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Deju Vu All Over Again….

2AA State Champs make their entrance!!!
2AA State Champs make their entrance!!!

One of the hardest things a Wildcat fan had to do all afternoon was leave the facility after the game.  On the flip side the Wildcat team did pretty much what they wanted to do.  After an ominous start on the opening kickoff, which went for a Newberry td, the Cats settled in, took control and only a few minutes later returned the favor.  Whenever they had to do something they did it, never allowing the hole to get dug deeper.  A Newberry drive to the one yard line that was threatening to bring the game to a one score affair resulted in a fumble that turned into a 99 yard TD run for the Cats.  Players are always coached to fall on a fumble, don’t try and pick it up and run as trying to pick it up usually results in giving it right back.  On this day the God’s smiled on #36, Randall Davis who may be the fastest defensive player, he got to glide down the eastern sidelines for a memory maker.  Avery McColl, not having thrown but one interception all season, nearly threw a pick six on his first throw of the second half.  His second pass was almost just a regular interception.  Other than that he was the usual Avery McColl, fast, elusive and dead on target throwing.  Dillon kept a two touchdown lead most of the way then bumped it to three early 3rd quarter and whenever Newberry scored Dillon returned the favor to keep it at three.  Midway through the 4th quarter the wheels pretty much fell off for the Bulldogs.  The Newberry QB was fast and a bit slippery, their fullback was a beast but their highly touted team size did not live up to the hype of being able to push teams around.  At least not this Wildcat team.  Dillon was the better team on this afternoon.  My opinion was Dillon had an easy road to the Championship and that could have made them soft but they played hard and thoroughly beat the best the upstate had to offer.  This whole day was a great send off for Coach Gerald Reeves who leaves the coaching staff  after 40+ years.  Enjoy your retirement Coach.  This program will miss you.

"Let's get this thing started!"  First play of the game.
“Let’s get this thing started!” First play of the game.

Folks are already thinking about next year and who’s coming back, who we play etc, etc.  People let it sink in and enjoy this one for a while! Riverbluff has a very nice facility, and it sure gives you time to think when you’re trying to leave.

All Good Things….

Breaking the banner. On the way to a State Title.
Breaking the banner. On the way to a State Title.

It’s not every season where a point comes where you just know something special is going to happen.  This season a lot of folks will tell you they “just knew” after the Mallard Creek game.  I’m going to tell you, that early in the season is wishful thinking at best.  See the post I made after that game, .  Remember Marlboro County, how’d you feel after that one?  Not too good eh?  It was after the Loris game I knew The Cat’s were destined to do good things.  They seemed to hit a stride that night that stayed with them all the Friday nights thereafter.  The team seemed to be a bit complacent after Marlboro and before Loris.  LT, one of my traveling partners to the game, said that Dillon was the underdog this night.  I didn’t contest that statement because I had heard so many good things about the Griffins of Fairfield Central.  After all they were 13-0.  Problem was someone forgot to tell them to play like the favorites.  The Wildcats clicked on all cylinders from the get go and for all intents and purposes it was over at the half, even with FC being down only 21-3.  In the blink of an eye into the 3rd it quickly moved to a 35-3 rout finally ending at 41-3.  The Wildcat team back in 2010 didn’t, IMHO, have a weakness.  This team is a close second.  So many of the past title runs were a struggle, often ending in a loss.  There was never that special moment when you knew.  This year that all changed.

A Fine Outing Indeed….

Dillon Quarterback Austin Moody.
Dillon Quarterback Austin Moody.

Without no#15 Dillon doesn’t score the 57 points they did against Latta Friday Night.  Ofcourse when Austin ran in for the TD and seven points there were 50 points already on the board.  Great job directing the offense in the second half and the TD run.  Oh and his sister Leigh Ann standing along side him never saw action in the game.  Maybe next week.  For what it’s worth the series against Latta should be discontinued.  Neither side for obvious reasons seemed fired up, they each knew what was going to happen.

They Did Us Proud….

dhsThe Dillon Wildcats really did the City proud Friday Night going the distance with the no#23 ranked team in the Nation.  Mallard Creek scored with 1:10 left to win 27-21.  Many thought The Wildcat would get rolled by 30+.  They thought wrong, and I’m sure they breathed a sign of relief as they boarded their buses for the ride home.  Great game, the rest of the season will not live up to this one.  The way I see it, the next stop may be Columbia!

Starting Season #21, And lovin it….

Dillon's leading runner!
Dillon’s leading runner!

