It’s Not Michelle’s Fault….

More often than I care too I have to stop to fuel up in the mornings.  I remember one time riding with my Dad way back in the early 70’s passing by the gas stations, there were no convenience stores at that time, that were having gas wars.  How many folks remember those?  Anyway there were signs in front of almost every one of them that stated “fill any tank $2.00”.  What I wouldn’t do to see a few of those posted now.  Anyway while I stand in the cold and wait while the tank fills I see car after car stopping up by the store, a child or two hopping out and into the store.  What are they getting?  Mountain Dews, Cokes, chips, candy, doughnuts, etc.  Did I mention these are school mornings?  Is this their breakfast or lunch or what?  I can’t believe a parent would do this.  Why?  What happened to cereal and a glass of orange juice to start the day?  Years back when you went to school, you went to school.  There was no stopping for snacks.  What the school had for lunch or what Mom packed in a brown bag was it.  Hell the thought of stopping for a snack would never cross your mind much less come out of your mouth.  Michelle Obama instituted a program to get healthier foods into the schools, I don’t know the outcome but I’m sure it met with resistance in more than a few places.  Programs like this rarely make any real impact, even under the best of circumstances, but you got to respect the effort.  The effort to get our young people healthier is not Michelle Obama’s responsibility, It’s the parents, and look at what their doing.  I’d bet these same young ones are in front of the TV or video game station immediately after school as well.  Snack close at hand.  I never see kids running through the neighborhood, I never see them riding bikes, I never see them playing pick up games of anything.  Even on Saturday’s.  Where are they?  All the things that keep you in somewhat good health regardless of what you ate are gone.  All gone because Mom and Dad are so afraid to take the kids off their hip and turn them loose for a few minutes and let them be kids.  Of course they would have to put their cell phones down for a few minutes.   And God forbid they should get out of sight,  goodness they may miss a tweet from some self centered idol.  Michelle I know you get bashed for a lot of things but the health and welfare of our nation’s youth is not your fault or responsibility.  But I appreciate the effort.


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Lawsuits in the news….

So a guy goes to a McDonald’s drive thru and gets whatever he gets.  Must have been messy meal because he asked for extra napkins, and the manager refused.  His order was a one napkin order and that’s what he got.  Well one thing led to another, it got ugly and now the man is suing McDonald’s for $50,000.00 for emotional distress.


Teenage girl can hang at home because of the folks unreasonable requests.  You know, dishes, cleaning and generally pulling her share of the weight around the house. Chores young folks should do when living under someone else’s roof.  So out she moves to a friend’s house.  Now she’s filed a lawsuit against the folks for college tuition and living expenses.


Parents buy junior a bike for whatever reason.  Dad assembles it and off junior goes, “into the night” to ride it.  He goes down a hill, I did mention “at night” didn’t I, loses control of it and crashes into a light pole at the bottom.  Now the boy’s parents are suing the bicycle manufacturer for damages because there was no warning on the carton or in the instructions warning against this.


Young lady get arrested for DUI after a night of whatever.  She’s booked and has a mug shot taken.  Apparently this young lady is a looker and some website reposted her mug shot picture stating she was ‘Hot”. Well she is suing this website for defamation of her character.


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Where’ve I been….

My God it’s been over a month since I last posted.  So much goes on in a persons life that every once in a while it catches up with them that all the usual things suddenly go to the back burner and the new take over.  I guess the newest thing is my Grandson Zander.  That boy is outstanding.  I see him enough but not enough if you know what I mean.  As much as you want to I’m not going to be that Grandparent who is an every weekend all weekend pest.  I’ll pick my moments and that suits me just fine. His folks got it handled, believe me they are all in.  Keep the pictures coming though.

As Alice Cooper used to say, “Schools out for summer”, or been out, and one thing that caught my attention over the graduation days was this one young man who was, get this, offered scholarships to all eight Ivy League schools, and a few outside big name University’s to boot.  Think about that Alice, a full ride of his choice to any one of those eight prestigious institutions.  Never did hear what one he chose.

Did I mention that I am no fan of graduations from any grade outside of leaving High School or College?  Like my son in law frequently says, “participation trophy”.  A kindergarten graduation?? Get real.

Our dog’s hearing is almost gone.  It’s sad that you can walk right behind him with ease and he has no idea your coming.  What I don’t like is him heading somewhere I don’t want him to go and having to yell his name over and over in ever increasing decibels until you have to actually go get him from whatever it is that he headed to.  At times he gets rather barky, and I mean Mr. Barky Schnauzer.  I wonder what that sounds like to him?  Mark!  Mark!  Sure doesn’t sound like that to me, sharp as ever.  That was cruel.

