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Jim Harbaugh #4 returns home to Michigan….

QB Jim Harbaugh will now wear the headset at the "University of Michigan".
QB Jim Harbaugh will now wear the headset at the “University of Michigan”.


jimmy press conference









This guy will restore The University of Michgan back to the winning way!  This guy is a no nonsense football motivator and if you don’t like what he says or does, too bad, that’s the way it is.  And his way wins football games.  Sound familar?  He is a disciple of Bo and coaches with the same fire.  Bo said of all the QB’s he ever coached Harbaugh was the one he trusted the most on the field.  It may be a bit too much to ask coming out of the gate but two or three years down the road the Wolverines will once again be a force to be dealt with.  He’s been successfull everywhere he’s coached and I can’t wait to see him wear the block M hat and walk the sidelines at Michigan Stadium.  #4 is back.

Sportsmanshiplike Conduct II….

Devin Gardner
Devin Gardner

Everyone saw Michigan senior quarterback Devin Gardner consoling Ohio State freshman signal caller J.T. Barrett last week when he went down with an injury in the midst of a huge rivalry game.

Ohio State’s Dave Claborn and the OSU athletic department sent Gardner a letter of appreciation for his actions last Saturday.  It reads:

“Dear Mr. Gardner,

I write, simply, to thank you for the inspiration you are and the class you showed as you consoled J.T. Barrett when he was injured this afternoon in your game against the Buckeyes.

The Ohio State- Michigan game is important, but it pales in comparison to the humanity you displayed during that moment.

As I think you know, J.T. Barrett has been an inspiration to the Buckeye squad this season, coming in as he did when Braxton Miller was injured. He’s preformed with maturity and poise well beyond his years. I suspect it’s been guys like you who have been his role models.

You are an extraordinary young man and your example of sportsmanship and true humanity to thousands of young (and older) people this afternoon was, in my opinion, worth far more than any football statistics.

Thank you again for showing all of us how it should be done.”

Sportsmanshiplike Conduct….

Devin Gardner.
Devin Gardner.

Even though “The Game” did not work out like I would have liked it to there was one defining moment late in the going that helped make it all ok.  OSU quarterback JT Barrett pressured and scrambling found himself going down under three Michigan defensive players.  His leg was folded up underneath him and the result was a broken ankle.  During the stoppage of play to attend to the injury Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner came out on to the field and offered a positve word and told Barrett he would be praying for him.  Devin Gardner had a tough career at Michigan for a lot of reasons.  But he’s weathered them all and for whatever reason I never wanted him out of the lineup, no matter how he played or how the situation itself played out.  I knew he was our best chance, as we all saw when he was benched midseason.  He took a beating in many a game and kept coming back.  He showed signs of greatness at times and at others times seemed lost.  Regardless I like the kid and now a new found respect for what he did here and what he has done in his community.  He can come to my house anytime, I’ll buy him a beer.  Good Luck Devin!

Monkey Officially Gone, Our Trip To “The Big House”….

100_0688Seven years ago I traveled to the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a football game as a Birthday present from my wife and to myself.  The trip was great, not a flaw or minute’s problem with any of it, except for the ballgame.  Michigan was upset that day by a good Appalachian State team.  Now it’s the not the upset of the century that people think it was as AppState was a good football team at that time, three National titles in a row in their division and about seven future pro’s on the team.  But that’s subject for another debate.

