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Mastering It….

Lucky hole #13
Lucky hole #13

Have you ever been to a place that’s so well kept and manicured that it’s inconceivable the amount of work that would have to go into it on an almost constant basis. Have you ever been to a place like this that makes you feel welcome and proud at the same time that your there to enjoy it.  This place does exist and it’s in Augusta Georgia.  I had the pleasure not long ago of crossing off my bucket list a want that’s been building and building for the past several years and finally came to be a few weeks ago.  Attending the Master’s Golf Championship!  Unless you win the ticket lottery you will pay a premium price for the pleasure.  I fortunately didn’t have to do either and am extremely grateful for the opportunity a friend gave me.  The Master’s Golf Course is a place like no other I’ve ever seen as a past golfer, and I’ve played quite a number of nice courses.  There is nothing out of place, nothing!  Looking back I find it’s set up for the “Patrons” or visitors as much as it’s set up for the golfers that play there.  Maybe more so.  I ended up walking the entire course and took in many of the side events and history the golf club offers.  I figured when the day was said and done I had walked more than six miles and only sat one time for about 15 minutes.  I made the most of the opportunity and when I hit the car at days end I was spent.  Watching on TV is fine, but to experience it first hand and then take it in on TV brings it into a greater context.  This course, set up to the way the pros play it would eat the lunch of the average hacker.  I stood on many of the fairways scratching my head wondering how I would play certain holes if given the opportunity.  I’m still wondering.  It is relentless with trips up and down hills with added sloping one way or the other and the greens are just as undulating and lightening fast.  TV brings you there but in no way gives you the real feel for what the course offers.  All that said it’s no longer on my list, but I wouldn’t mind doing it again.  Trying to pass on the experience to others always ends in the same statement “you gotta see it to believe it!

Bowl Game Glut, A Recap….

When I said I resigned myself to watch as many bowl games as I could I wasn’t kidding.  I viewed quite a number even if it was not the whole game I still saw a great deal.  Get a load of some of those bowl game names, I love it.  Many of the games were poorly attended but the players played like it was a full house.  The games even produced big emotions at the end many times.  Good for the players, the coaches and the fans.  That’s what it’s all about, right?  Damn straight.  See you in September.

New Orleans Bowl – Boring.  Hell even I couldn’t get into it, but I did watch most of it.

LA Lafayette 13  Nevada 3

Potato Bowl – Why is it every game I watch in this stadium, Boise State with the blue rug, it’s always snowing or raining or something crappy.  It looked like there were about 17 people there.  Of course bringing in teams from far off didn’t exactly help attendance.

Air Force 38  Western Michigan 24

Camellia Bowl – Bowling Green throws the Hail Mary to win it, otherwise forgettable.

Bowling Green 33  South Alabama 28

Miami Beach Bowl – Big fight at the end.  Bad ending to a good hard fought game.

Memphis 55  Brigham Young 48

Boca Ratan Bowl – Marshall had one receiver with 18 catches.  Marshall rolls.

Marshall52  Northern Illinois 23

Pointesettia Bowl – Navy pulls out a squeeker at the end.  Good low scoring game.

Navy 17  San Diego State 16

Bahamas Bowl – Central Michigan makes a hell of a comeback only to miss the two point conversion to win it at the end.

Western Kentucky 49  Central Michigan 48

Hawaii Bowl – Rice rolls.  I was very surprised here.

Rice 30  Fresno State 6

Heart of Dallas Bowl – Actually I thought Illinois was the better team but they kept self destructing.

Louisiana State 38  Illinois 17

Quick Lane Bowl – This surprised me too.  Is Rutgers that good?

Rutgers 40  North Carolina 21

Military Bowl – The only fumble fumble touchdown play I ever saw

Virginia Tech 33  Cincinnati 17

Independence Bowl – Good competitive game.

South Carolina 24  Miami 21

Pinstripe Bowl – Penn State acted like they won the National Title at the end.  That’s what the bowls are all about.

Penn State 31  Boston College 30

Holiday Bowl – Prayer not answered at the end.  Why did Nebraska let their coach go?!?

USC 45  Nebraska 42

Russell Athletic Bowl – The Tigers could do NO wrong.  The Sooners are better than this showing.

Clemson 40  Oklahoma 6

Music City Bowl – Good competitive game.  ND re-finds it’s life.  FG to win.

Notre Dame 31  LSU 28

Peach Bowl – Over before it started.  TCU tries to make a point.

TCU 42  Ole Miss 3

Fiesta Bowl – Boise quarterback play was outstanding.

Boise State 38  Arizona 30

Orange Bowl –  The Ramblin Wreck’s triple option is hard to contain.

Georgia Tech 49  Mississippi 34

Outback Bowl – First OT game of the bowl season was great ending to a great game.  Maybe the best bowl game of the bowl season.