Yes folks Friday night starts the 21st year of this man’s chaingang activities.  I have no idea the number of games that is.  I haven’t mised more than a few home games in that time, only a wedding, a funeral and couple out of town occasions have kept me away from the sidelines.  Name a better place to be at gametime!

Friday night will, what I hope, turn out to be the atmosphere that we had back in 1994 when the undefeated Dillon Wildcats and the Undefeated Hartsville Red Foxes met.  I have never been in a more electric sport environment before or since.  The players, crowd, bands etc were unbelieveable that night.  The vibe was incredible!

This Friday night it’s the #1 Ranked 2A team in SC, the Dillon Wildcats, verses the #1 ranked 4A team in NC, the Mallard Creek Mavericks.  Mallard Creek is also ranked among the top 25 teams in the NATION!

If I were you I’d leave home early for the game!

It Was All Downhill After Loris….

A moment to reflect on a mission accomplished.

Little did I know that we won the state title three weeks ago when we played Loris.  The first go around I thought it was a fluke that they played us so close.  How could a team improve so much over one year?  The second time we played them I was convinced it was no fluke, but at that same time I was not convinced we had played our toughest opponent yet either.  That’s when I said we may not be ready.  The last two weeks were not exciting, they were thrilling.  We manhandled Timberland and controlled Fairfield Central.  Neither game was exciting in the fact that it was very competitive and I for one was thrilled we won pretty handily.  It actually got easier after Loris.  No one can say they expected that.  I wrote last week that the old saying goes “defenses win championships”.  Ask Timberland or Fairfield Central about that defense that only gave up 8.07 points per game for the season, 6.5 during the playoffs.  A friend of mine told me all they commented on in the press box at state was how they didn’t believe the QB was only 14 years old.  If he progresses as a QB normally does for the next couple years he’ll get offers from every college in the country by the time he’s a Junior.  This team doesn’t lose much and could be better next year.  But I’m ready to take a break for now!  Thanks Wildcats!


Don’t Let Up Now….

Going to State is exciting!  Whether it’s the first time there or whatever, it’s fun.  I don’t think going to the state championship game and winning it would be worth a hoot if your not there.  That’s the excitement.  Being in the midst of it.  If you could see it on TV that may be another thing but…. no.

I remember Dillon playing Fairfield Central many years ago, about 14-15 now, and they were good, period.  Big and good.  The sideline was as disciplined as any I have ever seen.  When the coach barked an order it happened immediately.  There was no going looking for whoever was called upon.  I think those little things played a point in beating us 3 of 4 times.  For a long while afterward I’d watch for their scores on Friday night and they always rolled big over whoever they played.  These past few years they seemed to have come back down to earth, still winning but not in as dominating fashion as back then.

Dillon surprised everyone last Friday night by throttling Timberland 48-13 when every other time we played them it was always within a few points.  Coach Hayes said they came there to play and they were not going to let up off the gas, they need to do that again this Friday afternoon.  I can’t say who will win, I really can’t, but if they play like they did last Friday night they will be hard to beat.  We’ll see if the old adage is true that “defenses win championships”, because Dillon’s defense, I believe, is no#1 in the state.

One Down, Loris Coming To Town….

Not really much to say about a 57-0 blowout.  No disrespect but how Lake Marion threw for over 3,000 yards this year is beyond me.  There was always a reciever in the flat as a dump off but he couldn’t even hit him half the time, over his head or at his feet.  The rush was good but he did have time to get it out there, but….  When the DHS short pass made it 28-0 Lake Marion quit.  There was no life, no spark, hands on hips, walking to and from the sidelines.  The coaches never let up but the kids did, not all, but most.  On the DHS extra points only 3 or 4 Lake Marion defenders even moved.  The 91 yards td sprint was a thing of beauty, like a jet.  GONE!

Go Figure….

Now whether it was by design or on purpose I can’t say but the freshman QB looked pretty good, of course we’re talking about going against Waccamaw here too.  Dillon football practices are probably tougher than most of their opponents.  The senior QB has been struggling like crazy so I don’t know if he was replaced or we were just giving the new guy game time.  I find it hard to believe we would break in a new QB right before the playoffs, but stranger things have happened.  Personally I don’t think were prepared for the playoffs.  Games have been too easy as this conference has no competition.  Remember we’re one and one in the dogfights we’ve had.  If we meet them in the playoffs I don’t think Loris at home will be easy, but we won’t it lose either.  The bracket looks favorable, but Timberland does not.  Regardless I’ll drive to the forest to see it, but let’s get there first.