Back in July I decided I had to go again and this time around was another story.  It was noon kickoff which I love.  Isn’t it tradition to kick at noon?  Michigan started early to leave little doubt that this day was going to be theirs.  They clicked on all cylinders both sides of the ball and had a 35-0 halftime lead that eventually ended at 52-14 even though they pulled most of their starters midway through the 3rd quarter.  My wife and I enjoyed the total game experience, shopped, tailgated, yelled, sang “The Victor’s” a thousand times, did the wave, enjoyed the band concert after the game, took pictures of everything and a hundred other things.  The weather that had been a concern all week turned out to be a non-factor, it was great, sunny, warm and NO humidity.  The wonderful thing was that with the game in hand most of the way you could sit, kind of relax and really enjoy the stadium experience.  Seemed we were one of the last one’s to leave.  We were wandering around Ann Arbor and the campus the day before and stumbled upon the band practicing and getting ready for the opening game the next day.  We stopped, got out and wandered around enjoying the sounds from Elbel Field where they practice, rightly named after Louis Elbel who wrote the fight song “The Victors”.  My wife said this was one of her favorite parts of the trip.

2013-09-14_10-48-00_771After the game when we were returning to the car and the tailgates going on, it seemed to me to be kind of subdued.  Not the usual yelling, singing, music blaring and such.  There was some for sure, but most everyone was just kind of kicked back chilling out.  My thought was that everyone was now relieved that the monkey was removed from our backs. The so called “Horror” from seven years ago was gone.  It just didn’t seem to be the time for cheering or smack talk.  I was as happy as they were, not so much from seeing a dominating game effort, but the fact that maybe the AppState back of your mind what if was finally over.  Technically speaking Michigan had to do exactly what they did this day, meaning they had to route AppState.  You see scheduling them again was a no win situation, but in hindsight I’m glad they did.  If they beat you again, OMG!  If you win close there would still be doubters.  So the only way to see the chimp gone was to beat them soundly, which was nothing to brag about, but you didn’t have to listen to any nay-sayers any longer.  Some say that the game seven years ago was the beginning of Michigan Football’s downslide that we have seen over these past 5-6 years, and maybe it was.  With this game and chapter behind us, hopefully this can be the start of the programs resurgence and get back to Michigan Football as it once was!!!

Champions Of The West….

I damn near live at the BWW in N. Myrtle Beach during the season.  Go Blue!
I damn near live at the BWW in N. Myrtle Beach during the season. Go Blue!

Yes, now there’s a bowl I can watch.  BWW is my home away from home on Michigan Football Saturday’s.  The Wolverines head west to take on the Kansas State Wildcats in Tempe Arizona in the BWW Copper Bowl.  I’ve got to respect KSU as they have a great old time coach in Bill Snyder.  I wish him the best, just don’t want KSU to win.  Bill’s the type who truely loves his kids, the kids love him and he doesn’t seem to be in it for the money.  They don’t make em like that anymore.  Last of the good ones he is.  Let’s see what the Wolverine’s can do with a pack of Bill Snyder’s Wildcats.  According to ESPN this game starts at 10:15 PM, approximately 15 minutes past my bedtime.  Why didn’t someone check with me on this?

Michigan vs Ohio State, Stream of Consciousness….

Bo & Woody!!!  Don't make em like this anymore.
Bo & Woody!!!  Don’t make coaches like this anymore.

Today marks the 111th meeting of Michigan and Ohio State and no year outside of maybe 1995 did I feel going in that Michigan had little chance.  Anything can happen such as it did in that 1995 game with a 13-9 win.  In 1969, when Michigan upset OhioState 24-12 who was riding a 22 game winning streak, some sports writers called that upset the greatest in college football history.  Looking back those teams had something going for them going into those contests.  Unknowns we didn’t know until later.  Today is a new chapter and we’ll see if any unknowns exist.  Go Blue!

Looks to be a beautiful day in Ann   Arbor.  Senior Day, 17 seniors.  113,511 fans.

Michigan wins the toss and defers.

15:00   Kickoff out of the end zone, nice way to start.

14:45   Early gift of an OSU dropped pass.

14:00   OSU running game looking good early.

13:17   UM sack, nice.

12:36   Miller short run, the defense will keep us in this.

11:47   Miller hit hard, long pass, big stop.

11:39   OSU punt, fist punt on a first possession all year for OSU.  Downed at the one, exactly what we don’t need.  Defense did their job though.