When summer was out way back during my formative teenage years all I wanted was to earn money and spend money.  I had paper routes two at a time, (early morning ones too), I washed mail trucks at the Post Office, cut grass, shoveled snow, pumped gas, you name it.  I use to cut my sister’s yard, which with that size yard was an all day event with a push mower, for $5.  Yes $5.  And I was happy to get it.  Really!  That was big money back then.  Two nights spending cash.  I didn’t even think of crying over that amount, I’d do most anything to make a buck.  You see I didn’t mind working all day if it meant having spending money for the night.  In 1978, one of my formative years, US Labor Bureau statistics showed that 3 in 4 teenagers had a summer job, now it’s 4 in 10.  It’s declined ever since, even in the boom years of the late 90’s.  How do the young folks get such nice cars, clothes, and cell phones if their not working?  Participation trophy.  Mom and Dad got them one for being born!!!

Formative years working story; Onetime during the winter we had a large snowfall, probably a couple of feet.  I usually cleared the neighbor lady’s porch, steps, walkway to the sidewalk, the sidewalk in front of the house and the walkway from the sidewalk to the street.  Anything near the street was tough after the street plows came through.  Anyway after this particular clearing which took some time I went to the door to collect whatever payment she chose to give me.  You see back then it wasn’t “how much ya going to give me” before you started, it was, do the job and take what they offered, no questions asked.  Well anyway she gave me a quarter.  I took it and normally I didn’t complain, but a quarter? Come on.  I told my Dad and he told she was old and didn’t really understand the work involved and the proper pay.  You know what, the next snowfall I was right back there shoveling.  I remember one time she paid me a dime for something.  Another neighbor paid me $3 an hour, I even had to shovel the patio for their dog, no matter $3 an hour was high cotton.

Read the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  It’s excellent.


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Sign of the times….









Saw this near the beach.  Same Church, same day, same time, different sides of the same sign.  I especially like the little “Jesus Saves” sign next to it, nice touch.


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You know I’m no fan….

I’m no fan of Nancy Grace by any stretch of the imagination.  She is the definition of tabloid television I don’t care what you say. She exploits the victims and accused, in my opinion, to further her shows ratings.  How come everything on the screen, no matter the importance, is “Breaking News”?  One thing I always joke about is to never trust anyone with two first names, well I may make an exception in this case.  Nancy has also proclaimed herself the “advocate for justice”.  Recently she went behind bars of soome prison to interview a group of women inmates.  I have no idea what they did but these ladies were all tattoos and very heavy makeup.  Female thugs most would say.  Anyway in the commercials they all ended up crying and it gets very emotional.  Two thoughts pop to mind.  One, on the outside Nancy would be crucifying these same ladies for whatever they did night after night if given the chance.  And two, if she is the real “advocate for justice” why is it she never sides with the defendant.  Hell, there are innocent people being accused of wrong doing.  Face facts if your being tried for anything and Nancy is in the courtroom your dead meat.



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Bigotry in the Church, True Story….

A long distance friend of mine whom I speak to time to time related this story to me some time back and it really makes me think about the people around us and how prejudices die hard.  My friend, I’ll call M, is of the Jewish faith.  Now I have no dog in any fight and what religion a person chooses if fine with me. Who am I to disapprove?  Anyway M is also a Rabbi and had a synagogue but over time the Jewish community where he lived shrunk to the point it was just best to close it and move on.  And so he did.  He did services for other synagogues when he could, but the travel to and from them was getting further and further and even that slowly came to a halt after a while.  M was very active in the community and his wife had a good job so it was not a matter of needing a job but rather wanting one and he easily filled his time with community activities.  Of course outside of moving there was no employment for a wanting Rabbi to get.  Like I said M was very active in the community and for whatever reason he began attending the local Episcopal Church. He liked it there and they seemed to like him.  Now there is no doubt he was not going to switch religions, he just wanted to have a spiritual family to worship with.  M is very outgoing and fitting in came easily to him.  The preacher occasionally let him read the Old Testament reading during the service.  He was welcomed into the choir and loved it.  He taught, once again, the Old Testament during Sunday School.  At Christmas time when they did their Lessons and Carol’s program he was always given a lesson to read.  I cannot tell you how many times he bragged on this Church to me.  Everything however was not as rosy as it seemed.  There were, I believe, two couples who did not want him there.  Two German couples.  Now whether they were direct descendants or a generation or two removed I cannot say, but they wanted him gone and were at the time somewhat reserved about it.  The preacher was a strong man but his time had come and he moved on for reasons I don’t know.  During the interim and as the new preacher was to come on board the couples made it known, either he left or they did.  How strong a connection they had with the church I don’t know this either.  There may have been a couple more, but regardless their feelings were out.  The new preacher being a man of God was not going to turn anyone away from his Church, especially telling someone they had to go, and whatever the couple chose to do was of their doing.  M was terribly hurt by this as he had never wronged anyone there and everyone knew it.  By hearing this pronouncement from the couple he left the Church terribly hurt.  He could not stay regardless of everyone else almost pleading with him to remain.  He got phone calls and when he ran into members on the street they would ask him to return and don’t worry about the bigoted couple.  But he couldn’t, the damage had been done.  As far as I know to this day M has not returned.  Ask yourself if you were a member, or even the preacher, how could you face these bigoted folks and not have it ever present in your mind what they did or how they believe?  Have them sit amongst you praising God and knowing how they believe. And from the preachers stand point blessing them every Sunday, forgiving them of their sins while knowing their real beliefs.  If I were a strong member in good standing I would have a tough time holding my tongue.  Would you???