Wisconsin 34  Auburn 31

Cotton Bowl – The Bears blew it.  Bad!  Now this may be the best bowl game of the season.

Michigan State 42  Baylor 41

Rose Bowl – Ducks speed ruled the day.  The turnover didn’t hurt either.

Oregon 59  Florida State 20

Sugar Bowl – Alabama beat at their own game.  Good competitive game however.

Ohio State 42  Alabama 35

Alamo Bowl –  The game doesn’t matter.  Bill Snyder is a favorite coach of mine.

UCLA 40  Kansas State 35

Birmingham Bowl – Good journeyman game.  Gators one step ahead the whole way.

Florida 28  East Carolina 20

GoDaddy Bowl – Speed speed hurry up speed and more speed.  Really no fun to watch, so I stopped in the first.

Toldeo 63  Arkansas State 44

National title Game – Buckeye’s literally beat up the Ducks, badly.  An ass whipping at it’s finest, and with a third string quarterback too.

Ohio State 42  Oregon 20


Didn’t see any of the:

New Mexico Bowl

Las Vegas Bowl

St. Petersburg Bowl

Sun Bowl

Liberty Bowl

Texas Bowl

Belk Bowl

Foster Farms Bowl

Citrus Bowl

Armed Forces Bowl

TaxSlayer Bowl

Cactus Bowl

Capitol One Bowl Week, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year….

I think there are somewhere around 38 bowl games this year. Some want to get rid of the lesser bowl games.  Why?  Let the kids who sweated all fall go on a trip, usually somewhere warm, play football, and have some fun.  It’s a reward for the work.  The players act like the just won the National Title when they win one of these so called lesser bowls.  I say let capital-one-bowl-2010em have the fun!  With the football playoffs at 4 games, these lesser bowls still have meaning to the people who particiapte in them.  If the masses have their way and we go to 8 teams or even 16 teams in the playoffs, the tradition of the bowls is over.  My opinion, anything after 4 teams in the playoff crowns a tournament champion, not a real National Champion based on their season’s play.  But that’s just me.  I enjoy the Utah’s, the Utep’s, the Bowling Greens etc etc etc, the minor bowl games and so forth.  As College football gets closer and closer to the edge of ruin I’m just trying to enjoy what is left and what it was built upon.

Field of Dreams….

"The Big House"
“The Big House”

My neighbor is one of those guys who cuts his lawn every Sunday morning like a good heathen should.  Hey I live in the south and anything outside of making a green bean casserole categorizes you as a heathen if you do it on Sunday.  Anyway this dude is the type that cuts it in different patterns, against the grain in different directions in order to make it look like a playing field.  Sad part is, he’s pretty good at it, he has an in ground sprinkler system and it pisses me off.  Football fields across the land exhibit some of the most remarkable designs, not grass cutting so to speak, but the logos, the school colors and the general designs are what  fascinate me.  I love to look at a manicured football fields when not in use, their beautiful.  Something majestic about them.  Something solemn as well when no one is around.  Michigan’s field is beautiful, not because I’m a fan, but look at the beauty of the colors, so vibrant.  The maize block “M” at midfield and the word Michigan adorning each end zone, laying on top of a bright green turf.  Tennessee has the checkerboards in each end zone.  Pretty unique really.  BoiseState has the blue rug.  One of a kind yes, but it gives me the feeling of impending bad weather.  Lots of universities choose to have the schools name in one end zone and the team name in the other.  No problem with that.  Remember tartan turf.  Nothing more than a rubber mat.  How many knees did that crap screw up?  I will say that sometimes less is more and simplicity can sometimes speak volumes.  With that said I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I think about this, but I like the end zones at Notre Dame.  The angled lines go back to a time when the game was played without facemasks.  That’s throw back right there.  And like my neighbor’s lawn, playing fields are to be admired from afar, not walked on.  At least until the first of September.

100 things that made or make College Football great….

This is a list of the things I love about College Football.  The things that have made and make this sport great.  If you’re familiar with these things, know when or where they occurred without it being explained to you, you may be able to call yourself a purest.  A purest is a person who loves the sport for more than just the current game on the set or the current bandwagon team they have jumped on.  A purest doesn’t hate other teams just because it’s not their team.  Without the other teams we don’t have the passion.  Without these things College Football isn’t what it is today.  College Football is more than wins and losses and the game of the moment.  It has character, it has a glorious past, and in some sad ways we are moving away from the things that shaped College Football.  This list could go on and on, and is in no particular order, except for no#1.