11:13   Got to get out from under the goal post.

10:54   Nice pass for a first down, some breathing room.

10:20   Gallon 84 yards on the pass.  Almost to he house.  Back under the goal post, OSU goal post that is.

9:24     TD MICHIGAN, TD GARDNER.  QB keeper.  Michigan 7-0.  Holy cow!

9:24     Where has this team been?

9:24     Kick out of the end zone again.

9:18     Defense playing great, short run Miller.

8:20     Running game may be drawing us in for the pass.

6:27     OSU running game still looking good.

5:53     Broken play, UM eats it up.

5:08     There’s the pass I was fearing, OSU 53 yards to the end zone.  Tied 7-7.

5:08     Still confident in the defense regardless.

5:08     Norfleet long return negated.  Damn nice return though.  Needed that run.  Crap!

4:42     Crazy reverse but it worked.

4:13     Always count on Dileo to do the job.  Nice catch

4:00     Good job of Gardner in the pocket.

3:04     Gallon run, first and goal.  Playing lights out right now.

2:11     Fitz TD on the pitch.  Michigan 14-7.

1:01     Miller rush to the end zone, 53 yards, longest run against UM this year.  Tied 14-14.  Man they make it look easy.

:55       Still got confidence in the defense.

:49       Nice run by Green.  Need to get him going.  I like him in there.

:07       Great throw back to Butt.  Moving the ball.  Opening up the playbook some.  Did not foresee this coming.

:00       End of the 1st quarter.


Start of 2nd quarter.

15:00   Funchess high jump, 30 yard pass play.

14:45   High jump corner of the end zone TD Gallon.  Michigan 21-14.  Made quick work of that possession.  Play calling is unbelievable.  Clicking on all cylinders right now.

14:00   Hugh fight on the kick return, three ejections, 2 OSU, 1 UM.  Don’t like to see this.

13:17  UM sack.  Cooler heads prevailing.

12:32   Pass broken up by the back of a UM head.  TD saving block.

12:21   UM interception.  Defense playing ball.  Can they it keep it up.

12:15   Sweep by Gallon looks good.

11:47   Throw back pass didn’t work, but I like the call.  Could have been big.

10:58   Penalty wipes out a good Gardner run.  3rd and 2 now 3rd and 7.

10:48   Interception dropped by OSU, almost gave it right back.

9:32     Big 37 yard pass by OSU coming back by penalty.  Crowd really into it.

8:52     Miller will not make the first down, huge stop.  Unsportsmanlike penalty gives OSU the first down.  Keep your composure boys.  Man that hurts.

7:07     Crowd doing their job, timeout OSU.

6:59     Big run by Miller called back by holding call.

6:32     TFL on Miller.  UM pass coverage was good.

4:41     Nice throwback pass to Fitz.

4:15     Gardner run for the 1st down.  Keep it up going into the half.  No letdown.

4:14     Really nice day, clear blue sky’s, wonder what the temperature is.

4:14     It’d be nice to score something before the half.

4:10     OSU sack, did not need this!

2:41     OSU blew the play up.  Come on defense.

2:33     Punt downed at the OSU 16.  Got to hold until the half.

2:10     OSU going hurry up.

1:57     Big pass, OSU moving.

1:44     In FG range. We always let down before the half!!!

1:03     How did they miss the tackle on Miller?  TD OSU.  21-21.  We let down like usual.  Still got confidence in the defense.

:58       Showing highlights of the 1969 game.  UM won.

:58       Nice Green run.  UM not calling timeouts.

:27       Fans not liking the not calling timeouts.  BooBirds are out.

.20       This game is not going at all like I expected.  We’re playing wide open like we’re capable of.

:00       Halftime


Getting the ball to start the 2nd half.

15:00   OK get the ball, good return, no fights.  Out to the 25.

14:56   Funchess drops a 1st down pass.  Do not start this.