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Guess This About Rounds It Out, I’ve Been….








son in law,

brother in law,


father in law,

and now……

Zander Michael Poston...

Zander Michael Poston…




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We’re On Baby Watch Here….

He can't wait!!!

He can’t wait!!!


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I finally figured it out….



I finally figured it out.  My wife and I have gone out to dinner many times and have observed a young couple sitting there with perhaps one or two young children.  The sad part is the parents, both, are on their cell phones doing whatever killing the wait time electronically.  The children on the other hand are sitting there so innocent and lost, looking around at everyone and everything, being totally ignored.  The two people they love the most and who have brought them there have now left them completely alone even though they are sitting right next to them.  They have finally got the kids away from the all the distractions at home and have them all to theirselves and what do they do?  They choose to kill the wait time electronically instead of enjoying a family occasion interacting with the them.  The parents don’t even interact with each other.  Traveling not long ago I saw all four on cell phones from the time they came in to the time their dinner arrived.  I could see the wife’s phone and she was playing a game.  I can no longer chastise the kids when they sit at dinner, or anywhere for that matter, on their cell phone because I know where they got the habit from.  I finally figured it out.


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bullyBullying has been going on forever.  Has there ever been a society that has not encountered some form of bullying?  That’s the way wars start.  Common sense dictates that the he only way to stop a bully is to stand up to him.  Show him or her, as the case may be, that that crap doesn’t float with me.  I’m not encouraging throwing hands or going to war but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  With some bullies that’s the only thing they know.  A large part leading to the unfortunate circumstances of what occurs after a bully has set his sights on someone and the victim does something drastic, is that the young generation today is soft.  By that I mean the majority of their interaction with others is through texts, tweets, twitter, e-mails, cell phones and etc.  Lack of face to face contact with others makes your social skills very lacking and when the online bullying starts and the pack mentality ensues the victim has no idea of how to react.  They feel sorry for themselves with the thought that everyone seems to be against them.  Some have ended their lives with this thought in mind.  Many have ended the lives of others.  There is no doubt in my mind that a bully online is a totally different bully than in person.  I’d bet he’s a bit more brave online.  Generations back there was no electronic communication devices outside of phones so interaction was in person.  When disagreements occurred they were settled, without adult intervention, and usually no punches were thrown.  How many social skills were learned by young people on the sandlot just playing and interacting with others?  Young folks learned others personalities, how to negotiate, so to speak, a settlement when a rift did occur.  When you got picked last or not at all for something, you learned to get over it.  You’ll learn no social skills sitting in front of an X Box or on a computer or cell phone.  Parents need to quit buying this crap, stop protecting their children and get them out into society.  Society and the ills that accompany it will prepare them for life.  I see the side effects of this lack of interaction in society and daily life occurring with the workforce that’s now coming into place in America.  These potential employees have a hard time having someone tell them what to do, regardless of what it is or how their approached.  There are many horror stories of workplace violence as well.  Why are all these young people taking guns to school?  Why indeed?  Because their soft.  They can’t cope.  They have not interacted with others enough to learn to cope with all the ups and downs of everyday life much less the workplace, school, teachers, bosses, co-workers, fellow students and etc.  If someone sends a bullying e-mail why wouldn’t the person receiving it get to the bottom of it in person?  No, today’s generation just fires off an e-mail in return, and so it continues until others join in the melee and in some cases all this piling on has ended in tragedy.  My God I know a few people if you sent a bullying e-mail to you’d better grows eyes out the back of your head.  There would be no back and forth e-mails.  Bullying is not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s going to continue.  Stand up to it in person.  Parents teach and prepare your children and stop protecting them from society.


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