  1. Keith Jackson.  Whoa Nellie!  There will never be another.  The best College Football play by play sportscaster ever.  Period.
  2. The Tunnel.
  3. Linebacker  U.
  4. Nebraska vs Oklahoma.
  5. John Heisman / Trophy.
  6. The Bowl Games.  Every damn one.
  7. Knute Rockne.
  8. The Big House.
  9. The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.
  10. War Eagle.
  11. Rocky Top.
  12. Uga.
  13. Bo Schembechler.
  14. Student Body Right.
  15. The 12th Man.
  16. The AP Poll.
  17. Auburn vs Alabama.
  18. The Old Oaken Bucket.
  19. Touchdown Jesus.
  20. Howard’s Rock.
  21. The Red River Shootout.
  22. The Coliseum
  23. Dotting the I.
  24. Chief Osceola.
  25. Woody Hayes.
  26. USC vs UCLA.
  27. The Snow Bowl.
  28. The Little Brown Jug.
  29. The Galloping Ghost.
  30. The Jump Around.
  31. Army vs Navy.
  32. The Purdue Drum.
  33. Senior Day.
  34. Tailgating.
  35. Bear Bryant.
  36. The All American Team.
  37. Top 25.
  38. The Cal Stanford Play.
  39. Marching Bands.
  40. Michigan vs Ohio State.
  41. Fight Songs.
  42. Bragging Rights.
  43. Ara Parseghian.
  44. The Cradle of Coaches.
  45. Sparty.
  46. The Goodyear Blimp.
  47. North South Game.
  48. M Go Blue Banner.
  49. Harvard vs Yale.
  50. Bobby Bowden.
  51. “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions”.
  52. Homecoming.
  53. Punt-rooski.
  54. The Student Section.
  55. The Conferences.
  56. The Apple Cup Game.
  57. Tom Harmon.
  58. Between the Hedges.
  59. The Sooner Schooner.
  60. Death Valley.
  61. The Rose Bowl.
  62. Bob Devaney.
  63. Paul Bunyan Trophy.
  64. Gameday Programs.
  65. Rivalry Weekend.
  66. The Rambin Wreck.
  67. Archie Griffin.
  68. Drum Majors.
  69. Halftime Shows.
  70. Ralphie the Buffalo.
  71. Blue Grey Game.
  72. The Iron Bowl.
  73. The Border War.
  74. Flutie to Phelan.
  75. Death Penalty at SMU.
  76. The Corp of Cadets.
  77. Conference Championships.
  78. Darrell Royal.
  79. “Play Like a Champion Today”.
  80. The Aggie Bonfire.
  81. Spring Games.
  82. The Swamp.
  83. Ragin Cajun.
  84. Texas vs Oklahoma.
  85. Mascots.
  86. The Golden Dome.
  87. Fumble-rooskie.
  88. Beamer Ball.
  89. The Magnolia Bowl.
  90. John Robinson.
  91. Cocky.
  92. Team Logos.
  93. Tailback U.
  94. Hook Em Horns.
  95. The Blue Rug.
  96. The Ring of Honor.
  97. Recruiting.
  98. Cheerleaders.
  99. Team Play by Play Announcers.

100. “Your Entry Here”.

Sports Rambling….

Did you know the National Hockey League was on strike?  Had I not heard this on ESPN I would not have known.  I’m sure all four of their fans are excited the strike has been settled.  The strike was over the split of the television revenue money.  Each side has decided to take a 50 -50 split.  Isn’t 50-50 where you start negotiations?  Then somewhere down the line someone gets mad, in this case the team, and locks the players out because they think they deserve more of the cash.  So they went on strike back in September and just now settled at a 50-50 split.

OK the College Football National Championship was played the other night matching up the #1 vs #2 teams in the country.  Regardless of who is #1 and who is #2, the winner will be #1 when it’s all said and done correct?  Wouldn’t it stand to reason the loser would be #2 if these are truely the two best teams in the country?  After it was over this year the winner was voted #1 and the loser was voted #4.  How would you like to be voted #2 at the end of the year and had not played in the championship?

Cyclist Lance Armstrong has long been accused of doping when he won six or seven Tour De France’s.  He fought and fought he had not, brought up all the drug testing he’d been through, and quit his charitable organization “Livestrong” in protest.  No no no was all we heard.  Now he’s going to come out and admit it.  Open window and toss respect out.  What a dip!

Watched an ESPN sports documentary the other night called “Broke”.  Did you know 75% of all sports athletes are broke five within years after leaving their sport.  Broke!

Torn Between….

The public memorial for legendary college football coach Joe Paterno was held today.  He was God at Penn State.  He was a legend at Penn State.  Some say he was Penn State.  Yes I said was.  But I wanted him to go out as a unblemished legend.  I wanted to remember him the way I remember Woody, Bo, Bear and Bobby.  I wanted to say wow!  That’s what I wanted.  He was a great coach and a leader of men.  That’s it, I can’t go forward.  I can’t write a real tribute because of the blemish.  Truth is he didn’t do enough or follow up.  If you think he vindicated himself ask yourself that and pretend that was your son or brother being victimized while he reported it and went no further.  Regardless, no matter how much you loved Joe, you will never, as long as you live, see his picture or mention his name without thinking of what took him away from coaching.  That’s what I didn’t want.  Damn it Joe why?