14:09   OSU sack.  Only a four man rush.

13:34   Good field position for OSU.  OSU punt catch bobbled and recovered.

13:34   Ryan blitzes, TFL.  Beautiful.

12:40   Three and out, nearly an int.

12:40   I hate commercials.  Kills the momentum.

11:52   Count on Dileo.  Big catch under pressure.

11:08   Gardner looking confident.

10:30   I like Green getting carries.

9:48     OSU blitzing more, Gardner still doing well with the pressure.

9:14     Penalties kills.  So do fumbles, Gardner turns it over.  Under review.  I say down.

8:53     Call is confirmed.  OSU ball at the OSU 45.

8:48     Miller on the keeper is killing us.  Up the middle again.

7:40     Hyde down to the UM 4.  No!

6:59     Miller in on the keeper.  Saw that coming.  TD OSU.  Turnover came back to haunt us.  OSU 28-21.  Still confident in the defense.  There come points in every game where you have to fight though the loss in momentum.  This is one.  First lead of the day for OSU.  UM doing fine.

6:53     Reports are Gardner is hurt.  Giving it a go though.

5:49     Gardner’s passes are sharp, another first down.  Five for five right now.

4:53     Devon Smith rushes for 36 yards, Devon who?  Need more of that.  In the red zone.  Smith’s first carry of the year.

3:32     Funchess didn’t look for the pass, missed opportunity.  Gardner’s mobility may be lacking.  Didn’t notice it until my wife reminded me, I’m wearing red.  Red pullover.  I’m not taking it off, not changing the karma.  Might Jinx it, yes.  UM timeout, are they thinking about going for it on 4th.  4th and 2.

3:32     Yes they are, didn’t make it.  I like the call but……I wished they would have rolled Gardner out.

3:22     Hyde rips one off.  I still got confidence in the defense.  Hyde at 179 yards today.

2:34     Miller still running wild.  Too easy.

1:05     OSU made that look easy.  TD pass.  OSU 35-21.

1:00     The red I’m wearing comes off.

:05       Big pass to Gallon to end the 3rd.  This is a must score drive.  Switch ends.

:00       End of 3rd quarter.


Start of 4th quarter.

15:00   Pass covered by #1, I thought he got thrown out of the game?!?

14:45   Fitz nice run down to the 26.  Needed that.

12:45   HUGE 1st down to the 14.

11:25   Count on Dileo on the broken play. Momentum back.  TD Michigan.  OSU 35-28.

11:15   Got to have a defensive stop.  Still got that confidence in the D.

10:53   Crowd back in it.

10:30   Hyde fumble, UM ball.  Major break.  Take it to them quickly.  Play under review. Must be reviewing if he was down?!?  I don’t think so.

10:30   Call was confirmed, Wolverine ball!!!

9:46     Another Funchess drop.  TD drop.

9:37     Gardner gets us out of a jam.  Good run on a busted play.

8:00     Gallon clutch catch.

6:52     OSU timeout to talk it over.  4th and 2 on the OSU 4.

6:52     Aflac!  Aflac!  Aflac!  Aflac!  Aflac Aflac Aflac!!!

6:47     Gardner run 1st down.  First and goal at the 1.

5:01     Count on Butt.  TD Michigan.  34-34.

5:01     Kick out of bounds,  Don’t need to give up the easy yards.  A football field is 54 yards wide how hard is it to keep it inside the boundary lines?

4:44     Miller big gain, don’t need that now.

3:48     OSU moving at ease, too easy.  Already in fg position in four plays.

2:53     Hyde to the one.  Unbelievable.  Call under review.

2:41     Call is confirmed.  Ball inside the UM one.

2:20     Hyde in for the OSU TD.  Well at least they left time on the clock.  OSU 42-35.

2:15     Norfleet kickoff return less that spectacular.

2:05     Funchess catch for a change.  So many drops.  Big catch.

