin for her butt?  And Holy Crap how long does it take to discover a seats hot before you get up?  What did she do sit there and sizzle?  As I understand it the marble bench carried no warning sign stating anything to the effect that it might be hot on a hot day.  Oh yeah did I mention this happened back in August 2010.  Maybe that’s how long it took for the pain to get to her brain from her butt.