1:46     Count on Dileo, almost to midfield now.

1:28     Count on Dileo again, first down.  This guy does it all.

:55       Sack Gardner.  Lost yardage and timeout.  Did not need that.

:46       HUGE pass and catch by Gardner to Fitz, 36 yards.  Down to the OSU 2.

:32       Funchess TD catch.  TD Michigan.  Are they going for two?  Yes.  OSU 42-41.

:32       Attempt intercepted.  Damn!  I’m good with the decision though, the season has been pretty much a bust, why not?  OSU 42-41.

:32       Onside kick coming.

:31       OSU recovery.

:31       Victory formation.

:00       It’s over.  One hell of a game.  Somber looking Wolverine team going up the tunnel.  They played their asses off.


Did anyone see that coming, I know I didn’t.  I wanted Michigan to make it respectable, and that they did, and then some.  I guess in the best rivalry in sports strange and unexpected things can and will happen.  This was one of the best games in the series I’ve seen.  You might say a game for the ages.  Even now I’m still behind the decision on the two point conversion attempt, go for broke.  What could have been.  Man oh man!  You got to admit it, it was exciting.  Think about it, attempting a two point conversion with 30 seconds left to beat your biggest rival.  Man that’s what it’s all about!  That’s college football!  Now that I think about it, I know what cost us.  My wife’s Schnauzer was wearing his red sweater all day, thanks a lot Jake.  Go Blue!

Don’t Give It Up….

brown jugThis Saturday Michigan will play Minnesota for I believe the 114th time, or near about anyway.  They play annually for the Little Brown Jug, college football’s oldest trophy game.  The story of the Little Brown Jug goes back all the way to 1903 and is quite an interesting tale.  Look it up.  This quote from Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke really hits the heart.  Can you imagine losing and then have the other team come to your sideline and ask for their trophy, and you having to give it up.  Not only would it be dishearting but embarrassing as well.  If this doesn’t light a fire under the team nothing will.

Taylor Said It Best….

Taylor Lewan & Devin Gardner
Taylor Lewan & Devin Gardner

Immediately after the near debacle with Akron I think All American OG Taylor Lewan summed it up nicely.  “If any guy on this team thinks they can do anything but prepare every single week — this is your job.  You came here to be a student-athlete.  You go to school, you get your degree, you win Big Ten championships.  If we prepare like we did this week, we won’t win another game.”

40 Year Anniversary….

I still got mine.
I still have my program and ticket.

On Saturday afternoon September 14th my wife, my sister and I will be sitting in Michigan Stadium, aka “The Big House”, just eight days short of my 40th anniversary of seeing my first Michigan Game in person in Ann Arbor.  On that day, September 22, 1973, my Dad and I watched Michigan beat Stanford 47-10.  I remember the cheerleaders in front of us doing backflips off the brick wall for every point Michigan scored every time they scored.  I remember a soccer style field goal kicker named Rod Garcia for Stanford practicing from 60+ yards out.  Kicking wise, both those things were unheard of in that day.  It was sunny and bright and everyone around us was having a great time.  I hope my anniversary turns out the same way.  Go Blue!stanford

Not A Classic, But Still Pretty Darn Good….

Attendance 1115,109.  That's why it's called "The Big House".
Attendance 115,109.  That’s why it’s called “The Big House”.

“Under The Light’s II” turned out to be a pretty good game, not an instant classic like the first time, but still a good game.  Michigan led most of the way and seemed to control it for the most part, except for a bit of implosion in the 3rd quarter.  The usual head shaking plays were there in full force this night.  You never relax during these ND games and until we intercepted the endzone pass with 1:27 to play and an 11 point lead I didn’t.  I still cannot believe ND opted out of playing this game every year.  I used to say the season really doesn’t start until Michigan and Notre Dame play.  It took me a while but it finally hit me why they played the Chicken Dance song at the stadium when the game ended.